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Chapter 1
Jesse James sat in front of the Marshal’s office watching as passengers got out of the stagecoach. None of them seemed interesting until the last one. Jesse stood up quickly as she caught his eye. Though her back was to him he could see that she was young, probably about fifteen, with long light brown hair and tanned skin. She seemed to have more luggage than she could carry and Jesse was quick to rush to her aid.

 “’Scuse me ma’am. Can I help you with your bags?”
The girl turned around to face Jesse and he saw that she had the most beautiful blue eyes he’d ever seen; yet something about them seemed oddly familiar. She appeared to be very grateful and smiled.

“Yes.” She answered him in a thick southern accent. “Could you please direct me to the Marshal’s office?”

Jesse was smitten by her immediately. “It- It’s-” he stuttered. “It’s right this way. Just follow me.” Jesse reached down and picked up three carpetbags that seemed to contain bricks, and led her to Teaspoon’s office.

Jesse sat her bags down right inside the door and attempted to introduce the Marshal to his new acquaintance.

“Teaspoon.” He called.

Teaspoon was busy with paperwork and didn’t bother looking up when he answered. “Jesse! How many times do I got to tell ya! When I’m working on…”

“Teaspoon.” Jesse said sternly interrupting the man and making him look up. When the older man did look up he found the young woman standing before him. He rose quickly and tipped his hat. “Oh. Good day miss.” She tilted her head to him and Jesse introduced them.

“Teaspoon this is…” He stopped, realizing that he didn’t know the young woman’s name.
“Caroline. Caroline Dalton.” She reached out and shook the Marshal’s hand.
The older man smiled and returned the greeting. “Teaspoon Hunter at your service. Are you traveling with your parents, Miss Dalton?”

Caroline paused and bit her lip. “No sir.” She answered. “I’m traveling alone.” Before either Teaspoon or Jesse could pry any further she continued. “Actually, I’m looking for someone that I’m told lives here in Rock Creek. I believe he goes by the name…Kid?”

Teaspoon nodded. “Yes ma’am, I know the Kid. You family of his?”

The girl paused again. “We don’t really know each other, we have a…. um, mutual acquaintance.”

“Teaspoon.” Jesse said. “I’m heading back to the bunkhouse; I can take her with me.” The girl seemed ecstatic at the chance to get to find Kid so soon.

Teaspoon nodded “Just leave her things here. I’m sure that since she knows the Kid she can stay with Rachel. I’ll bring the bags with me later.”

The girl seemed caught off guard by the offer and stated quickly “I’ll take this one with me.” She picked up the smallest bag of the three. “I’ll be needin’ it when I meet with the Kid. Thank you for your help Marshal.”

With that Jesse and Caroline walked out the door and down the street to the bunkhouse. 


Rachel, Lou and the boys all sat down at the table when the bunkhouse door opened. Jesse stepped in and was followed by a beautiful young girl that neither Rachel nor Louise recognized; though she did look very familiar.

“Everyone.” Jesse said, “This is Caroline Dalton.”

 At the mention of the girls’ name Kid turned quickly to face her and stared intently at her. Jesse could see that the Kid seemed to know who she might be and said to his friend.

 “Kid, she says that y’all have a mutual acquaintance.”

Kid rose slowly and walked toward the young woman. She seemed to be a bit intimidated, but tried to hide it by smiling and smoothing out her red and black plaid traveling dress.
“Who is it that we both know?” The Kid asked accusingly.

Caroline nervously cleared her throat and said. “Andrew Michael Dalton”

Kid shook his head. “Sorry, don’t know him.”

She figured he was going to respond this way. “Yes,” she said becoming more confident in herself. “I believe you do know him, and I’m his daughter.”

Kid stepped back with shock. “Then…” he almost whispered.

“Yes.” She replied. “I’m your sister.”

Chapter 2
Everyone in the bunkhouse froze at the girls’ claim.

“Let’s go outside.” Kid instructed firmly, opening the door and led Caroline out on to the porch. “Go to the barn.” He ordered knowing that if they stayed on the bunkhouse porch everyone would be crowded around the window listening to their conversation. Once they were in the barn Kid asked angrily. “Why’d you come here?”

