Miss Raye's Stories

"I'm one of the originators of the 'Writers Ranch.' It was started as a place to feature fan fics by TYR authors, and over the years I've had the pleasure of making some amazing friends through emails from folks that have read my stories. Thanks for stoppin' by."

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
The Way I Am When I'm With You Lou struggles to realize the truth of her feelings.
The first story Raye wrote for TYR.
One Night Set after "Bad Blood," Lou fights her growing attraction to Jimmy. Too bad for her, Jimmy won't let her run from it.
Breath of Heaven The birth of Lou's first child is an eye opening experience to a new kind of love.
Inpsired by "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack
Baptism by Fire Jimmy proves his mettle to Sam.
Too Young to Hang A young boy is believed to have committed a hideous crime, can Teaspoon and Jimmy find out the truth?
Winner of the First Fan Fic Challenge at the Homestation
Saves the Day There is no bond stronger than between a man and his horse.
Daily Prayer A short prayer from Lou.
One More Day Lying in a hospital bed is a dying soldier from the Civil War. His dying wish, for one more day with the woman he loves.
Inspired by "One More Day" by Diamond Rio
Empty Chairs at the Table Rachel sets the table for friends lost and found.
Bleak Midwinter Lost in the snow, Ike finds shelter with four other weary travellers. Can they all be saved from the savage winter cold?
"In the Bleak Midwinter" poem by Christina Rossetti (1872) set to music by Gustav T. Holst (1906)
The Game Set after "Blood of Others," Jimmy's troubled dream reveals an unwelcome visitor.
Jake Colter Esq. Jake Colter decides to turn over a new leaf.
Written for Sweetwater Station's "Return of.." contest
My Precious One The birth of Lou and Kid's third child is a painful experience for their family. Can they learn to let go?
Inspired by "Fly" by Celine Dion
Ghosts and Time Ghosts of what could have been follow Lou to a reckoning with her feelings and lost love.
Inspired by "Ghosts" by The Indigo Girls
The Moment Jimmy is faces with the most dangerous adversary of his life: his infant son.
Hey Mister He walked away from his family to save himself the pain. Now, all he wants is to put it far, far behind him. Can he walk away?
Inspired by "Hey Mister" written by Kim Tribble/Dale Oliver/Dave Robbins sung by: Chad Brock
Circle of Gold What happened to the ring Lou gave Ike?
The Wall After the Express, Lou and Jimmy look forward to settling into life. What stands between them and their future?
Kiss of Death There is a shortage of cheese in town and the Army has cut them off. The townsfolk turn to a 'Godfatherly' character and his riders for help.
Written for the Ponyexpressen "Cowboys and Kisses' contest
Questions Something's been bothering Teaspoon. He takes his concerns to Emma, maybe she has the answers about Lou.
Long Way from Home What happened to Emma before there was an Express.
First Impression The SHORTEST fic in the fandom. What was Buck's first impression of Kid?
The Gift Russell, Majors and Waddell issued each rider a Bible. What role did the stories within the pages have in the lives of the Riders that carried it with them?
Legendary Beginnings What happens when JD Marcus picks another target for his yellow journalism?
Wayward Woman A Russian Duke rolls into town, what will he do with a Wayward Woman?
Winner of the Sweetwater Station's "Bits 'n' Pieces contest
Lonely Soldier Boy Jimmy finds himself more alone than lonely.
Inspired by "Lonely Soldier Boy" sung by Lancer (Michael Bradley)
You Say It Best The Dance... Emily has never felt this way... what is she thinking?
