“You know,” Lou leaned back and looked up into the dark night sky, “I used to watch the stars at night hoping that I’d see them dance.”

“Dance?” The soft rumble of his voice echoed through his chest tickling her back.

“It’s Shakespeare. I always liked the sound of the words and wondered…”

A slight wind lifted the ends of her hair, shrouding her face for a moment. She lifted her hand and brushed it back, turning as her fingers brushed his. She looked up at him and smiled as his fingers tangled with hers.

He knew that faraway look on her face. “What did you wonder?”

“What it would look like.” Her breath brushed over their knuckles and she leaned into his chest to share his warmth. “If the world would look… different somehow afterwards.” She closed her eyes and snuggled closer. “I guess it was just silly, huh?”

He flexed his fingers along the slope of her shoulder and wrapped them around her upper arm enjoying the feel of her pressed tight against his chest. It wasn’t often that they had a moment to themselves but when they did he tried to make the most of it.

Turning his face up into the night sky he looked at the multitude of stars hanging high above their heads and wondered what it was that made poets talk about them and folks stare off into them for long periods of time. They were just stars… they were just ‘there’… how could they be special?

“Jimmy?” He felt her hand press against his chest as she leaned back from their embrace. He brushed her hair back from her face and looked down into her eyes.


The stars shone in her eyes, their silver points swimming in her gaze. As Louise looked up at him he saw the magic of the night sky and knew the wonder that must have inspired poets for centuries.

“Jimmy? What…”

“I can see it…” His fingers swept through the hair at her temple, sliding around to the nape of her neck.

“See what?” Her voice was nearly breathless with anticipation.

He leaned in, mindful of his shadow, and watched the glimmering light reflect in the depths of her eyes. He smiled in the darkness, his face warming as her hands pressed lightly against his face. “The stars… they danced.”

Author’s Note – written for the Prompt: Breathtaking – The View from Here

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