Kathleen's Stories

"When The Young Riders first aired, I begged my parents to extend my bedtime on Thursday nights so I could watch it, which gives you an idea of how young I was at the time. I remembered the show fondly all these years and was excited to rediscover it recently after Season 1 was released on DVD. I’m new to the world of fan fiction, but I love to write, and I love the characters on the show, so it’s a good fit. I’m a dedicated fan of Kid and Lou as a couple,
but I appreciate Buck and Jimmy also, as long as they don’t hook up with Lou!"

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
A Shower Surprise Kid notices that Lou has been staring at him lately. He hopes to avoid an embarrassing encounter, but a well-meaning friend has other plans.
Lullaby Baby Lou and Kid find a moment of peace in the midst of heartbreak.

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
A Respectable Living (A/U Story) Set just before the Express moves to Rock Creek. Imagine Lou never worked for the Pony Express. Why would she choose life as a “working girl”? And what would lead the normally honorable Kid to spend the night with her?
Coming Home Sequel to Peanut's "Moving On"
Five years after Kid broke their engagement to fight in the Civil War, Kid and Lou return to Rock Creek. Will coming home be enough to reunite the former lovers?
Topic 81: If Katy Could Talk



11 Part Harmony: Set I *in progress*
Board challenge by Cathy
11 stories, one for each character listed in the challenge from 33 song titles by The Statler Brothers.

A Respectable Living

Lou in Almost Persuaded from 11 Part Harmony: Set I

If Katy Could Talk