Dee's Stories

"I'll start by saying I love westerns and just about anything to do with the west. I've been a fan of TYR since the beginning. I saw the ad in the fall preview issue of TV Guide and had to see it. I was hooked from the very first scene. Though, I don't have very many fics with Buck,
he is my favorite rider, with Jimmy as a very close second."

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
A Love Across Time Marah never expected to purchase the trunk at the auction, let alone to find the items she did inside...not to mention the memories that it brought crashing back.
Last One Home Buffalo Bill Cody is about to make his last that will finally take him home.
Can I Keep Him? Cody has a surprise visit from a new friend after his run in "Decoy."
Valentine Suprises Kid begins to feel he's losing Lou when he see the gifts she receives from the others on Valentine's Day.
Enjoyin' the View After spraining her ankle Lou takes Rachel's advice and enjoys the view.
Precious Gifts The riders exchange gifts that are very special in more ways than one on Christmas.
Grown Lou has a hard time letting go as her oldest leaves home.
Finding Home Kid comes to realize that home is not where he once thought it was.
The Marshal's Daughter Cody and Teaspoon, with a bit of help from the others, help Lou realize a dream.
The Dedication Arriving for the dedication of the Sweetwater Station as a park, Lou finds it more eventful then she thought it would be.
I See It Now A rider returns home to find his lady is in love with someone else.
The Dangerous Art of Spying Lou has unexpected company while trying to take a nice quiet swim.
Distrust It's an interesting evening when the riders visit Cody's hometown.
The Quilt That Love Made Emma receives a surprise in the mail for the child she is expecting.
Do You Wanna Go to Heaven? After a Sunday service the preacher's words bring back fond memories for Cody.
The Note on the Wall A note left during the Civil War leads a re-enactor to what she's been searching for.
I'll Pray for You Lou's prayers for a certain young lady are answered.
Mrs. Kringle's Magic Lou is given a special gift for Christmas by a new friend.
Not Quite Cinderella A masquerade leaves four of the riders looking at Lou in a different way.
She's Gone Kid finds out how one of his friends feels about his relationship with Lou after she leave him at the altar.
Long Lost Teaspoon has some unexpected news for Lou when she returns from a run.

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
Heritage Down Under Adventure and love await the riders in a far off land called Australia.
The Man From Snowy River Xover
Relations Jimmy's sister visits with some surprising news and a new relation.
Setting Things Right Reunited in Deadwood, Dakota Territory the riders make history, as loves and lives are renewed and ended.
Runaways What happens when Kid and Lou's twin daughters runaway to join Cody's show? Secrets are revealed, a bit of an adventure, and they find love is not always where you expect to find it.
Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years Xover
Time Walkers *in progress* When three young women travel back in time to find a way to fix their present, things don't go as exactly a planned.
Out of the Ashes Lou learns that life can break your spirit but family and time will help to repair your heart.


The Album

The Album Jamie Louise McCloud has moved back home to care for her aging grandmother. One day while cleaning she discovers an unexpected treasure...and more surprises await her in the attic.
Another Tale Jamie Louise learns more from the Album and her grandmother about her ancestors and how they survived during the time with jobs in the Pony Express.
The Attic Treasure Jamie finds something very interesting in the attic and finds out who she's named after.
Family History Curious about how her family had lived - and died - Jamie goes on a road trip. During a visit to a history center at Crazy Horse Monument, she sees someone that could have climbed out of one of the photos in the famous album.


Encounter at Shiloh A bloody battle near a small church in Tennessee brings two close friends unexpectedly together. Both carry news that will surprise and shock each other.
The Homecoming After finding each other during battle two riders return home.

Family Tradition

The Long Way Home Written for the 2009 Blogathon
The First One Home Kid returns after looking for Lou to find a new member of the Express family.
A Name to Live Up To Kid has made a home for himself and Mac in Rock Creek. What happens when another member of the Express family returns home?