I'm Sorry Jimmy writes Lou a letter about a traumatic event in his life... what's next for the Shootist?
Written for Raye's Live Journal - 7 Days Challenge Community
Of Oneself Teaspoon lets the riders know that someone has to go... who will it be?
Inspired by Reunion 2007
A Borrowed Ride Jimmy does Kid a favor and ends up with the hardest ride of his young life.
Inspired by Reunion 2007
My Daddy's Hands A cold and blustery night brings back memories of Dara's father.
Alternate storyline to Dara series
Deep Dark Dara seeks comfort from Grampy Teaspoon.
QF#33 Prompt: "It was a Dark and Stormy Night" -- Alternate storyline to Dara series
It's White Out Jimmy's overdue coming home, can he make it in time for Christmas?
Family Business Jennifer Tompkins and her father argue over the new employee, Buck!
Inspired by QF#70
Pictures Are Worth Cody brings home a book from his ride and it causes quite the stir amongst the riders.
In Harm's Way Calling out Lambert has dire consequences for the Express Family.
Sometimes I Wonder So far away from home, Emma wonders if she'll ever be 'happy.'
Written for Live Journal prompt
My Little Man Emma has but one wish for her infant son.
Written for Live Journal prompt
In the Eyes of My Father Does Sam Cain measure up?
Written for Live Journal prompt
Think Twice Martha has a few words for Kid to consider before he marries Samantha.
I Wish Coming home from Willow Springs, Lou sees something in the night sky that gets both of them thinking.
The Price of Freedom No good deed goes unpunished when you're Jimmy Hickok.
Our Own Song Jimmy fulfills a promise to Lou.
Thankful On a ride alone, Jimmy has some thinking to do.
A Man Holdin' On... Sometimes you have to hold on... sometimes you have to let go.
Inspired by "A Man Holdin' On To A Woman Lettin' Go" by Ty Herndon
The Worth of a Man Lou runs headfirst into trouble.
Take Me With You Buck doesn't hide as well as he thinks he does.
Written for Fan Fic 100
It's That Good Teaspoon celebrates a new holiday.
Written for Fan Fic 100
What Hurts the Most In an unguarded moment Jimmy opens up.
A Mighty Wind Something fell... hard.
If You Can't Gapfiller: Daisy
Kid wants to propose to Lou
Dear Mr. Warner Buck finds out a secret about Lou.
Somethings Never Change An alternative ending to the show.
I Need You Now AU set during "Blood of Others"
Unfinished business between two friends
Intoxicating Gapfiller: "Color Blind"
Wine and good company can quickly go to your head.
Have Your Cake Cody's worring over a very important decision.
Ladies 'N' Lead Two female bounty hunters shake up Rock Creek.
New Eyes A young woman makes a request of the writer, Elliott Hammond, how can Buck tell her the truth?
Beside Her Louise realizes how much she needs him beside her.
Beside Him Jimmy realizes how much he needs her beside him.
Drawing Attention Sometimes doing the right thing puts you in the line of fire.
Holding Off the Cold Attending the funeral of a friend reminds Jimmy and Lou what matters most to them.
Lemonade Sometimes when Teaspoon sends you on an errand, you just have to...
Happy for You Set after "The Debt" - You can start with the best intentions...
The Spirit of Things Halloween Special: Teaspoon's determined that the boys will get into the spirit of Halloween, it causes quite a bang at the station!
Our Boys Rode Tall Poem: A parody (not a funny one) based on Kenny Chesney's 'The Boys of Fall'
Ribbons for Christmas Closing up shop in Christmas Eve Tompkins has one last customer...
And a Hard Place Lou and Sam are the only things standing between a mob and a prisoner.
The Way Things Are Things just haven't been the same since Kid & Lou parted ways
Sinking Suspicion Jimmy has a problem with... the Mississippi

