Dede's Stories

"Though I'm from Kid-country, I'm a waffling Buck and Jimmy fan (gimme' dark and brooding anyday). I loved the show when it was first on and am now enjoing all the fabulous fanfiction that keeps the characters alive."

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
In a Pickle Jimmy has a craving, and only one person can satisfy it.
There Are Worse Things At the stop before Saddle Falls, Noah discovers a different type of slavery and truly understands that being lonely isn't the worst thing that could happen to a person.
Winter Passing Grudgingly, Buck agrees to do Lou a "simple" favor and check in on a new friend. Unfortunately, there's nothing simple about the situation in which he finds himself.
A Full Heart Buck feels alone and empty but he soon realizes that his family will always be there.
Lasting Impressions Someone asks Buck an important question that takes him off guard. A stroll down memory lane helps him find the answer.

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
The Little Witness Jimmy comes upon a lost young girl that has secretly seen something she shouldn't have. Will he and the others be able to protect her from the danger that approaches?


A Boy and His Dog

Who's Walkin' Who? Jimmy takes his son's dog for a walk around town...or is it the other way around?
QF#51 Prompt: The End of My Rope
After this, Hickok the Dog took on a life of his own! d;-)
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Written for the Adoption Challenge
Mud Puddles and Mud Puppies Training Joshua's new puppy, Hickok, is a much messier proposition for Lou -- even if Buck's the one doing the training.
QF#91 Prompt:Birthday Challenge (Lou/Water)
A Tail of Woe Hickok has deadly aim...with his tail.
QF#75 Prompt: Guilt
The Maiden Flight of Joshua Hickok After Teaspoon tells Joshua the story of Icarus, Joshua looks towards the sky...
QF#60 prompt: Old Enough to Know Better
Details, Shmetails Joshua is behaving and Lou wants to know why. Does his grandfather know the reason?
QF#61 prompt: The Devil's in the Details
Eureka! Joshua and his Grandpa Teaspoon are busy working on a mysterious project. Everyone wants to know what it is...or do they?
QF#92 prompt: Picture prompt (shed)
Save the Kitty! All Hickok wants to do is play with his new playmate..and that's what Jimmy tries to avoid.
QF#71 prompt: That's a skunk, not a kitty!
Three Wishes for Joshua Joshua finds a special lamp and, with the help of his Grandpa Teaspoon, finds that wishes really do come true.
QF#73 prompt: Word list
Picture Perfect What's it like trying to get a rambunctious bunch ready for a family picture?
QF#82 prompt: Picture prompt (camera)
On Dogs, Dinner Rolls and Thanksgiving Feasts
Reunion 2008


Daydream Believer
Reunion 2005
Beautiful Dreamer
8th Anniversary: Cameo

Lily and Buck

Leather and Lace QF#55
Why can't Buck bring himself to return a young lady's glove?
A Friend in Need QF#56
Unbeknownst to Buck, Jimmy discovers his friend's secret and decides to play matchmaker.
The Stage Is Set QF#58
Teaspoon chooses Buck to be the special escort for a certain young lady and Buck only wants to stay as far away from her as he can.


Under the Influence With Raye
Lou gets herself into a 'competition' with the boys... this can't go bad.

