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Lost in the Storm Summary


Forever and For Always

The Package of Many Surprises Coauthored with AnnaPX, Karen, Maria, and Nina
When on a run, Buck and Cody encounter many trials over the delivery of a small package that is of interest to many people - including one special lady. Is there the slightest possibility that true love for Buck will come out of this mess?
Hold on My Heart Coauthored with Karen and Maria
As Buck and Nikki get to know each other and explore their feelings, there are times when the world seems to be trying to keep them apart.


What One Man Can Do With Karen, Maria, and Nina
Buck helps a family whose daughter was kidnapped by Indians. But all is not as it seems.
To Belong With Karen, Maria, and Nina
How Running Buck came to be Buck Cross and what became of him.
The Healing Blood of a Unicorn With AnnaPX, Karen, Maria, MrsCross, and Nina
Buck meets a mystical creature and learns about himself in the process. (Written in three-word increments.)
Forever Yours Faithfully With Karen, Maria, and Shauna
Kid and Lou hire a nanny. Buck and the new nanny spark a connection and what happens after that is a rollercoaser of emotions and feelings. Will it end happily or will Buck be alone again.