Amara's Stories

"I have loved The Young Riders going on twelve years now though I haven't seen any of the shows in so long.
Jimmy, Kid, Lou, and Buck are my favorites, but I try to include most of the riders in my stories. Hope you enjoy."

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
Forever Lou and Kid reflect after Lou tells Kid about Wicks.


Strength of Will

Bedlam of the Mind Lou, stripped of her memory, and Jimmy who is searching for her both meet under unusual circumstances and the ensuing chaos that follows threatens to upheave all that the other riders know.
The Calm Before the Storm Lou, having remembered the attack that caused her memory loss, finds her way back into the arms of her love only to have it shaken by the impending vengeance from her attackers.
Rock Creek War As all the pieces begin to fall back into place, several events lead into a fight for dominance in Rock Creek. In the chaos, the struggle leads to misconceptions and confusion that will unltimately lead to the biggest problems yet to come.

Strength of Legends

Sequel to "Strength of Will" series
Descent When Simmons' brother tracks the people responsibile for Simmons death, he implements a plan that brings everyone who was there into captivity, except one, and vows to make them all pay.
Pitch Black As the majority of the riders and their family are held hostage by Simmons' brother, The Undertaker, for their part in 'Ol Joe's death, Buck and Barnett scarmble to come up with a plan to save them. Things escalate as outlaw justice and mistaken identity turn everyone's worlds upside down.

Topic 43: Oh! For Pete's Sake
Topic 44: Fire and Water
Topic 48: Mirage



Heaven Is on the Way
Head2Head "Holy Water" by Big & Rich