Broedy's Stories

"My love for The Young Riders began and ended with Kid & Lou, with a dash of Jimmy. I started the Kid & Lou Shrine way back when (1997 – oh my!), where some of these stories were originally posted. Thanks to the release of the season one DVDs I was able to revisit a show
which has endured all these years, and remains one of my all time favourites."


Sweetwater Series

Homecoming Written for the 2009 Blogathon
Silencing the Past Jimmy returns to Sweetwater in search of old friends and must confront a long buried secret.
A New Life A city woman arrives in Sweetwater and is befriended by Lou. When Jimmy turns up unexpectedly things are never the same again.
The Long Run *in progress* Jimmy returns to Sweetwater one last time and must face those he left behind.
Dearly Beloved *in progress* Follows the lives of Kid, Lou and their children, through the darkest of times as well as the light.

Promise Series

On the Strength of a Promise Kid promised not to ride on without her again. But when war separates him from Lou, she aims to hold him to another more important promise... to come back home to her.
A Promise Fulfilled *in progress* The Kid is finally reunited with Lou, but how will he deal with his return, getting to know his daughter, and explaining to Lou where he has been for the past four years?



Between the Days Set during "False Colors," after Jed takes the boys to the saloon.


Kid and Lou begin their life together where it all began... Sweetwater.


Fic Fest

TYR Fic Fest on Live Journal
Rites of Passage
Set I - How Kid learns to shoot, and the day he has to put it into practice.

Throw Downs

Waiting for Tomorrow
From Nikole
Kid's heroics trying to help an ambushed wagon train result in the longest night of Lou's life.


Too Much of a Good Thing
7 Deadly Sins: Gluttony
Teaspoon battles a most formidable foe and it almost brings about his undoing. But they were all so sweet and delicious…



7th: Luck of the Draw
Jimmy's day goes from bad to worse when he is charged with the task of transporting a prisoner to Nebraska City.