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
What I Really Meant to Say Brought back together by accident, can Lou and Jimmy ever say what's really in their hearts?
Inspired by "What I Really Meant To Say" by Cyndi Thomson
Southern State of Mind A/U Story Set in the South before the war, Kid and Louise are childhood sweethearts. What can separate these young lovers?
Deadly Secrets What IS Kid's name? Here is one idea on that theme.
Looking Back A/U Story Louise looks back through her courtship on the day of her wedding.
Following My Heart Louise goes off in search of her wayward husband, but it might not be a reconciliation on her mind.
Skyfire A/U Story What if someone else besides Kid had been the first to learn of Lou's secret?
With Friends Like These A/U Story What if Ike had not died in "Mine Enemies"?
Written for The Buck Stop "What if?" Contest
Still Waters Sudden illness may claim two of the riders, unless with a little bit of love and prayer, they might be saved.
You Little Dickens Tompkins certainly thought of Christmas as a HUMBUG! Could a Christmas visitation set him on a different path?
Dark Soul Set Free Ike's death still haunts Buck, but it seems as though a darker presence is following the riders.


The Stage

Inspired by Lori, who on a fateful trip to Old Tucson Studios related a fun story from her past... which spawned these stories dedicated to Lorilei :)
It's All a Stage Jimmy comes to the rescue of a damsel in distress, too bad she's not as thankful as she could be. Now, who's going to rescue Jimmy?
The Next Stage Lorilei rolls back into town and turns Jimmy's world upside down.
At Death's Door Jimmy receives dire news from Teaspoon and comes home to find out that he's misunderstood everything.
Another Stage Things are coming down to the wire and Jimmy's got a little bit of pressure on him to make it 'legal'.

True Blue

Just a Step They could rush head-long into things, but sometimes it's best to take it step by step.
They Danced Jimmy learns a little about the magic of the night.
What You Had in Mind Jimmy's gift to Lou offers more of a distraction than he'd like.
Paper Dreams Louise realizes that her secret stash of house plans is missing. Could she have lost something so dear to her?
Her Own Hands Sometimes the best cure is laughter.
Morning Jimmy's early morning thoughts.
It Is... A miracle can make any man turn to mush.
Magic Some moments are just that… magic.
Silent Night The Christmas before the birth of their second child.
All I Ever Wanted The Hickok family welcomes its newest member and news that may dampen their spirits.
Early One Morning Waking early on Christmas Morning, Jimmy realizes how blessed he is.
Warmed by the Fire A childhood memory sparks an idea for Jimmy.

Dara Hickok

Dara is a little girl near and dear to my heart. - stories removed
Through Her Eyes Can Jimmy clear his conscience by looking through another's eyes?
Valentine's Day 1876 A school assignment shows the young Dara Hickok how truly important her family is.
A Question of Heart Dara wonders about her grandfather.
Sweet Memories Louise uses her blue dress to make Christmas ornaments and to remind her of something special.
QF#35 prompt: Word "Cornucopia"
Alyssa Lies Dara has a new friend at school, but there's something wrong when Dara notices she has bruises.
Love Isn't Easy Written for Rules of Love challenge
When It Counts The town gathers to celebrate the season and a friendly school competition becomes anything but.
La Noche Buena In bringing some of her Mexican Christmas traditions to Rock Creek, Rosa probably never imagined all the things that 'could' happen...
Warmed by the Fire Dara's father brings home a special treat.
Monday's Child While Lou is away on business, Jimmy has the opportunity to take Dara to one of the town socials, he's not prepared for what happens.
I Wish You'd Stayed Dara's gone off on an adventure leaving her parent's behind... wishing that she'd stayed.

The "New Man"

The New Man in Town Lou is courted by a handsome young man. Can the riders manage to keep out of her way, or can they not help but interfere for their sister?
Written for the BedTime Stories: "Original Character" Contest
The New Man in Town II: The Perfect Gentleman Lou's swain is back in town, but is he as perfect as he seemed before?

Buck and Becca

Hard on a Girl With Rachel away, her young friend offers to help teach school. Simple? Not quite.
A Way Around Becca Garfield is up to her neck in students and trouble, what will Buck think?
When It Rains Invited to dinner, Becca wonders if her luck is changing.

Out in the Cold

Please Read the Letter Everyone's writing letters, not everyone is read… but when Lou's lost out in the cold, everyone turns their attention to what matters.

More Like Her

Opening Communications Declaration: A letter of declaration sparks conflict for the Riders.
Tie Up Frustration: Hope for the future ties Kid up in knots.
Time to Go Separation: Lou has to make some decisions of her own.
A Favor for an Old Friend Suplication: Jimmy's helps out an old friend.
Coming Home... Going Home Domestication: Lou leaves and Kid returns… a changed man.
Expectations Confrontation: Kid receives a letter that has him worried.
Filling in the Blanks Celebration: Lou writes a letter to Emma with good news; Emma's return letter had some news of her own.
Taking a Step Outside Revelation: Summary

Double Trouble

Why Now? Delores and Rosa come to town and Teaspoon finds himself surprised twice by the beautiful women.
Lost QF#45 Prompt: Daddy?
A Clean Bed and a Good Night's Sleep Teaspoon's been hurt at the Alamo and needs some tender lovin' care.
Lost QF#5 Prompt: Heat
Little Things Jimmy's determined to win Rosa's favor.
Lost QF#20 Prompt: "The Things We Do For Love"
Thunder and Lightning About to leave Texas, there's one last chance…
Lost QF#32 Prompt: "He Who Hesitates Is a Damned Fool" Mae West
Lost & Found
Written for Brides & Grooms challenge
It's Time
Written for the January word Volley challenge
Teaspoon is humbled by a few words from his grandson.
QF#102 Prompt: Picture
La Noche Buena In bringing some of her Mexican Christmas traditions to Rock Creek, Rosa probably never imagined all the things that 'could' happen...


