"Anna PX"

Anna S.'s Stories


"I am a Buckette with a strong fascination for Teaspoon. I try to write stories, however very slowly, especially
around the relation or posssible relation between Buck and Teaspoon."


The Looking Glass

Mirror of a Man
Teaspoon receives news of his long lost brother - and is forced to remember something he'd rather forget.
And the Mirror Cracked A young woman claims to be the daughter of Teaspoon’s long lost brother. Reluctantly he offers her a place to stay, because she’s not the only relative he has to think about.

Forever and For Always

Coauthored with Dani, Karen, Maria, and Nina
The Package of Many Surprises When on a run, Buck and Cody encounter many trials over the delivery of a small package that is of interest to many people - including one special lady. Is there the slightest possibility that true love for Buck will come out of this mess?


The Healing Blood of a Unicorn With Karen, Maria, Dani, Nina and MrsCross
It was written by each person only posting three words at a time. It deals with Buck meeting a mystical creature and learning about himself in the process

Topic 56: A Beggar's Fee


Throw Down

The Rainbow Boys
From Ty

Logan Hunter in Mirror of a Man