Episode Reference: Just Like Old Times

Just who does she think she is?

Lou glanced sideways at the person seated catty-corner from her. There she was sitting with all her fine fabric and curly blonde hair at the head of the table; a seat that was reserved for a person of respect, a person that the rest of the diners looked up to. So what was she doing sitting there?

She picked up a carrot off her plate with her fingers instead of her fork, took a big bite of it and began to chew as loudly as the cooked vegetable would let her. The small Express rider rolled her eyes as one story after another tumbled off her tongue, spoken in her perfect Southern drawl. Not even Kid spoke with an accent like that! He might not speak like her but according to Miss Long Lost Love, he was everything a woman could want in a man. So then why was she married to someone else but sitting there making doe eyes at Louís man?!

Her chocolate colored eyes found the man sitting opposite her as she sadly realized he wasnít hers anymore; he was free to be taken by any woman that came along, even a married one from his past who still obviously had strong feelings for him. Thank goodness, though, for once it seemed Kidís innocence about matters of the heart was actually to Louís advantage as he appeared to be as blind to it as he had been with her attraction to the blue eyed Virginian. But that still didnít stop him from sitting there, not eating his dinner, as he listened with open ears, ears that she used to nibble on with a passion reserved only for him, as his childhood sweetheart embarrassed him with tale after tale, reminding them all of how perfect he always had been and always would be.

Lou sometimes hated that part of him, alright, she hated it most of the time, but it made him who he was and it was one thing for her to bring it up but for another woman to point that out about him, well, that was just not playing fair. But she hadnít played fairly since she stepped onto the Express property with her frilly little parasol hiding her delicate skin from the sunís rays as she pretended to desperately need to mail a letter at just the precise moment Kid was getting ready to make a ride. Like she really had no idea he was here, she huffed silently in annoyance. There was no way Lou could prove it but a girl doesnít just happen to chose a small town out west for no particular reason, as she claimed, without knowing the person she was seeking was working in that town. And seeking him she was! She just seemed to be having a harder time of getting through his thick skull than she thought she would so she was calling in reinforcements to help make her look good in Kidís eyes.

Lou then moved her eyes to the rest of the boys seated around her. All of them had their eyes trained on one person like she had them in a trance. Lou bit into another carrot in a way to keep her breath from coming out in a huff. Put a pretty girl in front of them and the boys were goners! Well she was pretty but they never thought that way about her. The dark haired girl glanced down at her attire and ended up dropping her carrot so she could fold her arms over her near existent chest. So she didnít fill a blouse out as far as this woman did and her words werenít textbook perfect and her hair wasnít cascading down her back in curls; she was still all woman inside. Ask Kid, Lou thought, heíll vouch for the curves she did have.

A woman like her was trouble and definitely up to no good. One look in Rachelís direction and Lou knew the station mistress thought the same way, only Rachel was too kind to say or do anything to indicate she was thinking such a thing. Lou, on the other hand, was mature enough to admit she was turning green and more than once brought her hand up alongside her cup of milk, wishing she had the nerve to tip it over, sending all the liquid toward the person sitting on her right. A smile lifted the corners of her lips but she quickly frowned it away so as not to give herself away.

Oh, why couldnít the boys see her for who she was?! Lou sighed as she watched her once more twirl her fingers around the diamond necklace she wore around her thin, untanned neck. Probably stolen, Lou thought with a smirk in her direction. No young man did that good unless he was the son of a wealthy man and came from a big city. A gold chain maybe but not diamonds! The only piece of jewelry Lou had gotten in her time being with the Kid was a gold ring and she had bought that herself!! Well Miss Finely Dressed had better realize Kid would more than likely buy something for his horse before he did his girl; Lou had proof of that but she also knew Kid was very good at making up for his mistakes, very good indeed. A smile escaped her lips this time at the thought of how he made up his errors to her.

A high pitched giggle from next to her brought Louís thoughts back to the present. The boys were now being told how Kid had rescued her and someone named Garth Ö these people didnít even have real names Ö from a fiercely flowing creek. Well Kid had rescued her from an outlawís bullet, so there! But it wasnít her he was now looking at, was it? Lou sighed sadly as she realized this woman had all the right moves, all the right curves, all the right curls, and all the right words to get what she wanted from the person sitting across from her. Of course it only took a woman to notice she was putting on an act; that she was wearing a disguise that hid who she really was and what she really wanted; this proper Southern woman, as she tried to display herself as, knew exactly what to say to get the boys to side with her but all it showed Lou was that she wasnít the darling they all thought she was. No one was that perfect or nice unless they wanted something; Lou had learned that long ago.

Lou had finally had enough as the boys definitely seemed to have fallen into her trap and were taken with this newcomer. She mumbled an excuse about having to do chores, threw her napkin on the table, and walked away without so much as a look behind her, even though she felt a pull to glance at the man who slept in the bunk beneath hers. But she resisted the urge and figured, anyway, that he wouldnít be looking her way as he had much more of a woman to keep his sights on. Woman, my foot! Lou slammed the door closed behind her as she decided she would do everything in her power, even elicit anger toward her, to convince Kid that he was dealing with someone who wasnít what and who she said she was.

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