Just Desserts With Lori
Sam's in the dog-house with Emma, again. When he takes advice from the Riders, does he get what he truly deserves?
Written for the Rival Riders' Team Writing Contest
Born to the Stage With Lori
The riders are needed to help with the Christmas Pageant. Will the town and the holidays survive the experience?
Haunting Winds With The Round Robin Writers
A mysterious storm threatens the peace in Sweetwater.
Under the Influence With Dede
Lou gets herself into a 'competition' with the boys... this can't go bad.

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The Lost Quick Fics

Topic 17: In His Arms
Topic 80: In the Cold
Topic 45: Why Now?
Topic 5: A Clean Bed and a Good Night's Sleep
Topic 20: Little Things
Topic 32: Thunder and Lightning
Topic 98: Savage
Picture: Rachel waits and worries.
Til Death Do Us Part (Part 2) Gapfiller
It's Time
Word: The opening of the Cantina isn't the only due date that Teaspoon has to worry about.
By Its Cover
Quote: It only takes a few moments to realize that you want to know more about someone.
Unwelcome Cold
Picture: Jimmy's been searching for his friend for a long time, what would bring a man out into the cold mountains?
Beside You
Word: Sometimes the path you take in life is determined one step at a time.
Good and Proper
Word: Sam's been worrying over the Emma for awhile, what is his decision?
There Was Music
Quote: Sam wonders how Emma can stand the noise of the Pony Express Station.
Picture: A young Kid can't wait to grow up.
Push 'n' Pull
Word: AU Sometimes things go too far and there's no taking them back.
The Nature of Things
Quote: Teaspoon gives Kid some advice about women.
Wishful Thinking
Word: A young Louise has fanciful thoughts of where her life will take her.
Her Sister's Legacy
Picture: She received a letter from her sister's husband… she'd missed so much.
It's Simple
Word: Daisy isn't sure she likes this sewing thing.
A Mad Dash
Quote: Jimmy helps a desperate young man.
Catching Hell
Song: Teaspoon worries what Polly will do when he comes home after being gone for months.
Song: Sam Cain wants an introduction...
A Quick Right
Song: His fight with Jimmy stirs up thoughts in Kid's head.
In The Wet
Word: Lou's stuck in a downpour
A Longing Melody
Song: Emma's heart is filled with music for her unborn child
Open and Deserted
Picture & Word: Buck goes back to the Cantina and is suprised by what he finds
Quote: What happens when Jimmy hesitates?
Quote: Sometimes all you can do is WAIT.
Cleave Unto Her
Song: When you find the right woman you hold onto her



Even God Must Get the Blues
2000 On separate runs, Kid and Jimmy find life a test of wills as the worst that man can do threatens to crush their confidence.
Inspired by "Even God Must Get the Blues" by Jo Dee Messina
It's All a Stage
2001 From The Stage Series: Story I
Cemetery Ridge
2002 Locked in a Union Prison, Kid finds that escaping is the last thing on his mind. How can he justify living when everything has gone wrong?
2002 Buck has a mysterious visitor, what has he done to attract her attention?
In a Place Where I Can Feel
2003 Emma and Sam are reeling from the realization that their relationship is over. Did they make the right decision?
An Honest Living
2008 Teaspoon needs some new deputies...who wants the job?



Begins at Home Cody learns a lesson in charity.
In Her Eyes - Jimmy What does Jimmy see in Lou's eyes?
In Her Eyes - Noah What does Noah see in Cassie's eyes?
In Her Eyes - Kid What does Kid see in Doritha's eyes?
In Her Eyes - Buck What does Buck see in Kathleen's eyes?
In Her Eyes - Ike What does Ike see in Annie's eyes?
Tis a Gift A child's touch helps Lou heal.
Hands Off What does Lou have her mind on?
Up to His Neck Jimmy sends for help and Buck sits in jail… this is gonna be fun.
Walk Away A funeral and a friend visiting, what does this mean?
Here We Are Again Two riders stuck in jail together. Who is to blame?
Footsteps A young woman struggles to understand the conflicting feelings inside her.
Trouble for Supper Buck's got guests coming to dinner.
Chicory Chick Barnett shares his recipe.
You Asked for It Emma shares her recipe.
Ask Emma The wedding is coming… Emma's late.
Mind Your Ps 'n' Qs Teaspoon's got to give the boys a lesson or two…
The Sweetness of Life Sometimes the simple things are the sweetest.
Sneakin' Around Kid just wants to cuddle.
In Color Memories… are just a picture away.
Home Is Where Their first married 'discussion.'
Nobody's Fool Grace has a few things on her mind.
Reversal of Fortune Jimmy runs to help his friend.
The Ties that Bind One is silver…
Waitin' Up Jimmy's daughter has a beau. What happens when he actually comes a callin'?
It's Lonely Bein' B Poor Barnett, it's lonely bein' him.


