Beth's Stories

"My name is Beth and I live in Maryland. I've been a huge fan of the show since it first aired back in 1989. My favorite characters are Jimmy and Lou.
I love reading and writing "what if" stories about my two favorite riders. I discovered the TYR online fandom back in 1998 and started writing fan fiction shortly thereafter. Though I have not written anything in several years, I still enjoy coming back to Writers Ranch
and reading all the great stories from so many very talented authors! "

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
Dances and Dreams After an exhausting run, Lou takes a nap and has a dream...a wonderful, yet strange, dream. It involves her, Kid and Jimmy, and it starts her thinking about what the dream could possibly mean.
A Kiss on the Wind The Pony Express is over. It seems that the world is changing all around, so Jimmy decides that he must go off to find his destiny...but he cannot leave before he confronts one final ghost...

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
The Substitute Suitor Cody meets the new girl in town and is quick to lose his heart. Though he does everything in his power to try to impress the young lady, she has her cap set for someone else of the other riders. But unwilling to admit defeat, Cody begins plotting and scheming to win her affections, creating a whole new kind of mess for that other rider.
The Best Man Lou is tormented by her feelings after a passionate kiss shared with Jimmy. Torn bewteen the love she once had and the feelings she hopes to nurture, Lou finds her relationship changing with both Kid and Jimmy. When a battle of fists between the two men she cares for most and then an unexpected tradgedy strikes, it's all too much for Lou to handle.
Seasons of Change The Pony Express has ended, and Jimmy struggles to find his place in the world amid so much change. Deciding to leave Rock Creek, Jimmy embarks on a journey where he is challenged by both love and hate, memories of the past, and his own inner demons.



I'll See You In My Dreams In the aftermath of the Civil War and Kid's death, Lou is reunited with the remaining members of the Sweetwater Express family. But when old feelings between Lou and Jimmy begin to resurface after so many years, will they both be able to conquer their fears and doubts and allow themselves to experience love and happiness together?
Time in a Bottle It has been ten long, lonely years since Jimmy left his beloved Louise, and all of his attempts to bury his pain inside the bottle have seemed futile. What will it take for Jimmy to realize that he has become a mere ghost of the man he once was?
To the Other Shore It's been ten years since Jimmy left Louise, and now he has returned to Sweetwater in order to fulfill a promise he made to himself. Has the time finally arrived for Jimmy and Lou to be together, or will Fate threaten to stand in their way?



Six Bits None the Richer
Respect I: Cody/Noah (First Contest at the Ranch!)

The Best Man