Caroline was a little taken aback by his change in demeanor but kept a cool front. “To find you.” She answered him plainly, then adding. “And Jed.”

Kid looked down and kicked at the dirt ground. “Jed died last year.” They were both quiet for a moment then Caroline continued.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Well, I guess everything goes to you then.”

“What?” he asked.

“Kid, there’s a lot you need to know. Let’s set down.” The newfound brother and sister took a seat on a bench against the barn wall and Caroline began to explain things.

“Look, you’ve probably got a lot of questions, so I’ll tell you everything I can think of first. My ma and pa, our pa, met in Richmond in ’46.”

Kid interrupted her. “He didn’t leave us until ‘48”.

She nodded. “I know. Anyway, I was two years old when they got married, the same year that he left you, Jed and y’alls mother. I didn’t know about all of you until a few months ago. We had a large farm a few miles outside of Manassas. Mamma died when I was eight giving birth to my sister. The baby didn’t make it past a week old.”

Caroline paused remembering the hard times of her past. “Anyway about a year ago Pa caught scarlet fever but he never really recovered from it.” Caroline stopped to wipe a tear from her eye. “He passed away two months ago. Right before he died he told me about all of you. He wanted me to find you and for all of us to meet. He wanted me to give you and Jed some things.”

Kid looked at the girl for a while and realized just how much they both looked like their father. “I don’t suppose I’ve gotta ask if you’re his real daughter.”

The girl shook her head. “I know. He came to see us once a month until I was two when he and mamma married. But, yes, I’m his daughter.”

Kid threw a rock he’d picked up from the ground. He couldn’t believe that for two years his pa had two different families he was taking care of. Well, at least one family he was taking care of and one family that he was making miserable.

“Did he ever…beat you or anything?” Kid wasn’t sure how he wanted her to answer.

She looked at him in disbelief. “No! Pa would never have done that to anyone! He was a good man…well, considering...” Caroline’s voice trailed off and Kid rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“Like hell he wouldn’t.” he mumbled, as he stood in front of his sister. He un-tucked his shirt and pulled it up to reveal a scar that ran down his side about five inches.

Caroline rose and looked, concerned, at his side. “What happened?”

Kid let down his shirt, “He did. I got in between him and my mamma one night when I was seven. His knife got me. I almost died ‘cause I lost so much blood.”

Caroline sat back down with tears in her eyes. “No.” She whispered. “No, Pa would never have done that.”

Kid sat down next to her. “Yeah, well, he did.”

“Look Kid. I’m sorry about all that you and your family had to endure but he was a different man around us. He never drank or anything. He wanted me to come find you because he wanted me to be with my family, and you’re all that I have left of that. If you don’t want me to stay I understand.” With that said Caroline rose and walked toward the door.

“You know I’m getting married in a couple of weeks and it’d be nice if I had someone from my family there for me.”

Caroline froze in her tracks at her brothers’ words. “Of course,” Kid added. “If you don’t like weddings you don’t have to come.”
Caroline turned to face her brother who now stood right beside her. “Like weddings? Are you crazy?”

Kid smiled. “Good. Then you’ll stay here with me.” With those words Kid scooped his newfound sister up in his arms with a hug as tears welled in both their eyes.

Chapter 3

The next few days passed pleasantly. Kid spent most of his time with Caroline, getting to know her and finding out a lot about her life and their father. Rachel had insisted that Caroline stay with her and the two had gotten to know one another well. One morning Caroline walked into the bunkhouse for breakfast to find that Kid was the only one not in attendance.

She sat down beside Lou and asked. “Where’s Kid at this morning?”

Louise took a sip of her coffee. “He took a run for Buck since he’s sick. He’ll be back by the end of the day. I’ve got a few errands to run in town for the wedding. Would you like to come with me?”

 Caroline smiled. “I’d enjoy that Louise. After all, we are going to be sisters soon, we should get to know one another.”

Lou smiled. She was glad to find that Kid’s new sister was a sweet girl. She hopped that the two of them would become good friends since she didn’t have any close to her own age.

