Jo's Stories

"About me..... I'm from New England and on my mother's side I'm about 1/8 Native American, Penobscot. Just because I'm from NE doesn't mean I don't know western... I've been involved with the Rodeo for many years and have more horse friends than regular friends. I've been a Young Riders fan since the first show in '89 and am a Buckette and love to write about Buck. I don't have much experience writing yet but the feedback is VERY encouraging!
I hope you'll enjoy my stories! "

I cannot thank my ever faithful beta Leah enough. She works hard to make these stories readable and me a better writer. You are the BEST!

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
Visions of a Lifetime An expanded version of the QF#42 "Visions of a Man"
Buck has visions during his first time in the Sweatlodge and they show him some of the events that will happen during his life, but what happens when the visions end.
Mystery in the Rain Buck gets caught in a downpour and has some encounters that leave him shaken.
Mute No More The day Emily confronted Neville could have turned out very differently if Buck had arrived at the saloon sooner. A diffent take on that fateful day.
Episode Reference: an alternate ending to "In the Presence of Mine Enemies."

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
A Twist of Fate Buck is caught in a tornado while on a run and what he finds changes his life forever.
Sunset Angel While on a special run for the Army, Buck rides into trouble that nearly costs him his life. His life is saved by a woman who captures his heart.
Family Quilt The Pony Express is ending, everyone but Buck and Lou have moved on. They are sent on a final run, finding both trouble and love, and begin the rest of their lives building a family of their own while rebuilding the Pony Express family that meant so much to them all.
The Love of a Good Woman *in progress* Prequel to "Wanted: The Ace of Hearts"
Buck and Jimmy are returning from a run when they find a wagon train that has been attacked and there is only one survivor. She captures the hearts of both men but only one can have her.
Bullets and Words *in progress* Tompkins runs his mouth off one too many times and his words of hate spill over into actions. Buck becomes the focus of that hate and pays a heavy price but many lives are changed forever.


Buck and Lou

Kiowa Heart Buck and Lou are sent on a dangerous run and are both injured. They are taken back to the Kiowa camp where a few dark secrets are revealed. Buck is forced to look at his past and face his future.
Secret No More Follows the lives of Buck and Lou and their family through the end of the Pony Express (and slightly beyond). A few twists and turns from the original series it takes Buck from a boy to a man with a few surprises along the way.

Buck and Jane

In the Beginning QF#47
Home Is Where You Hang Your Heart Buck and Jane find friendship and love as they begin to learn about each other and thenselves.
Patience Is a Virtue Its been ten months since the wedding but Jane's fears have kept putting off the wedding night. Buck has been patient and its about to pay off.
When I See You Smile
2009 Head2Head challenge
Five Years? 5th Anniversary: Five
A Gift From the Past
8th Anniversary: Cameo

Topic 36: The Roar of Silence
Topic 37: Splish, Splash, I was Taking a Bath
Topic 38: With a Deck of 51
Topic 39: Amazing Grace
Topic 40: Fight Bite
Topic 41: From Bad To Good
Topic 42: Visions of a Man
Topic 43: Men, Children, It's All the Same
Topic 44: Double Trouble
Topic 45: Papa Duck, Ike
Topic 46: A Soldier's Return
Topic 47: In the Beginning
Topic 48: The Family that Fate Built
Topic 49: Boredom Strikes Again
Topic 50: Spirit Guide
Topic 50: Trapped
Topic 51: Somnambulism
Topic 53: River Refuge
Topic 54: Oops!
Topic 55: A Trunk Full of Memories
Topic 57: The Magic of a Purr
Topic 58: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Topic 59: Add Eggs and Stir
Topic 60: Caught Red Handed
Topic 61: Please Be Seated
Topic 65: A Muddy Surprise
Topic 66: Never Trust a Pretty Face
Topic 88: Ike's New Best Friend
Topic 89: Nanny
Topic 90: Pancakes for Breakfast
Topic 93: Oh Dear!
Topic 94: Honey
Topic 95: Situpsa
Topic 96: When You Wish...
Topic 97: Little Loves
Topic 98: Puppy Love
Topic 100: Marie Antoinette
Topic 101: Wool of a Different Color

The Lost Quick Fics

Topic 99: Where's My Sock?


Silver and Gold 2007 It's been 15 years since the Pony Express ended and everyone has gone on with their lives. Buck's life gets shaken when he receives a telegram telling him that Wild Bill is dead and he should come back to Sweetwater.
Fire! 2007 A young mother and her daughter are passing through when her past catches up with her. Buck faces a trial by fire to save the little girl's life.
A Mother's Love 2008 A new family with three daughters moves to town and Buck falls for the youngest daughter. She gives him some distrubing news and he finds comfort in a very unique manner. Buck learns the strength of a mother's love.



Wanted: The Ace of Hearts
2006: "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers
When I See You Smile
2009: "When I See You Smile" by Bad English
Buck somehow manages to survive Jane giving birth to their first child together.

Throw Down

You Wanna Do What?
From Ty
Buck agrees to help kid and Lou with a delicate task. Teaspoon overhears only part of the conversation and gets the wrong idea. He is flustered as he tries to talk the riders out of the proposed threesome.

Lou's Loves

The Awakening
Lou wakes up and finds she's not only lost the last two years of her life but she's pregnant.


Winds of Change
What's in a Name: title from Karen
Family Photograph



Five Years?
5th: Five
Buck and Jane's five years from where we left them in "Home Is Where You Hang Your Heart" as they plan an anniversary gathering of all the riders and their families.
A Gift From the Past
8th: Cameo
Buck and Jane's family is growing up and the time has come for Buck to present his adopted son young Ike (Ike and Emily's child) with the momento box Big Ike kept. The box contains links to his past and future.

You Wanna Do What?