He soared through the air looking for the perfect spot. As he flew through the tree branches his view was drawn downward and he found it. The spot was exactly what he was looking for. He slowed down for the abrupt landing and began to crawl across the surface, glad for its softness. Yes, he knew now this was where he was meant to be.

Lou looked down at her hand and saw the ladybug crawling across her skin. As she was about to brush it off, Jimmy stopped her by saying, “It’s good luck to have a ladybug land on you. Kind of a good luck omen. A sign.”

Lou looked at him kind of strangely, stunned to hear something like that come out of his mouth. He’d been constantly surprising her the more she got to know him.

When he caught her mystified look he quickly added, “Celinda taught me that…when we were kids. She was always coming up with stuff like that.”

They both watched as the ladybug crawled across her hand and eventually took off on another flight to parts unknown.

Jimmy and Lou continued their picnic in companionable silence…until another ladybug found its place on Jimmy’s arm.

Lou was quick to point it out to him. “It looks like we’ve both got good luck on our side today.” And she smiled at him the most beautiful smile he’d ever seen.

In that moment as he looked into her eyes, Jimmy knew just as the ladybug knew, that this was where he was meant to be…with her, here on this picnic, by her side.

“So what does this mean?” When he looked at her quizzically, she asked, “What does it mean when we both have ladybugs land on us? Double the luck?”

He leaned in close and whispered, “It means we were meant to be together, you and I.” And he captured her lips and tenderly kissed her, putting all his love for her in that one kiss.

As the ladybug on Jimmy’s arm took flight, she smiled to herself. Looking back on the couple entwined in each other’s arms, she was satisfied that her work there was complete. She took off in the direction her mate had flown earlier. Soon she spotted him and together they sailed off in search of another place to spread some good luck.

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