After breakfast that morning the two girls got into the buckboard and headed down the street to buy supplies. First they went to Tompkins store and purchased some things Rachel needed for the station, then they headed to the dressmakers to see about her wedding dress and some dresses Louise had ordered to have after she and Kid married. They stepped in the door and were greeted by Mrs. Garland, the seamstress. She’d known Lou’s secret for a couple of months and was glad to keep it, stating in her own funny way that it was ‘so romantical’.

“Louise! I’m glad you’re here. Who is this lovely young thing?”

Caroline reached out to shake hands with her as Louise introduced them. “Mrs. Garland, this is Kid’s sister, Caroline. She came into town a few days ago and is going to be staying for a while.”

Mrs. Garland looked at the young lady she’d just met. From looking at her she could tell that she’d been raised with some money and that the blue gingham dress she wore was not her usual attire, but she was a beautiful girl and looked pleasant.

“You don’t happen to be looking for work do you? I need a hand around this store and I think that you’re just what I’m looking for.”

Caroline was taken aback by the offer. She’d been thinking about how she was going to start earning her keep and here was the perfect opportunity. “I’d be glad to ma’am.”

Mrs. Garland smiled at Louise then looked back at Caroline. “Can you sew?”

“Yes ma’am. I’ve been sewing since I could talk.” Mrs. Garland put her arm around the girl and laughed. “Well, if you aren’t the answer to my prayers!”


That night after dinner Louise was setting on the steps of the bunkhouse looking at the stars. The night was crisp and clear and not a cloud was in the sky. Louise was looking up admiring it all when Kid stepped out of the bunkhouse and sat down behind her.

“Hey.” He said quietly.

She looked up at him and smiled. “Hey.” Louise leaned back against him and rested her arms on his legs.

Kid wrapped his arms around her. “Lou, I want to apologize to you.”

Louise was taken aback and looked at him questioningly. “Why?”

Kid ran his fingers through her hair. “Well, since Caroline got here I haven’t spent much time with you.”

Lou rubbed his leg. “Kid, it’s all right, I understand. You’ve just met your sister and you’re just getting to know her.”

He kissed her forehead and the couple sat quietly for a few minutes.

After a little while he noticed that Lou’s eyes had settled on the night sky. “What are you thinking about?” he asked.

She sighed with a smile. “Ah, nothing really. The wedding, ‘Miah, Teresa, Caroline.”

“Wow.” Kid laughed. “That’s a whole lot of nothing.”

She smiled and shook her head. “Yeah. Kid, what about Caroline?”

Kid didn’t quiet understand. “What about her?”

“Well, when we get married ‘Miah and Tessie are going to live with us right?”

 Kid nodded. He understood when he proposed to Louise that he was automatically going to have two children to care for.

“Well,” She continued. “Have you thought about what Caroline’s going to do? She’s too young to live alone.”

Kid had to admit that he hadn’t thought about that. “Well,” He started. “I don’t…”

Louise cut him off mid-sentence. “She’ll live with us and the kids.”

“Are you sure about that?” Kid hadn’t expected her to tell him that his sister was going to be living with them.

“Yeah, she’s your sister, she’s family. It makes sense don’t it?”

Kid hugged her closer to him and kissed her cheek. “Yeah. Lou, have I ever told you what a wonderful person you are?”

She smiled. “Not in the last half hour.”

Chapter 4
With two weeks left until their wedding, Kid and Louise hitched up the buckboard readying themselves to pick up her brother and sister. They offered to bring Caroline along with them, but she declined, saying that she had work to do at Mrs. Garland’s dress shop. After they said good-bye to Caroline and the others, they headed out. The trip seemed to pass by quickly and with in a few days Kid and Lou were in St. Jo.

They rented two rooms the morning they arrived and went to freshen up, agreeing to meet back in the lobby in an hour. Clean and refreshed, Kid waited in the lobby patiently. A few minutes later Louise came down the stairs in a burgundy dress with her hair curled.

“Wow.” Kid admired her as she drew nearer to him.

She placed a kiss on his cheek. “You like it?” she asked.

“I tell ya Lou, every time I see you in a dress it’s like I’m seeing you for the first time. You’re so beautiful.”

Lou smiled and linked her arm into his. “Why Kid!” She teasingly chided.

“Well, my mamma taught me to tell the truth.” Kid used the phrase he and Jed used when flirting with women. He opened the door and they walked out to go retrieve the rest of their family.