Merry Chase Lon Chase chase shows up in Jimmy's life, offering a steak dinner… what's wrong with that picture?
Shotgun Wedding Buck's good deed doesn't go unpunished.
Wondering Jimmy wonders what Lou meant "Blind Love" gapfiller
Right Where It Hurts Lou comes up with a plan to get the Emma's credit back "Home of the Brave" gapfiller
My Lady's Lips Cody's in the full swing of spring.
Face to the Sun A young Buck Cross worries about losing his identity.
The Real Thing Cody tries to convince Hickok to make it at least 'look' real.
Whiling Away Lou and Kid spend a lazy afternoon together.
Face the Fire A young woman's father has a problem with Ike courting his daughter.



Surround Me 2006: "Holy Water" by Big & Rich
Lou and Emma's thoughts at the same time about difficulties in their lives... and their successes, too.
Together 2009: "We Run" by Sugarland
A sudden storm separates Sam and Emma.
What I See 2010: "Lost Together" by Blue Rodeo
Louise wonders if its worth dressing up for the dance, maybe someone will open her eyes.

Fic Fest

Between the Pages Set I - Lou's doin' a little late night shoppin'... why can't she be left in peace.
The Final Walk Set II - Longley's funeral has one visitor.

Five Senses

As Lou is preparing for her wedding, she has a few questions that she needs to answer.
Something Borrowed...Something Blue
I Want...Need to Know
Wanting...Needing Answers

Teaspoon is...

A Certain Kind of Charm ...Country
At a stage stop Teaspoon shares a few bits of his own special brand of wisdom with a newcomer. What kind of impression does this wise man make on the Easterner?
Force of Nature ...a Charmer
Teaspoon can be a flirt and when he sets his mind to sparkin'... there are few that can keep up with his natural charm. It's good that Polly's a match for him.
Heroes ...a Storyteller
Caught reminiscing about the past with the Pony Express 'Grandpa' Teaspoon is challenged to remember the heroes of today.

Rules of Love

Suggested by and coauthored with Dede
The TYR take on Andreas Capellanus' (btw. 1174-1186) DE ARTE HONESTE AMANDI [The Art of Courtly Love], Book Two: On the Rules of Love

Throw Downs

Mistletoe From Vicki
Lou has big news for Kid.
Monday's Child From Lisa L
In Dara Hickok Series
What Good Is Wishing From Tracy
Based on the 'Legend of the Monkey Paw' - What happens when everything that Jimmy wishes for.... happens, but NOT the way he intended?
Tit for Tat From Nikole
Jimmy's back from a long hard ride and all he wants is a little peace... too bad Teaspoon's in the mood to talk.


Long Trip Alone by Dierks Bentley It's 1870 and Jimmy's running... but is it away from something ... or to?
East to the Mountains by eastmountainsouth
Lou's world is turned upside down. Who do you choose to hold onto?
If You're Going Through Hell by Rodney Atkins
*in progress*
Sometimes the path you take has a mind of its own


