Debbie's Stories

"I'm from New Jersey and have been a fan of the show since the first day it premiered. My favorite characters are Kid and Lou; yes, I'm a true kidette.
It would sound like I'm really obsessed with the show if you hear that my kids are named Rachel and Billy but honestly, it's just coincidence."

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
I'll Make a Man Out of You That's what Teaspoon sets out to do when he has to turn six boys who think they're all grown up into Express riders.
The Naked Truth Jimmy and Cody try to figure out how Kid knew Lou's secret before anyone else.
Episode Reference: Set after "Bad Blood"
The Path Back to the Living Kid deals with his experiences in the labor camp.
Episode Reference: Set after "Hard Times"
Smiles, Curls and Everything Nice... My Foot! Kid's childhood friend comes to visit but Lou's the only one who doesn't think she's all she's made up to be.
What Matters Most A wayward Jimmy returns home and gets some news that sets his priorities straight.
It's Such a Beautiful Day How do the riders react to a rainy day interrupting their usual schedule of the day? And how Cody reacts to their reactions!!
Under Wraps A humorous little story about Lou being caught in an awkward and embarrassing situation and Jimmy being more than willing to lend her a helping hand.
A Greeting to End All Greetings Lou has a surprise for Kid; Kid has a surprise for Lou. Doesn't sound like a problem, unless you consider that Lou's suprise isn't meant to be shared with anyone other than her husband!
Reality Check A night alone with the boys proves to be an awakening experience for Kid as he realizes for the first time that he really doesn't know anything about Lou.
Hanging On to the Cheer It's Kid and Lou's first Christmas together as a married couple but Kid's roped into a chore that makes the holiday preparations not so cheery in his eyes.
Remind Me to Thank Jimmy A night alone for Lou and Kid turns into an uneasy time for Kid as Lou is determined to get some information out of him.
You're Not Alone A sudden situation forces Lou to make a decision that could change Kid's life forever. Is he ready to hear it and is she ready to tell it?
Drawn Attention Young Louise McCloud expresses some concerns to her boss, Mr. Wicks.
Easier With Time Kid's feeling very overwhelmed at the moment. It takes help from someone he wouldn't expect to have him seeing things clearer.
Why? Jimmy assumed he was the most accurate shooter, so why did Kid just give him a run for his money?
Episode Refernce: The Kid
Rub a Dub Dub, Lou's Hands in the Tub Lou offers to help a needy Kid but which one of them ends up getting the most satisfaction from her actions?

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
To Keep A Promise The Express has ended and before Kid and Lou can begin their new life together, Kid and Jimmy try to fix the wedge that drove them to part on bad terms. The result is a race against time and the elements as each tries against all odds to keep the promises they made to Lou.



In the Family Way (A/U story) Five months ago, Lou disappeared on a trip to St. Joe. The riders discover her being held by Wicks and find out a secret from her past. They then set out to rescue her and bring her home. There's a big surprise in store for them when it's revealed that Lou is expecting, but who's baby is it?
Forever Family Kid and Lou are enjoying their expanding family when someone from Kid's past shows up causing him to back away from those he loves.


Heading Home
6th Anniversary: Move
When Does a House Become a Home Lou struggles to spearate the past from the present and move on with her new life as wife and mother-to-be.
A Touch of Home
8th Anniversary: Cameo
The Home Stretch
April Volley Challenge: Picture
Home Grown
A not so typical night at home has Lou revealing a bit of herself that Kid is glad to learn about


Haunting Winds With The Round Robin Writers
A mysterious storm threatens the peace in Sweetwater.

Topic 2: Where's the Beef?
Topic 4: Stake Out
Topic 7: He Was a Brother
Topic 8: Coming Around Full Circle
Topic 10: A Watchful Eye
Topic 12: Turned Upside Down
Topic 13: Remorse
Topic 14: Needed
Topic 15: A Friendly Gesture
Topic 16: How About a Cold One?
Topic 17: The Shopping Trip
Topic 19: This Can't Be Happening
Topic 20: Just Name It and It's Yours
Topic 25: Just a Taste
Topic 26: Burying the Past
Topic 28: The Welcome Party
Topic 29: Don't Look Back
Topic 30: Filling the Void
Topic 32: Making a Move
Topic 33: The Interrogation
Topic 36: All Is Calm, All Is Bright
Topic 39: Unspoken Risks
Topic 40: The Pull
Topic 42: What the Eye Sees
Topic 45: Family Man
Topic 48: It Had to Be Me
Topic 52: One of the Boys
Topic 54: Worth Your While
Topic 56: Plain Not Fancy
Topic 57: It's a Start
Topic 59: Who's Chasing Who Now?
Topic 60: Consequences
Topic 60: Problems
Topic 60: Anything Less
Topic 66: In Muddy Water
Topic 72: Taking Charge
Topic 73: One Order of Distraction Coming Up!
Topic 80: One Little Favor
Topic 90: The Perfect Disguise
Topic 92: Building a Trust
Topic 93: Nighttime Reflections of Kid
Topic 93: Nighttime Reflections of Lou
Topic 94: Overused
Topic 95: The Comfort of a Home
Topic 97: Fence Me In
Topic 99: Clear the Way
Topic 100: If They Only Knew
Topic 100: What Have I Gotten Myself Into?