They rode up to the orphanage to find all the children playing in the yard.  Seeing Teresa run over, Louise jumped out before Kid could bring the buckboard to a complete stop.

 “Louise, Louise!” Teresa called to her sister. She ran and jumped up into her sister’s arms.

“Hey there Sugarbear!”

“Are you here to get us?” Teresa asked knowing that’s what her older sister said she was going to do next time she came.

Louise tried to ignore the young girl’s question. She and Kid had yet to tell them about their pending nuptials and wanted to explain it all at once. “Where’s Jeremiah?”

Teresa pointed towards a group of boys playing marbles. “Over there. Is Kid here?” Louise smiled at the way that her sister and Kid had taken to one another. Before Lou could answer she heard a voice say.

“Do you think I’d miss getting to see my favorite girl?”

Teresa’s eyes grew wide and she ran to him. “KID!”

Kid squatted down and as the little girl ran into his arms he picked her up with a big smile. “You came to see me?”

Kid smiled. “No. I came to take you home with me.”

Lou placed her hands on her hips looking to Kid silently telling him, ‘You weren’t supposed to say anything yet!’


Back in Rock Creek Caroline was busy sewing the hem on the dress she would be wearing in Kid and Lou’s wedding. The bell on the front door of the dress shop rang, letting Caroline know a customer had entered. She was surprised who she found walking in the door.

“Jesse.” She smiled. “What are you doing in here? Do you need a new dress for Kid and Lou’s wedding?”

Blushing, Jesse quickly shook his head. “No, nothing like that.”

“Oh? Then just something for everyday work?”

“No. Actually, um….I was wondering if you’ve eaten lunch yet.”

For the first time all day Caroline looked to the clock on the wall. “Twelve thirty…no wonder I’m hungry! No Jesse, I haven’t had lunch yet. What about yourself?”

Jesse shook his head. “Nope. I mean, no ma’am. That’s why I’m here. I was wondering if you….if you wanted to join me for lunch at the café.”

Caroline stood up and smoothed the wrinkles out of her skirt. “Jesse James. I was wondering how long it was going to take you to ask me out. I would love to join you for lunch. Let me get my bonnet.”

As Caroline stepped into the back room Jesse smiled to himself and let out a huge breath he was almost unaware he’d been holding. He was glad to know that Caroline liked him as much as he liked her. He just hoped Kid didn’t find anything wrong with it when he returned from St. Joe.


“What do you mean we can’t take them? They’re my brother and sister! They’re my family!”

Sister Mary Augustus had known she would be having this conversation with Louise McCloud since she’d received the letter letting her know that Louise and her fiancé were planning on taking the children back to Nebraska Territory with them.

“I understand Louise. But we’ve been informed that we are not permitted to let the children go with you unless you and Kid have formally adopted them.”

Before Lou could say anything Kid spoke “Well, what do we have to do to adopt them then?”

Lou smiled. It was times like this that she knew exactly why she had fallen in love with this man.

Sister Mary Augustus opened a desk drawer and pulled out a small stack of papers. “I knew you would be coming for them, so I had these ready for you. You just need to sign these papers, and the children are yours.”

Chapter 5

The next two weeks passed quickly and a lot of things seemed to be happening around Rock Creek. An old friend of Teaspoons showed up in town. Tommy Eurbach, now an army Captain, was there to gather as many recruits as he could find. While on a run Jimmy and Kid ran into Rosemary Burke and after learning of Issah’s death, brought her to Rock Creek with them. Cody soon signed on as a scout with Captain Eurbach shortly after Louise took her final run. The bunkhouse seemed to be divided over the idea of who was right or wrong, the North of the South, and if it hadn’t been for the pending wedding they all probably would have tried to kill each other. However, everyone kept up a good face for Kid and Lou’s sake and before they knew it the wedding day arrived.


That morning Louise awoke and heard voices downstairs. She wrapped her robe tightly around her and went to see who was causing all the commotion. She was so happy and surprised at who she found.

“Emma!” Ecstatically she ran to the older woman and gave her a big hug. “I thought you weren’t going to make it!”

