Written in “three word format” by Karen, Maria, Dani,
Annapx, Nina, and MrsCross

The sun was just coming up over the horizon when the rider woke up from the night's sleep. Yawning, he started to break camp when something caused him to turn around and look into the trees behind him. Standing still and moving carefully so as not to attract attention Buck gazed admiringly at the wonderful creature before him.

The unicorn raised its head, startled and wary of something not quite right.

Buck moved his head carefully not to scare the unicorn off. He'd never seen one before, he'd vaguely remembered the stories he'd heard as a child, but he'd never actually seen one. Now, seeing this magnificent creature he was awestruck by it moving towards him surrounded by a halo of shimmering light and color.

"Running Buck Cross today you will be given the key to your many questions concerning your destiny." Buck couldn't believe his ears, or eyes for that matter. He pinched himself, just to make sure he wasn't still asleep dreaming this magnificent creature.

Destiny? What was so important about his destiny? "Why have you come?” he began questioning, but was stopped when the creature moved towards him.

"Your destiny is great my son," the unicorn said softly. "You are a very important to my kind as well as a great leader for your own.”

"I don't understand?"

"In the years that lay ahead you will understand more about how our worlds will come together. But for now you must be willing to take the chance to live each day to the fullest." After saying this, the unicorn vanished.

Buck stood staring at the empty space now a misty vacancy where the vision had once been. The place where the unicorn had stood was now filled with a sense of emptiness. Buck once more turned expecting to see the creature.

When he didn't, he turned his attention towards picking up his camp, and wondered what the others would say if he told them what he had just seen. They probably wouldn't believe him so incredible was the vision, so instead of sharing it he decided to keep it to himself. Buck was ready to mount his horse when three men rode into the camp.

"Have you seen anything unusual around these parts?"

Buck hesitated before answering. "Nothing unusual has happened," he finally replied, deciding that it was safer not to mention what he had just seen.

"You sure?" one of them asked.

Their unkempt looks made Buck wonder if they had been out here long. He simply nodded.

The unicorn hunter shrugged and turned away, not sure what to think of the Indian and whether or he should believe him.

Buck calmly mounted his own horse and left hoping the hunters would leave the area right behind him alone. He rode for about an hour before he felt like things were being oddly quieter than normal. Stopping his horse, he dismounted and carefully studied the area around him; glancing back the way he had traveled earlier Buck sensed that something was up.

He decided to retrace his own path just to assure himself that nothing had happened to endanger the unicorn that had appeared before him. An overwhelming sense of urgency forced Buck to return to the spot where he had seen the glorious unicorn.

Once there he spotted blood colored silver grey pooling on the ground in the clearing where he had first seen the creature. Checking for signs of the hunters he heard laughter coming from somewhere on the other side of the trees.

Moving slowly and quietly, he made his way towards the camp of the men he had talked to earlier in the day. What was it they were so happy about? he wondered.

A twig snapped under his foot and he froze hoping they hadn't heard him. When he realized one of the men had turned towards where he crouched Buck realized that the man had spotted him easily. When the man raised his rifle, Buck quickly took cover in the surrounding brush.

"You better show yourself!" the man hollered.

Buck held his breath, then slowly began to move out from his hiding spot. Once he emerged, the man stepped closer. With a sickening grin, he said, "Looking for this?" as he revealed something resembling the unicorn lying on the ground dead.

Buck felt sick to his stomach. He stumbled forward and fell to his knees, feeling the silver blood with his fingertips and wondering what had become of the mystical powers of the unicorn.

Tears blurred his vision as he angrily glared at the man in front of him. "Why?" Buck demanded, as he struggled to control his rage and hurt. The man simply stared at him and aimed his rifle at Buck's third eye.

Buck sat down, intent on learning more about why these people were here, and why they felt so strongly towards having to kill the one thing of beauty and wisdom. What did these men hope to gain by killing the creatures that possessed magical and mystical powers? Once more Buck attempted to speak to the hunters, "Could you please explain to me why you shoot unicorns? They are harmless, and full of wisdom. They would never hurt anyone," he said. Tears were trying to fall from Buck's eyes. Fighting to maintain his composure, he angrily clenched his fists, and then moved forward, not caring what happened to him now, only the existence of the unicorns occupied his mind.

Drawing his gun, the Kiowa once more demanded an answer.

"You don't know what you've done, and what will happen, now that you've killed it," his voice sounded strange, even to his ears, but somehow he knew that he was speaking out for all the mystical and magical beings of the world.

Although he faced certain death, Buck stepped closer, gun in hand and said, "Give me one good reason not to kill both of you right now." His opponent studied him his own gun not as steady but still aimed in the general direction of Buck's head.

When Buck without fear, stepped even closer, the man began to waiver, and finally brought his gun to his side. His face looked pale, and his dark eyes widened when Buck didn't show any sign of backing down.

Buck began feeling a strange energy pulse through his veins. It seemed his body had suddenly been filled with a strength like none he'd ever felt before. As the strange feeling engulfed him, Buck was overcome with compassion for the two men who had first been the object of his anger. "I need to be alone with the unicorn," he hoped they understood.

Both men simply lowered their weapons, and quietly began to move away from where Buck crouched beside the dead body of the magical animal. Buck turned his eyes skyward, and began to softly pray in Kiowa, chanting the words that would purify not only him but the area where the unicorn was slain, hoping that he could still somehow feel the wonder he'd felt earlier, when he'd first encountered the unicorn revealing the path that fate had chosen for him.

As Buck continued praying, a new sense of calm claimed him, and he began to drift into oblivion where all his cares started to vanish. The unicorn spoke through Buck's mind and once more words of wisdom were shared with Buck. He sat quietly and listened intently to the wisdom the unicorn had to offer - forgiveness and patience, which Buck still had not given his life to.

As the unicorn's word's filled him, Buck felt the aching in his soul begin to subside, and an overwhelming sense of peace moved within him. He opened his eyes, seeing the beauty of everything the unicorn had stood for. Knowing that harming such a mystical creature only led to sadness and that harming those who had brought it's life to an end would only be bittersweet, and dangerous because revenge briefly lasting for a painful second, always brought no real satisfaction, so he decided to bury the carcass with the required ceremony to do so would require him to prepare himself for a task of great difficulty.

Buck stood and looked around him. He noticed that a mist had started to form around him, making everything hazy and seeing difficult. Buck stayed calmed as he glanced around to see the mist forming an almost circular blanket surrounding him. Buck moved slowly toward a faint shadow of an unmoving, but standing silver gray unicorn. It seemed to be waiting for Buck to release the spirit of its soul, so Buck began digging. He chanted as his hands dug in the soft soil. His hands soon had dug far enough that the mighty unicorn could be properly honored and put to rest.

He carefully lowered the body of the unicorn into the ground. Rays of sunlight began to shine into the hole in the mist filled circle and mysterious warmth wrapped itself around Buck. He stood slowly and raising his hands, lifted his face until he was drifting, his mind lost in a dreamlike state. Closing his eyes, a stillness fell over him, allowing only his mind to absorb the aura of the unicorn and it's mystical powers. As the hunters were getting prepared to flee, Buck allowed himself to separate from the awareness of his body, floating above the area where the healing of his spirit was beginning to take place.

Soon the heavy weight he'd been feeling lifted, and he smiled as he realized his soul was no longer his alone, but belonged to the spirit of the unicorn as well. Buck once more raised his hands and slowly began to chant. Buck was soon lost in the power of his trance.

The End

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