The Home Stretch
Picture: As Lou waits for her baby to be born, Kid quotes Teaspoon in his attempt to explain how special this time in their lives is.


The Real Lou McCloud
2004 Jimmy tries to deal with the news he's just found out, that Lou is really Louise. As he sorts through his feelings, she reveals her secret to the other riders and awaits their reaction.
Episode reference: "Bad Blood"
Summer Stewing
2007 Lou tries to play a joke on Kid in form of payment for him being insensitive and ignoring her needs but the tables get turned on her instead.



Cleanse Me
2006: "Holy Water" by Big & Rich
A young Lou is looking for help to wash away the fears of the past, to let her get past what has happened and start living again.
That Was Before
2009: "I Sure Can Smell the Rain" by Blackhawk
Kid tries to hold onto the last bit of what was once a happy life. Will he be able to?

Teaspoon is...

Hunter the Mentor ...a Mentor
Teaspoon sits the boys down and offers them advice and help, though for some of his riders the offer comes a bit too late.

Throw Down

More than a Number
From Nikole
Kid has the worst case of over protectiveness ever driving everyone including Lou up the wall, but are his concerns unfounded?


Dearly Departed
War Is Hell...
Some reunions are given a date, even if they are not the type a person expects to keep but finds they need to.
It's Your Presence That Matters, Not Presents
The Express family gathers at Kid and Lou's house for Christmas but someone is missing and Lou feels the holiday isn't complete without him.
A Wedding Is Still a Wedding
Brides & Grooms
Rachel has spent her whole life waiting to marry a man like Henry Dunne but something is bothering her as they prepare to say 'I do'.
A Push in the Right Direction
Lou the Matchmaker
The new schoolteacher in town doesn't know anyone and Buck doesn't have a girlfriend so Lou sets out to get the two of them together.
Shut Up and Kiss Me
7 Deadly Sins: Lust
Kid has a dilemma and her name is Louise McCloud. Now the other boys just need to convince him it's a good kind of problem to have to deal with.
Family Sticks Together
It's been a week since Kid and Lou got married and each member of the Express family is looking for a reason to bond them together forever, despite all the trials as of late..



Five Years Ago Today
5th: Five
The day Lou's been dreading has come but maybe this year she'll be able to get through it better, with a little help from a friend.
Heading Home
6th: Move
Kid tries to explain to a reluctant Lou why they need to move away from Rock Creek and begin their own life together at the old station, thanks to a gift they've just received.
How to Catch a Bride
7th: Luck of the Draw
Sweetwater's banker is getting married but his mail order bride is missing from the stage when it arrives. It's up to Sam Cain to follow the clues and find out her whereabouts.
A Touch of Home
8th: Cameo
Thanks to advice from Jimmy, Kid's birthday gift to his new wife Lou connects his past with his future.
Herein These Walls Lies the Truth
9th: Cathouse
Lou has told Kid about Wicks but she can't move past it until she sees where it happened one more time, forcing her and Kid to learn new things about each other.


The Lady and the Gentleman Robber
Legal Eagles
Sam Cain hires the riders to help him catch a stagecoach robber who poses as a passenger; the man's one weakness: women. Thus, enters Lou into the plan.
Once in a Lifetime Love
Lyrical "Once in a Lifetime Love" by Alan Jackson
After Doritha's death, Lou realizes Kid is the person she is meant to spend the rest of her
life with and always has been. She just has to tell him.

New Author

In the Family Way

Five Years Ago Today

Heading Home

The Lady and the Gentleman Robber

The Naked Truth

Just A Taste

One Order of Distraction Coming Up!

Remind Me to Thank Jimmy

Nighttime Reflections of Kid and Nighttime Reflections of Lou

Kid and Lou in You're Not Alone

Hunter the Mentor

Hanging On to the Cheer


Rub a Dub Dub, Lou's Hands in the Tub