"If I may," the portly man stopped a foot from the edge of their table and affected a nod that seemed more like a bow, "would you like to have some wine with your supper?"

"Wine?" Jimmy wiped at the corner of his mouth and dropped his napkin in his lap. "What's that?"

"Well," the man gave him a nod and smiled at Louise, "it's a drink that has a slight alcoholic content made from grapes. Fine establishments such as ours," he paused to indicate the restaurant that they were sitting in, "serve it to compliment your meal."

"So it's like… juice?" Jimmy was trying to reason through the man's description.

Raising his eyebrows as he considered his answer, the man tilted his head and nodded. "Yes, juice… but with a decided… kick."

It sounded interesting to him and Jimmy looked over at Lou. "What do you think?"

Her eyes brightened at the prospect. "Can we?"

He loved the way she looked when she was smiling. It was hard to refuse her anything when her eyes were bright with light from the flickering candles. "Sure." Jimmy nodded. "Bring us the best you have."

"Right away, sir."

The man left the table and Louise leaned her hands on the edge of the table feeling the fancy linens beneath her palms. "This is so amazing."

Jimmy agreed with her. In the space of a few hours she'd changed from the woman with a cloud over her head to a young woman excited with life. He leaned forward a few inches intrigued by her revelation. "The wine?"

"No!" She looked around the room. "Everything. This place is nicer than the one Sam took us to in Blue Creek. That restaurant was sweet, but this…" she ran her finger along the table cloth and then the edge of the fancy napkin, "and did you see the lights?" She looked up resisting the urge to poke a finger in the air. "It's like a chandelier."

He shrugged as he didn't understand the word, but when he looked up he had to admit that the fancy glass bowls that were lit by flames up above them looked really nice hovering in the air and gave the room a soft glow. "It's nice."

"Nice!" Her voice told him how crazy she thought he was, she didn't have to say it.

"Mademoiselle and Monsieur," the portly man was back, a clean linen towel draped over his arm as he showed them the bottle, "this is our finest wine… imported from France."

As the man removed the cork from the bottle, Jimmy leaned closer to Lou. "I can't believe that we're about to drink something that's traveled farther than I ever have."

Lou answered him with an elbow in his side. The waiter poured some wine in each glass and set the bottle down on the table. "Is there anything else that I may do for you?"

Jimmy looked at Lou and then back to the waiter. Shrugging, he dismissed the man. "No thank you, I think we're fine."

The man gave one last bow. "If you need me, just ask."

As quickly as the man had appeared, he disappeared leaving Jimmy looking at the glass on the table in front of him. Lou was the first to reach for the glass and lift it in her fingers. As it moved the liquid in the glass swirled around the bowl of the glass, climbing the sides a little. Louise held it up to the light and looked at the color. "It's dark red, pretty."

"Pretty?" Jimmy reached out and lifted the glass. "Don't much care how it looks, how does it taste?"

Touching the lip of the glass to his mouth he drank half of it in one sip. The heavy body of the wine slipped down into his stomach and Jimmy blinked rapidly as he waited for the liquid to find bottom.

Louise watched his expression closely. "How does it taste?"

He shook his head. "I dunno really, I don't think I actually tasted it."

Rolling her eyes Louise took a little sip of the wine. Jimmy watched as she slowly swallowed the wine down. She closed her eyes and sighed. "Oh my…"

She seemed to have such a different reaction to the wine that Jimmy peered down into the glass and gave it a little sniff. The smell was sharp with a little bit of a wood smell to it. Lifting the glass to his lips he took a smaller drink, barely a sip and let it slide back along the top of his tongue. He didn't find it to be much better than his first impression, but the heavy feeling that had settled in his stomach was finding its way into his arms and legs.

Lou took another sip and giggled. She lifted the glass into the light again. "I really like this."

Widening his eyes a bit, Jimmy gave her a grin. "I can see that."

"I'm feeling a little warm." The tone of her voice nearly hummed at the end. "Are you?"

Jimmy shrugged, adjusting the fit of his shirt. "Maybe."

"Don't tease, Jimmy." Louise was nearly giggling through her words after taking another sip and empting her glass. "I think I'd like some more."

Before she'd raised her arm the waiter was back and refilling her glass. Jimmy held up his hand to stop the man from filling his. The warm sensation the wine had given him was already reaching down to his feet. The waiter set the bottle down again and left the table.

A quick look at Lou and Jimmy saw the flush in her cheeks, almost as though she'd had a brisk walk just a moment before in cool weather. "How are you feelin', Lou?"

"Feeling?" Her smile was wide and free, her hand gesturing in a wide arch and settling on his arm. "I'm feeling wonderful… and happy."

She looked at him as her fingers played with the fabric of his shirt. She felt warm inside and knew that it wasn't just the wine in her middle that made her feel that way. She was in a fancy restaurant in a beautiful dress sitting next to a man that was doing everything he could to make sure that she was happy. There was nothing more that she could ask for at that moment. Nothing.

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