A/N- Just something I was playing around with. I usually don't, well I never actually write in present tense. ::Shrugs:: Like I said this was just something I was playing around with. Not really meant to be great or even good, just really experimentation that I thought could perhaps fit with Jimmy after I wrote and tweaked it a bit to fit more with him. Feedback appreciated.

He watches her from afar, dark eyes masked and hiding his affection. It isn't the affection of a close friend that swells within his chest and throughout his being. It isn't even the feelings of a brother that he harbors so deep within his entity. After all, brothers or close friends don't fantasize about large brown eyes and silky smooth tanned flesh late at night. Brothers or close friends don't daydream about kissing their friends or sisters. That is what they are after all, what all of them are. Family. A bunch of orphans brought together by one purpose, but ended up with something far greater than just a simple job or paycheck. Jobs come and go everyday, family stays forever. That's what she is to him. What she should be to him and nothing else.

After all, she has the Kid and only considers him a brother. And he should feel like a brother should toward her... but he doesn't.

'Brothers' don't feel a tight and aching pain shoot through their chest when they see their 'sisters' sharing kisses with the person they love, nor should they feel a bout of jealousy that is quickly suppressed.

'Brothers' shouldn't want to take their 'sisters' into their arms and kiss away their fears.

'Brothers' shouldn't have their breath escape them whenever their 'sisters' enter the room, or their body tighten not unpleasantly so.

Brothers shouldn't... brothers shouldn't be in love with their sisters.

He concludes, though, that they aren't brother and sister and that he doesn't consider her one. Knows, however, he can never act on this feeling. This feeling that sets him on fire and burns him like the scorching sun. She loves the Kid after all, and the Kid is as close to him as any brother of his would be if not closer. He would never, could never hurt them, them being two of the most important people to him. So he'll bite down hard, curb his feelings. Because they, his family, mean more to him than his own feelings and he'll always put them first. He'll always put her wants and needs first. And the Kid will give her everything she needs and wants because the Kid is just as much in love with her as he is. He knows that. He accepts that. It is just the way it has to be.

So he sighs and resigns himself to just watching her from afar, forever showering her with distant adoration.

Because that's just the way it has to be.


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