A Sure Thing
Pick Six
Jimmy's on the receiving end of Sam's wrath, is this the final straw for the explosive young rider?
Freewheelin' Fic Challenge July challenge from Ellie
Write a set of twelve stories, one for each of the following TYR regulars: Buck, Cody, Emma, Ike, Jimmy, Kid, Lou, Noah, Rachel, Sam, Teaspoon, and Jesse/Tompkins from the 48-song discography of Bob Dylan.
What to Do?
May Flowers
Daffodil - Uncertainty : Cody's proposing to his love and making a horrible muck out of it.
Something to Hold Onto
May Flowers
Oxeye Daisy - Patience: Lou's groom is an hour late… does she wait for him?
Last Shred of Hope
War Is Hell...
Trapped in the hell of Camp Douglas, what will Kid do when he loses his last shred of hope?
Right Place, Wrong Time
Different Worlds
Sometimes the lines of time and space blur just a little.
Sticks 'n' Stones
Tortured by a memory, Jimmy hangs on to what he has.
Outside Looking In
Sticks 'n' Stones
Life is tough when your own name works against you.
An Unexpected Turn
A sudden storm is a revelation for those waiting at home for Lou.
In the Air
Omens & Superstitions
There's more than one way to get married.
Lost & Found
Brides & Grooms
Teaspoon's going to make sure someone does right by his daughter.
The Next Step
Lou the Matchmaker
Ike has a second chance with Annie... Lou's going to help him make the most of it.
Where Your Mouth Is...
Home Remedy
Buck has an 'unconventional' remedy for what ails Jimmy.
Don't You Know 7 Deadly Sins: Envy
At a town dance, Buck and Ike end up on opposite sides of the issue.
My Last Name Adoption
Jimmy's life is heading in the wrong direction, can Teaspoon suggest something to help out?
11 Part Harmony: Set I Board challenge by Cathy
11 stories, one for each character listed in the challenge from 33 song titles by The Statler Brothers.
11 Part Harmony: Set II The second set of 11 songs/stories for the challenge.
11 Part Harmony: Set III The third set of 11 songs/stories for the challenge.



Peace & Quiet
7th: Luck of the Draw
Ike's chance to be by himself doesn't go the way he planned.
Something Blue
8th: Cameo
Lou reaches out to Polly at one of the darkest moments of her life and forms a bond between the two women for life.


Daily Bread
Give a Little Respect - Ike/Noah
Ike learned a lot of useful things at the Mission School, here's one of them.
Hell to Pay
Fractured Fan Fic Xovers
Jimmy finds a 'pond' and decides to take a swim.. why are things NEVER as easy as they should be?
Stargate: SG1 Xover
Through Her Eyes
Wilds of Winter
From Dara Hickok Series
In Good Hands
A Story Before Bed
How does a mute tell a bedtime story? It's all in the Hands!
A Silver Handled Whip
10 Cent Hero
A dark rider sweeps into town to rescue his lady love. Will the town stand by and watch it happen?
Moving On
Before the Express, Lou had a home and friends, so why would she leave?
A Peach of a Girl
Piece of Pie
One of Teaspoon's wives was a Peach of a Girl... however did they meet?

My Precious One

It's All a Stage

It's All a Stage

Valentine's Day 1876

Just Desserts

My Precious One

Cemetery Ridge

Cemetery Ridge

Dara Hickok in Through Her Eyes

Nora's If You Give Cody a Cookie

Stirrin' Up Trouble

Lookin' Back

Cindy's A Bad Night in Rock Creek

Lori's Painless

Hell to Pay

Dara Hickok in the Dara Hickok Series

The Dara Hickok Series

James "Jimmy" Hunter in My Last Name

In Control written as Diana Ryan at TYREXPRESSions

Dara Hickok in the Dara Hickok Series

Jake Colter in Jake Colter, Esq.

Do the Walkin'

Ask Emma

Interlude from eastmountainsouth's East to the Mountains

Becca Garfield in Hard on a Girl

Dara and Teo in When It Counts

Trouble for Supper

San Jacinto "Jack" in The Older, the Wiser

The Buck and Becca series

Omens & Superstitions

Right Where It Hurts

I Need You Now

Over His Head

A Man Holdin' On...

Teaspoon and Polly in Force of Nature

Buck and Rosa in Lost & Found

A Mighty Wind

Have Your Cake

Perdita "Perdy" Jacobsen in Shotgun Wedding

Lon Chase in Merry Chase

It's That Good

Head2Head Songfic Challenge 3

I Wish You'd Stayed

Unwelcome Cold

Good and Proper

There Was Music

Our Boys Rode Tall

Sam and Emma in Introductions

Kid et al in Last Shred of Hope

Longley in Drawing Attention

Time to Go

Her Sister's Legacy

Her Sister's Legacy

Donya's A Sense of Belonging

More Like Her Series

Catching Hell

Kid and Doritha in Donya's Outside Looking In

The Spirit of Things

On a Night Like This

One Last Journey