Louise cracked open an eye and turned on her side as Kid slid out of bed to answer the door. Pulling the blanket all the way up to her neck she was sure that no one would see how she was dressed. Then again she shouldn't have worried, Kid only allowed the door to open up far enough to take in the tray and wish the woman a, "Good Mornin'."

Moments later he set the tray down beside her before he carefully found his own perch on the bed. "You sleep well last night?"

She smiled back timidly at him, "When you weren't snorin' I did."

He scrubbed his fingers through his hair and shrugged. "Sorry 'bout that, Lou. You know, I-"

Liftin' herself up on her elbow she slugged him on the arm with her free hand. "I was just joshin' you, Kid." She picked up a biscuit from the plate and bit into it without any preserves. "So," she wondered around her mouthful, "what are your plans for today?"

He managed to rescue a biscuit from her hungry hands and he popped a piece of it in his mouth. "Dunno… you have somethin' you wanna do?"

Scrambling up a bit to lean against the headboard, Louise took another bite of the biscuit. "I have an idea or two… " she trailed her hand along the edge of the blanket and her eyes followed her fingers. "I was just thinkin'…"

"Uh oh," Kid muttered and then held up his hands in surrender, "just kidding. What were you thinking?"

"Well…" Louise looked up at him from under her lashes, "I was thinkin'… it was time to look for a house."

Kid stopped chewing long enough to swallow. "A house? Why'd you wanna do a thing like that?"

There was a silence between them, one that became very uncomfortable. "Are you planning to live here in this hotel for the rest of our lives?"


"Then," she looked over at the window, "are you thinkin' that we'll go back to sleepin' in the bunkhouse?" She watched his back tense up like the string of a bow and continued on, "and I'm sure you ain't thinkin' that we'd be livin' with Rachel."

"No, Lou-"

"'Cause you remember what happened the time you tried to move me into Rachel's."

"I remember and no we ain't livin' at Rachel's, Lou."

"Then?" Louise dropped the biscuit back on the plate and scooted off the bed. "Then what are we gonna do?"

He gave her a smile as she picked up the robe she'd draped over the chair the night before and pulled it on. "We're gonna go and pack up our things and move into our house."

"Our house?" Louise stopped just short of the dressing screen, her hand bracing on the edge of it. "What do you mean?"

Giving her a bashful smile he picked up the tray and set it on the table. "I bought one; it was a sweetheart of a deal and ready to move into when we get there."

She looked up at him with a slight twist of confusion in her gaze. "What? When we 'get' there? Exactly 'where' is this house, Kid?"

He gave it a moment to settle in his own mind, his smile growing more and more assured as he did. When he finally opened his mouth he was nearly grinning from ear to ear. "Prosperity."

Louise couldn't be sure, but she thought her jaw dropped. She couldn't tell, because her face had gone numb. Rather, her entire body had gone numb.

Unsure if she heard, Kid repeated the answer. "Prosperity. The house is-"

"In the town that you nearly died in?"

Shrugging, he tried to continue on. "Well, we've been in so many tough scrapes Lou, are you sure you remem-"

"The town where you were thrown into that prison camp and you were nearly killed?"

"Oh," he shuffled his feet a bit, "you do remember."

"You want to go back to 'that'?"

Kid smiled. "It wasn't even 'in' the town… you didn't get to see much of it, really. Tulsa said the house is real nice."

"She what? What does she have to do with this?"

"Well, ah-"

"Never mind!" Lou disappeared behind the changing screen. "Somehow it doesn't matter."

"Oh good, I-"

"What matters," she peeked back around the screen, "is that you went off and bought yourself a house and didn't think to ask me."

"Lou," his tone had a slight chide wrapped up within the laughter, "I bought 'us' a house. 'US!'"

She stepped out, a pair of pants on and a shirt she was buttoning up with practiced ease. "No… again, you need to be reminded of something. 'We' are married… and 'we' need to make decisions like this 'together.'"

He stopped her as she tried to walk past him, his hand on her shoulder. She shrugged him off but she didn't walk away. "I thought it would make you happy, Lou. It's closer to Saint Joseph than we are now, and Tulsa said there's plenty of room for kids, so we could have Teresa and Jeremiah stay with us."

"That's… that's real nice, Kid… but what I need to say… well, I need to say it." She drew in a long breath and shuddered as she let it out. "Decisions like this are big, Kid… they're the most important things a man and woman can do together… and yes, I want my brother and sister to come live with us… but honestly, I thought we were gonna stay here. This is where our family is and-"

"We're our family, Lou… you, me and your brother and sister, not the-"

"That's where you're wrong. I want to stay here with our 'whole' family and you would have known that if you'd asked me, Kid."

She held up a hand when he tried to answer her.

"No, I don't want to argue… or even talk about it right now. I'm gonna go for a walk.. and maybe, if Lightning ain't out on a run, I'll go for a ride."

She made it to the door before he called out. "What am I supposed to do while you're out?"

"Kid, I don't ca-" she stopped herself, swallowing the hurtful words born of her short temper and shock, " Maybe we should both 'think' about what we want… where we want to go… and we'll talk about it later… not now."

Louise opened the door and closed it behind here when she got into the hall, leaving Kid standing alone in the middle of their hotel room. There wasn't anything to read… or anything to do… or any games to play, so he did what he knew he should have done in the first place. He sat down on the bed and put his head in his hands and he thought.

The Prompt: Kid and Lou's first argument as husband and wife
It's actually a combined prompt, Cindy gave me the prompt above and while I was going through the papers from first season production there was a note that struck both of us as funny. "Does Cody leave Kid's house in Prosperity?" Both of us thought… what? Kid has a house in that town? Up sprang the fanged bunny!

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