Middle Ground

Finding the Middle Ground Lou and Buck come to terms with their feelings for each other.
Protecting Belle Written for 2009 Blogathon
A Meeting With the Teacher *in progress* A meeting with the teacher isn't as easy as it sounds for when Lou's the mother.


Haunting Winds With The Round Robin Writers
A mysterious storm threatens the peace in Sweetwater.

Topic 1: A Chance
Topic 53: Headin' West
Topic 60: Payback
Topic 61: Change of Heart
Topic 62: Loss
Topic 66: Truth or Dare
Topic 73: Summer Find
Topic 82: Rendezvous
Topic 85: Waiting
Topic 86: Sam's Dilemma
Topic 98: A Good Meal and a Good Book
Topic 99: Elk Dreamer's Vision
Topic 100: Secret Past


A Snowy Day's Thought
Quote: Teaspoon's thoughts on a snowy day.


A Place to Settle
Picture: After learning of Kid's death, Lou leaves Rock Creek looking for a place where her memories don't haunt her.


Evening Song
Picture: Summary

March 2011

Daytime Nightmare
Word: A young Louise learns that her new home is not what it seems

May 2011

Just Like Ma
Quote: Jimmy's reminded of his ma's way of comforting him by Emma


What She Really Wants 2001 Years after Lou's death, Kid forbids their daughter to marry the man she loves, saying that it is what her mother wanted. Lou returns to show Kid how she really wanted things to be.
Sweet Revenge 2007 Lou gets even with Kathleen, in a very surprising way, for the way she treated Buck.
Sequel to "The Gift"
Middle Ground 2008 Jimmy's in for a few surprises when he returns home after being gone for five years...the least of which is his traveling companion.
Slow Dancing With a Memory 2009 A young man looking for Jimmy finds a very sad man in a saloon.



The Long Way Home After returning to Rock Creek from the war, Kid finds Lou gone and goes in search of her.
Protecting Belle Four of the former Express riders show some town bullies you don't mess with the beloved daughter/neice of theirs.
Sequel to Middle Ground
Don't Mess Around With Me The day Teaspoon and Sam meet for the first time.
Cowboys and Angels God decided to answer a prayer Lou sent heavenward.


Title Challenge

It's Better to Be Lucky Than Good Lou finds a new friend at a dance.


Unlikely Guardians 2006: "Rain for the Roses" by Craig Morgan
The Lord has a good sense of humor when he appoints two new arrivals as guardians for the family of two old friends.
Unexpected Love 2009: "We Run" by Sugarland
Buck finds love with a young lady unexpectedly returns to town. Sequel to "Defending a Lady's Honor"
With Respect 2010: "Uninvited" by Alanis Morissette
Rachel deals with an unwanted suitor after marrying Henry.

Teaspoon is...

Defending a Lady's Honor ...Understanding
After defending a lady the boys find themselves in Teaspoon's jail with a lot of explaining to do.


Maverick *in progress* Stories written using songs from the soundtrack Maverick.


Broken Dreams War Is Hell
Kid finds he's not ready to face the reality of what the war's cost him.
A Warm Welcome Snowbound
Lou makes some new friends at the end of a snowy run.



Daddy's Saving Grace 7th: Luck of the Draw
Jimmy gets some unexpected help in saving Kid from a bounty hunter.


The Things You Miss the Most Lyrical "The Things You Miss the Most" by Kenny Chesney
Kid has a rude awakening when he lets whiskey take away the most important thing in life...his family.
The Gift Trademark
Lou tells the story of how she came to get the special gift of Miss Annabelle Mumble Puss...and discovers an old friend.

Can I Keep Him?

Charlie/Charlotte in Daddy's Saving Grace

Enjoyin' the View

Defending a Lady's Honor

Slow Dancing With a Memory

I See It Now

Slow Dancing With a Memory

Protecting Belle

Protecting Belle

The Quilt That Love Made


Finding the Middle Ground

Mrs. Kringle's Magic

Evening Song

Mrs. Kringle's Magic