Darks Hornet's Stories

"I have been fan of the Young Riders since the beginning. It had everything I love, romance and horses. I was hooked the moment I saw it.
Now my daughter too is a fan and we watch it together."

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
Do You See Me Now? Lou and Kid's relationship has stalled. Rachel has taken notice of the problem and steps in to give a little push.
Masked Angel There is a Halloween Dance in town and Lou has the chance to dress . . . like an angel.
Too Many Husbands Lou has broken up with Kid and he has moved on to a relationship with Samantha. Distraught, Lou takes a run that was not hers and now she is missing. The boys find out that there has been trouble and she may have been kidnapped.
The Puzzle Lou begins to doubt her ability to be a good mother and wife to her family. Her past haunts her, causing her to question if she is the person Kid and her family needs. Maybe, if the past had been different she would be a better person.

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
Never Say Never Lou and Kid have decided to go their separate ways in "Color Blind." Lou takes off on an adventure to live her life as "Louise" and rediscover that part of herself.
Episode Reference: "Color Blind"
Go West All of the riders have gone their separate ways. The Pony Express has ended and now Lou must continue on with the plan she first had in life, to look after her sister and brother.
Find Me If You Can Louise and Kid have broken up when Louise realizes she’s pregnant. Lou leaves the Pony Express in search of a new life for herself and her child, but can Kid find her in time to correct the mistakes they have made.
Forgive Me Lou has been kidnapped and the boys must come to her rescue. However years have passed and secrets and lies that were kept are now revealed.
Special Delivery *in progress* Louise is unhappy with her life and wants to make a change. She sees the ad looking for mail order brides for men out west. Maybe this is what she is looking for.


Leap of Faith With Ellie
Written for the 9th Anniversary Contest: Cathouse


Butter and Buttercups
Word: Kid knows that Lou is angry with him. Only a brave man would tread where others have failed to tread. Maybe a little gift will help.



War Is Hell...
The war continues and Kid receives a letter from home. A letter that challenges him to reconsider where his heart and love truly are.
Things Are Not Always As They Seem
Kid overhears a conversation between his beloved wife and his friend. His actions may just be the death of one of them. . . maybe.
Freewheelin' Fic Challenge July challenge from Ellie
Write a set of twelve stories, one for each of the following TYR regulars: Buck, Cody, Emma, Ike, Jimmy, Kid, Lou, Noah, Rachel, Sam, Teaspoon, and Jesse/Tompkins from the 48-song discography of Bob Dylan.



Almost There
8th: Cameo
The war has ended and Lou has fled back out west. Will the Kid find her, or does she want to be found?
Leap of Faith
9th: Cathouse
An Alternate Universe science fiction story, in which Kid wishes he could change fate; but fate has its own ideas.
Coauthored with Ellie

First story: Almost There

Things Are Not Always As They Seem

Masked Angel

Forgive Me

Leap of Faith coauthored with Ellie

Butter and Buttercups

Fallen Lady

Leap of Faith coauthored with Ellie

Kid and Lou in Too Many Husbands

Lou in The Puzzle

Leap of Faith coauthored with Ellie