Topic 7: Hands on Experience
Topic 10: Mission Impossible
Topic 13: In the Shadows
Topic 21: Biding Time
Topic 23: Three Steps
Topic 33: Together Forever
Topic 40: Home Now
Topic 42: What Cody Sees
Topic 43: The Simple Request
Topic 44: The Problem
Topic 44: Put My Back Where?
Topic 45: Dilly of a Pickle
Topic 45: It's Buck's Problem Now
Topic 46: Cody's in Love...Again
Topic 47: Staring Down the Barrel
Topic 48: Fate's Coincidence
Topic 49: The Favor
Topic 50: What Comes Around
Topic 51: Who's Walkin' Who?
Topic 53: Collective Soul
Topic 55: Leather and Lace
Topic 56: A Friend in Need
Topic 58: The Stage Is Set
Topic 60: The Maiden Flight of Joshua Hickok
Topic 61: Details, Shmetails
Topic 64: Mistaken Identity
Topic 68: Killing Time
Topic 70: Focus
Topic 71: Save the Kitty!
Topic 72: The Inevitability of Destiny
Topic 72: Be Our Guest
Topic 73: Three Wishes for Joshua
Topic 74: A Victim of Talent
Topic 75: Afterthought
Topic 75: A Tail of Woe
Topic 75: Guilty Pleasures
Topic 75: The Case of the Sliced Pie
Topic 76: As Cody Likes It...Or Not
Topic 77: Take It Off...Take It All Off
Topic 78: Sweetwater Resort and Spa
Topic 79: Over the Ledge
Topic 80: The Cutting Edge
Topic 81: A Different Perspective
Topic 82: Picture Perfect
Topic 82: Look at this photograph...
Topic 83: A Fly in the Ointment
Topic 84: A Pair of Sixes and a One Spot
Topic 87: Baby It's Cold Outside
Topic 88: Sweeten the Pot
Topic 89: He Said...
Topic 90: Beautiful Day
Topic 91: Let It Rain
Topic 91: Part of the Equation
Topic 91: Shirt Tale
Topic 91: Winter Wonderland
Topic 91: Water, Water, Everywhere
Topic 91: Mud Puddles and Mud Puppies
Topic 91: It's All a Show
Topic 91: Bottoms Up
Topic 91: Precious Metal
Topic 92: Eureka!
Topic 92: Lost Wishes
Topic 93: A Simple Plan
Topic 93: A Unique Proposal
Topic 94: When a Plan Works
Topic 95: Comfort Zone
Topic 95: Southern Comfort
Topic 96: Money for Your Soul
Topic 97: Changes
Topic 98: The Devil You Know
Topic 98: Secondhand News
Topic 99: The Magic Bean
Topic 99: Quiet Time
Topic 100: Scratching the Surface
Topic 101: On the Edge of Something
Topic 102: Digging In
Topic 102: Dedicated Follower of Fashion
Topic 103: Rotten to the Core

The Lost Quick Fics

Topic 5: Temperature's Rising
Topic 39: Wherever He Would Go


From the Outside
Picture: Jimmy feels detached from his Express family as they all gather for the last time together.
Our Little Secret
Quote: There's just something about the cold weather that Buck finds pleasing.


Daydream Believer
2005 A young girl, worried over moving out west with her father, finds a friend in one of the riders.
To Those Who Wait
2005 Lou’s impending marriage comes into question as she begins to see ‘signs’ in the events happening around her. Later, Jimmy applies for a surprising job that leads him back to the family he loves.
Luck Is What You Make It
2007 After "Dead Ringer," Cody wants to understand what Buck's medicine pouch really means but not everyone understands things the same way.
On Dogs, Dinner Rolls and Thanksgiving Feasts
2008 Lou is so happy to be hosting a big family Thanksgiving dinner at her home. Unfortunately, a strange theft keeps it from being the perfect feast she'd hoped.
Somewhere Between Make-Believe and Reality
2008 The boys are interested in a new business in town but Lou wants nothing to do with it. So how is it that she ends up right in the middle?
Episode reference: The Pilot



More than One Teaspoon ponders why he's the last one left from the Alamo.
Episode Reference: "Then There Was One"


Someone Up There Teaspoon wonders if there's anyone listening to his prayers.
Indirect Episode Reference: "Then There Was One"
The Heat Is On Why trying to do something as simple as take a bath isn't really that simple.
The mate of Temperature's Rising
Love Is... Lou is trying but is the way to a man's heart really through his stomach? Teaspoon's not too sure.
Lady in Red Sometimes not being included isn't such a bad thing.
A Moment's Time When Ike rushes to help Cody protect a lady in distress, it's her strong-willed cousin that keeps Ike's attention.
A Basket Full When the basket looks like this, maybe putting all your eggs in it does make sense.
All in a Day's Work Barnett finds that trying to help the citizens of Sweetwater isn't so easy when they refuse to tell you what's going on.
If Ya' Can't Be Good... Cody takes a fall from his horse and knocks the sense out of everyone else.



