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"Between watching episodes, daydreaming about my own bare-chested rider and just keeping busy, I enjoy sitting down and writing a fan fic, helps me to relax. I’m a dedicated Young Riders fan who’s torn between three of the characters – Ike, Buck, and Kid."

Single Stories

The Strength of Family After leavintg the Express to collect Kid's infant nephew, he and Lou find themselves back in Nebraska with a place of their own, and a family that keeps expanding. When two old friends bring Lou's siblings home, they find that for one of them at least, home is where the heart is.
The Journal Shortly after Kid’s death, Lou finds a journal of his that takes her on a trip down memory lane to the first days of the Pony Express. It gives her an insight into the mind of the man she married, the man she loved for so many years. Reading the pages, allows her to become aware of just how much Kid cared about her through everything that happened during those first days.
The Long Road Home To get home, Kid and Lou must face soldiers, weather, and their own fears as they travel from Virginia to Rock Creek. Along the way, old friendships are renewed, and faith is rekindled in their lives as they come to terms with the nightmare that drove them from Virginia.
Guilty Minds Jimmy accidentally shoots Kid and runs from the guilt of what he's done, and out of fear at the realization that he's hurt Lou much more deeply than anyone ever could have.
Walking Away Lou does some reminiscing and thinking about what she left behind long after the Express has ended.
A Silent Witness Ike's got a secret, and a silent vigil that he must keep.
Understanding and Forgiveness Mature Themes A ghost from the past awakens demons in Kid's memory and ultimately draws him and Lou closer.
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Blessings When faced with other folks blessings, Lou must find her own.
Written for the blogathon

Multiple Chapter Stories

Beginning Again Kid and Lou are back together again - only they ain't telling anyone and its driving some people to really crazy things.
Blind Faith A routine run for Buck becomes much more when he catches the ride of a lifetime on the stage. Traveling with a beautiful woman with a secret is hard enough, but to endure kidnapping and her endless chatter as well? Buck’s faith in himself is tested when he is faced with the blind faith of a stranger who comes to mean the most to him on a journey home, a journey of discovery.
Justice Cody finds himself on the receiving end of the interest of a young gunslinger out for the truth. Fighting his own feelings, will he be able to help her find the justice she so desperately needs or will it destroy the tender new relationship that’s budding?
Choices of the Heart Kid comes to a decision about his future only to find out that Lou's missing. Finding her will have startling results, making him rethink his future plans.
Tennessee Kid and Lou are split up when an old friend of Kid's shows up with news that is rather distressing. Kid immediately leaves to go back to Tennessee and help, leaving the others to wonder what happened, while Lou follows and there are interesting consequences.
A Shadow's Reckoning Someone from Ike’s past is out of prison and on a collision course with him and the other riders…the only problem is the angelic cherub that unwittingly ties Ike to a past he has no idea about.
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What the Future Holds

A Future for Buck Newlyweds Buck and Laura Cross face their first year together with all the ups and downs of marriage, pregnancies, hormones, and sleepless nights. Throw in the other newlyweds, Kid and Lou, and you have a mishmash of calamities that rival anything they faced while riding for the Express.
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Survival and Faith When Ike is kidnapped, he's forced into doing things he would never do - but the only hope for his survival and that of the young girl he's held captive with is to stick together. To make it back to Rock Creek they'll have to find the strength to believe in the other - regardless of the obstacles or the cost.
A Survivor's Faith *in progress* Mature Themes When Ike is kidnapped on a run, his faith in humanity is shaken as he sees firsthand the monsters that men can be. Forced to depend upon a young girl he's bound to, can they survive the loss of their faith and their innocence and still come out stronger than before?
Alternate storyline for "Survival and Faith"
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Requiem to Dance

Episode reference: "Requiem for a Hero"
Lou Gets Her Man How do you tell the man you love that you want more than holding hands? For Lou it's as simple as plotting his seduction - but is Kid ready for it?
Graphic by author
Bagged and Tagged Now that Lou's got her sights set on taking their relationship to the next level, can Kid survive the chase?
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To Dance - That Is the Question Kid's tired of running and so is everyone else - it's time to step up and dance!
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The Wilson Station

Wilson Station When Ike disappears without word from Rock Creek the boys are left in confusion until a chance sighting by Kid leads them to discover just what kind of secret Ike hid from them all.
Storms of War Feeling that his marriage is over, Ike leaves Sara to join the army and in doing so he’s faced with his own guilt and pain over the departure. Staying behind, Sara must make some hard choices, and come to terms with the devastating loss of both her husband and her first born all while trying to survive a war that’s torn the country apart.
Bridging the Distance For years Ike and Sara had not heard from Buck, and the pain of separation had eased over the years although he’d not been forgotten. When Buck and his family show up on their doorstep, can Ike and Buck rebuild their friendship or will pride get in the way?
The Last Goodbye After Ike loses Sara, he must come to terms with his grief, and realize that saying goodbye doesn't mean he's letting go.

The McSwain Cattle Company

Hunting Jenny From the first time he’d seen Jenny Cross, ten-year-old Hunter McSwain was smitten. He’d give anything to keep her around. Growing up they’d been inseparable, giving and taking in the way children do until Hunter left the ranch to go back east to college to become a doctor. As all things do, their relationship changes while he’s away and they grow apart only to discover upon his return that change sometimes is a good thing, and other times it’s heartbreak.
Miller's Law Taking a job as the US Marshall for Sweetwater, Adrian expected to have some action and maybe a little boredom to deal with. After all Sweetwater was known for its sleepy façade, and the fact that the most exciting thing about it was the Saturday night barroom brawl; that is until he discovers just what it is his deputy is hiding.
Starting Over When Jacob Cross takes a herd of cattle to Kansas City, he gets more than he bargains for when he finds that trouble has a way of sticking to a drive. Especially when that trouble is rolled into a two-fer-one deal including a toddler and a young woman.

Topic 7: To Dream of Happiness
Topic 54: Turn Around
Topic 75: A Poor Substitute I
Topic 75: A Poor Substitute II
Topic 75: Old Ghosts and Guilt


Throw Down

A Lesson Learned
From Nikole
The riders change places to learn a lesson.
What Are Friends For?
From Debbie
Ike and Lou learn to trust their friendship.
Graphic by author


That Long Black Train
Head2Head "Long Black Train" by Josh Turner
For Ike, regret and guilt are difficult taskmasters - but a mysterious visit shows him the path he's on
isn't the one he should be.



A Shattered Darkness
Give a Little Respect: Ike/Noah
Brothers in life, friends in death, can Ike and Buck both find love with a young woman with issues of her own?
Secrets Uncovered
Legal Eagles
When Lou gets word that the orphanage her brother and sister were at has been destroyed, she sets out with Kid to find some answers. Along the way secrets will be revealed, friendships will be tested, and impressions will be shattered. But can they survive those secrets; or will it tear apart a family?