Jimmy let out a sigh and watched a sudden burst of drops fall from the brim of his hat. The wool was good, but in a downpour like this the water always found a way through the thickness of the fabric and found its way down the back of his neck and into his shirt.

"So much for keepin' dry."

"If you wanted to keep dry," Louise laughed, "you should have taken a job at the bank." She blinked innocently at his incredulous expression. "A nice quiet job behind a desk." Lightning shifted nervously at a distant flash against the clouds and Louise leaned forward to pet her neck. "But as it is, I think you're more of an out-of-doors man."

Jimmy tugged his coat collar up and hunkered down behind it. "Not on days like this." He looked across the clearing at the house with its strong column of smoke fighting against the rain. "Remind me again why Teaspoon has us out here watchin' that place?"

"I don't think it's watchin' old man Burdick's homestead is what's got your knickers in a twist." Lou shook her head back and forth, managing to spray Jimmy with a few well aimed drops. "I think you're just grouchy and ornery, that's what I think. You want ridin' and fightin' and fancy lady folks hanging on your every word."

Jimmy turned in his saddle and lifted his head just high enough that he could see her without getting rain in his eyes. "Well, you're right on one thing." His grimace relaxed into a wry twist of his lips. "I want one lady hangin' on my every word, but right now she's laughin' at me."

Louise nodded knowingly. "So that's your only problem?"

"I wouldn't mind gettin' dry."

She wanted to tell him his tone was dry enough for both of them, but she didn't want to prick his temper anymore. It wasn't fun when he was so miserable. "Just a few hours ago you were sayin' how your canteen was empty."

He shifted uneasily in his saddle. "Yeah. So?"

Her smile was infectious and he mirrored her before he could stop himself. All he could do was watch as she clapped a hand down on her hat to hold it in place a second before she leaned back in the saddle. The water splattered over the soft planes of her face and into her open mouth. She drank from the steady pour of rain and when she righted herself she winked at him. "Sometimes when life hands you lemons… you make lemonade."

He raised a questioning brow and took a drink of the rain himself. "Tastes like water to me." He was wise enough to move his horse far enough away that she couldn't slug him on the shoulder. "But I still got a pretty woman hangin' on my every word, so I'm happy."

Breathtaking Prompt - In the Rain

Author's Note: Thanks to Liz, who doesn't mind a bit of fluff, even a bit of lemony fluff

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