The Chance of Relativity
2006: "Gravity" by Josh Turner
How family isn't always left to chance but something fate works up...Buck and Jimmy discover this at the beginning of the Express.
Bridges to Cross
2009: "Seven Bridges Road" by The Eagles
Every journey starts by crossing a bridge, leaving something behind. The new members of the Express find that they may have found something worth more than what they'd left.

Fic Fest

Drawn to Life
Set I - Young Ike McSwain's favorite pastime becomes tainted after the death of his family. A special someone encourages him to continue.

Five Senses

Only a year late...d;-)
Seeing Is Believing Sight: Sam's eyes are finally opened when he comes to Sweetwater and he feels the blinders fall away when he meets a certain redhead.
Heartsong Sound: The sweet sounds of Emma are overpowered by the dull roar of a certain annoying woman. Can Sam get everyone in tune?
Common Sense Smell: Sam tries to fix what's rotten and hopefully help a family see that the solution is ripe.
A Taste of Home Taste: As they say, a way to a man's heart...
A Touch of Class Touch: Will Sam finally be able to make contact with Emma and scratch the surface of their feelings?

Teaspoon is...

It's All Greek to Me ...Diplomatic
Always the one to use diplomacy to settle a dispute, Teaspoon reaches back to ancient Greece for this one to help out a rider in need.

Throw Down

May the Best Man Win
From Raye
Jimmy and Buck are vying for the attentions of the same young woman; however, she has a surprise in store for them.


The Measure of a Man
Sticks 'n' Stones
A young Aloysius Hunter is taught a very important lesson about learning and earns something that will stay with him for a lifetime.
O Christmas Tree
Kid is determined to get Lou the perfect tree but the other boys won't help; they just want to stay inside where it's warm. Without their help, Kid goes it alone. When Kid doesn't return, there's no question about helping and they all soon learn that with family, you're never alone.
Within Reach
Lou the Matchmaker
Lou is out to make everyone has happily married as she is to Kid. One after another, they drop like flies...until only Buck is left. Will he be able to resist?
Just Like Dominoes
7 Deadly Sins: Wrath
Words can be powerful things, once out they can never be taken back. The Sweetwater Express family finds this out as each one falls victim, just like dominoes.
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
Joshua Hickok is on a quest to find a brother, much to Lou and Jimmy's dismay, and will stop at nothing to get one. No matter who it is.



Beautiful Dreamer
8th: Cameo
It's Hetty's 13th birthday and all of Sweetwater comes out to celebrate -- unfortunately for her. Can a special gift help her deal with a catastrophe that doesn't even come close to her sadness over her one love moving?

Hetty in Daydream Believer

Collective Soul

Hickok the Dog in the Joshua and Hickok series

The Maiden Flight of Joshua Hickok

In a Pickle

Dilly of a Pickle

The Problem

Noah in There Are Worse Things

A Tail of Woe

Save the Kitty!

As Cody Likes It...Or Not

The Joshua and Hickok the Dog series

Look at this photograph...

Take It Off...Take It All Off

Hickok the Dog in On Dogs, Dinner Rolls, and Thanksgiving Feasts

Holly Mayberry in Winter Passing

The Magic Bean

Money for Your Soul

It's All Greek to Me

Main Cast in Bridges to Cross

Hetty in Beautiful Dreamer

Hickok the dog in The Magic Bean

Kid, Jimmy, Buck, and Teaspoon in Love Is...

Teaspoon in He Said...

Love Is...

Bottoms Up

O Christmas Tree

A Unique Proposal

Mud Puddles and Mud Puppies

O Christmas Tree

Buck and Siobhan in Within Reach

Sage the Horse in Our Little Secret

Aloysius Hunter in The Measure of a Man

From the Outside