Debra's Stories

"I've been a fan of TYR since the very first episode back in 1989. My favorite stories to read and write are stories where a natural disaster puts the lives of the riders in danger. My favorite character has always been Buck and I love writing stories about him, but I also enjoy making Kid, Lou and Teaspoon main characters in my stories as well. Cody has always been a character that is good for a laugh or two, and Jimmy pulls them all together. I'm trying to read many of the stories that are posted here at the Ranch. There are just so many great stories here."


Rock Creek Adventurous Tales

Back Together Again When Teaspoon is badly hurt in a severe thunderstorm, Buck and Kid must play the roles of marshal and deputy for Rock Creek as well as run The Kid & Buck Horse Ranch. That is until Jimmy and Cody return home to Rock Creek.
Ghosts from the Past Ghosts from the past come back into the lives of the people that live at The Kid & Buck Horse Ranch. While one ghost brings joy and love to one of the past Pony Express Riders, another ghost brings heartache to the entire family. There are secrets being kept and lies being told that puts everyone on edge and wondering who is telling the truth.
Standing Between Love and Betrayal As autumn moves onto the ranch, the betrayal of family members looms over the ranch. Teaspoon receives the best news of his life from Jack, but he can never reveal the secret that would tear his family apart. Lou needs a husband that is married to her and not the ranch. Cody preys on a frightened Jane who makes a bad decision that will determine her happiness with Buck.
If We Are Lost... Love Will Find Us *in progress* The Kid & Buck Horse Ranch is expecting new additions to their family, but is love and family enough to keep them together. There is the worst blizzard in a decade descending down upon Rock Creek, one outlaw on the loose, and a territory of secrets that could put a halt to the old Pony Express family’s happiness.

The Family Keepsake Journal

Family Bonding *in progress* Sam Cain delivers sad news to his old Pony Express family that turns their lives upside-down, but makes them realize what it means to be a part of a loving family.

Topic 66: Out of Time from this Wonderful Life
Topic 67: Caramel and Chocolate Cravings
Topic 73: Unconscious Nightmare


Five Senses

Teaspoon's Selective Memories Taste: Teaspoon is in need of a much deserved rest, but Rachel's cooking just might end his rest sooner than Teaspoon would like.
My One True Love Touch: Lou remembers the touch of her one true love when her husband dies.
The Gift of Vision Sight: Lou loses her sight, but the boys give Lou their vision through special dates. Who will win Lou's heart forever?
'Original Prelude' to "Back Together Again" Sound: Rachel is preoccupied with sounds from the past and memories that keep haunting her daily life as she and Teaspoon try to live without their children.
For Better or Worse Smell: When Buck breaks his foot, Jimmy and Cody come back home to help out with chores on Buck's ranch.


Buck's Revenge
Home Remedies
Buck gets a laugh over a mild dose of revenge on Cody for all his misdeeds of late.
This story is an insert that is part of "If We Are Lost... Love Will Find Us"



Playing House
7th: Luck of the Draw
Jimmy’s long lost sister Ellie comes to town and wishes to play house with Buck!

Caramel and Chocolate Cravings