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Hi! I'm a mother of two boys. I grew up loving westerns and when they announced a new series about the pony express, I was thrilled. When I saw the cast, I was hooked! I instantly feel in love with Buck. Awwh - his black hair, raised eyebrow, and crooked smile. I think they missed out on so many opportunities with his character. I miss watching this show and feel that it ended way too soon. The stories on the Writer's Ranch have kept
the series going. I never used to write, but after reading so many wonderful stories, I tried my hand at it too. I love it! It's a relaxing creative release. I hope you enjoy my stories and I'm still trying to improve my skills with each one I write. Email me with any criticisms or complements. Trust me - you will not hurt my feelings.


Buck and Danny

Letters Rachel and Lou decide to find Buck a mail-order bride. But when she shows up before anyone tells Buck, will he send her packing or will he finally find someone who understands and loves him.
Dance With Me With the town social coming up, can Buck let go of his past hurts to take his new wife to the dance?
A Sense of Belonging When a secret from Danny's past puts her danger, Buck will need to enlist the help of the Magnificent Seven to rescue her.
A Journey to Trust Following the difficult birth of their first child, Danny has to help Buck break out of his depression and learn to trust in himself.
Finding Trouble When a stranger comes to the Cross Ranch, Buck has to deal with a possible new love interest for his daughter. But identity of the stranger could also bring trouble for Buck.



In the Stars 2010: "Bang a Drum" by Bon Jovi
Buck reminisces about long lost friends.

Title Challenge

The Secret Lou contemplates revealing her biggest secret to Kid.

A Sense of Belonging

Buck and Danny in the series "Buck and Danny"

Danny Cross in A Sense of Belonging