Cathy's Stories

"Reason I like TYR??? Hot guys, fast horses! Don't really have a specific favorite but I lean towards Sam or Ike if I had to choose.
The older I get the better Sam looks."

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
Bridging the Gap Something wonderful and a little mystical happened to Ike there in the lonely wilderness--something that can be accepted even if it's not fully understood.
The Feud New riders and close quarters make for a tense situation - especially when one of the new guys is a dude. Can Ike help the new guy and not get involved in the building feud?

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
Honey He saved her life, brought her home to love and family. Can Cody let his Honey go?
Hide and Seek A flip of the coin brings Jimmy to the best biscuits he's ever eaten and more trouble than he's ever wanted.
Birthdays Present Lou is determined to give Buck the best birthday present ever...his own day.


Dragons of Pern

Here There Be Dragons What do you do with a twenty-five foot, flying, fire-breathing dragon in 1860's Earth?
Dragon's World The woman from the future returns to save Buck's life--and take him home with her.
The Care and Feeding of Baby Blue Dragons There was a time in Buck Cross' life when he had thought that being a rider for the Pony Express was the hardest job he'd ever have to do. But that was a lifetime ago, several lifetimes in fact, before Fate had stepped in and sent him on the ride of his life - to Pern and to Quinth.

A Time for...

A Time for Learning He's a stubborn child, she's a stubborn slave-they both have a lot to learn<
A Time for Healing A dude helps Buck fulfill his vow to a teacher's memory.

Count on Me

Count on Me It's the night before Lou's wedding and she needs a little support.
The Statler Brothers song fic
Flowers on the Wall What happens when Buck's perfect world falls apart?
The Statler Brothers song fic
Silver Medals and Sweet Memories How do you tell a boy about the father he never knew?
The Statler Brothers song fic
Seek Lou hears some troubling news that helps her decide to find her best friend.
And Ye Shall Find Lou searches for Buck, but will she find the Buck she knew?
I'll Be the One Buck's nightmare returns when he finds Emma pregnant.
The Statler Brothers songfic

Topic 1: For Want of Keys
Topic 2: To Souffle or Not Souffle
Topic 3: Sunrise on a New Day
Topic 5: It Ain't the Heat, It's the Story
Topic 5: Sweat Lodge Musings
Topic 6: Leave the Door Open
Topic 7: Close Shave
Topic 7: Hair, a Voice, and a Cornflower Blue Hat
Topic 7: Facing the Demon
Topic 7: Turn About
Topic 7: Who's Who in Sweetwater
Topic 7: They Made Me Do It
Topic 8: View from a Snowy Peak
Topic 8: Wildflowers and Cherry Blossoms
Topic 8: Patching the Roof
Topic 9: One Determined Lady
Topic 9: In Defense of Cody
Topic 10: Impossible Vultures and Pot-bellied Stoves
Topic 12: That Nagging Feeling
Topic 15: A Christmas Carol Sweetwater Style
Topic 16: If the Cold Don't Kill You
Topic 26: The Everything Box
Topic 27: Bless Me, Father
Topic 29: Gui-k-ati
Topic 30: Two-bit Thoughts
Topic 36: A Silent Angel's Silent Night
Topic 50: Cody and the Wolf
Topic 53: Gathering at the River
Topic 54: Making Choices
Topic 55: The Sale
Topic 56: In God We Trust
Topic 58: Seek
Topic 59: The Chase Is On
Topic 60: The Birthday Gift
Topic 71: The Favor
Topic 91: Time to Herself


Past Imperfections 2003 Dealing with your past is never easy and no one's is perfect. How will Buck cope when his Kiowa past is displayed for all to see?
Royal Flush 2003 Cody is determined to win the big poker tournament and Jimmy is just the man to teach him how to play--if he doesn't kill Cody first.
Save It For the Rocking Chairs 2007 Sam has his reasons for avoiding a posse -- question is what are they?


The Statler Brothers Song Fics

Just Someone I Used to Know The picture is all he has left of the dream that could have been. Did Kid let his beliefs destroy that dream?
My Only Love Sam faces the biggest challenge of his life with no weapons in sight.
Who Am I To Say In the middle of a lonely night, Jimmy considers what might have been.
Since Then On the anniversary of the worst moment of his youth, Teaspoon reflects on lessons learned.
Grandma A grandson's tale of a special grandmother.
Remember Me A letter from Kid results in mixed emotions for Lou.


Hair Today? Home Remedies
Nightmares can speak with a loud voice -- but the voice of a friend speaks louder.
11 Part Harmony: Set I Board challenge by...her!
11 stories, one for each character listed in the challenge from 33 song titles by The Statler Brothers.
11 Part Harmony: Set II *in progress* The second set of songs/stories for the challenge.



The Meaning of Friendship Give a Little Respect - Ike/Noah
Nightmares can speak with a loud voice -- but the voice of a friend speaks louder.
April Love Lyrical "April Love" by Pat Boone
He's just found his first true love, but can Ike convince her it will last?
Look Out, Snowshoe, Here Comes the
Pony Express
Wilds of Winter
Teaspoon has a fantastic idea to improve delivery service in the winter..... will any of them survive?
How Turtle Got Her Shell A Story Before Bed
Buck digs into his childhood memories for a story of courage and determination.

Dragon's World