Emma stepped back and looked Louise up and down. “I didn’t think we were, but Sam got his plans changed and here we are!”

Louise looked around. “Where is Sam?”

Emma motioned with her head; “He’s out in the bunkhouse with the boys. Look at you Loulabell!! You’ve let your hair grow out now and you look so grown up.”

Louise looked to Rachel and back to Emma, “Well, a lot’s happened around here.”

As if on cue Caroline sleepily made her way down the stairs. Louise turned around as the younger girl called her good mornings.

Emma looked at Caroline. “Well, who’s this pretty young lady?” She asked.

Louise smiled, “Emma, this is Kid’s sister Caroline Dalton. She’s been here with us for about a month now.”

Emma smiled at her. “Hello, I’m Emma Cain. I was the station mistress before Rachel. How do you do?”

Caroline shook the woman’s had. “Nice to meet you ma’am.”

Louise couldn’t have been happier, knowing that Sam and Emma were going to be there to witness her wedding. The four women sat down to enjoy their breakfast together.


That afternoon at the church Kid stood on the front steps with Teaspoon, Jesse, Noah, Buck, Cody and Jeremiah. He and Jimmy had a fight on the ride home from a special delivery and parted ways in Dixon. Kid tried to act calm but he was more nervous than he’d ever been in his whole life. As he and the rest of the riders started to enter the church Rachel came around the building calling for Jesse.

Inside the church Rachel walked down the isle with Kid and sat down next to Emma and Sam. The three tried to keep from laughing as Kid fidgeted with his hands, then his jacket, and then his hands again.

Sam leaned across Emma and whispered to Rachel. “How’s Lou?” Rachel smiled. “Not anywhere near as bad as the Kid is.”
The organist began playing the wedding march and everyone in the church turned to look as the doors opened. Teresa started down the aisle wearing a pink Sunday dress with flowers in her hair and a big smile for everyone as she walked by.  Catching her eye, Kid smiled sweetly winked at her, giving her a confidence boost she certainly didn’t need since she’d been telling everyone all morning how beautiful her dress was and how pretty she looked. Caroline followed behind Teresa wearing a light pink dress and carrying a bouquet of daises. She smiled at Kid trying to let him know that everything was going to be all right and then she took her place in front of Teresa.

Teaspoon motioned for everyone to stand as the back door opened and Louise began to walk in with Jesse on one side and Jimmy on the other. Kid was glad to see that Jimmy had made it on time. Even though their parting in Dixon was more than unfriendly, Kid truly hoped his best friend would be there to share this day with them.

Kid couldn’t believe how beautiful Louise looked. Her hair was pulled up and fixed with flowers and the white dress she wore accentuated her petite figure perfectly. Suddenly, all the fears and doubts that Kid previously had flew out the door.


After the service Michael, a young friend of Louise’s from town, rode up to the church steps. Wearing a barely twenty four hour old army uniform he got down from his horse, revealing a gunshot wound in his chest. With his last moments, he told everyone about the battle he’d fought against the guerillas. Unfortunately his wound was too serious and he died in front of Lou moments after she became Mrs. Kenneth Isaiah Dalton.

The reception was a quiet and somber one. Only about half the people from the church showed up, and Kid seemed to be off in his own world the whole time. After Louise drew him back to reality they watched as Jeremiah and Teresa danced together.

“Kid.” Louise said as she slipped her arm around his waist watching her siblings. “Are you sure it’s all right with you?”

Kid looked at her. “What’s all right with me?”

She pointed. “Jeremiah and Teresa. Are you sure it’s all right with you that they live with us?”

Kid pulled his new wife closer to him. “Lou, what’s one of the first things you said to me that night I found out you’re a girl. You told me that you were saving up money and you were going to get your brother and sister out of the orphanage. I’ve known from that moment how important they are to you. I knew when I proposed to you that I was automatically gaining an entire family and that’s just fine with me. Besides, we already adopted them. I don’t think the orphanage has a refund policy.” The couple laughed. “Plus we’ve got my sister living with us too. Don’t forget that.”

Lou smiled. It was moments like this that she knew exactly why she married Kid. “Your sister’s a great girl.” She said looking towards Caroline, who was dancing with Jesse. “Besides, she won’t be with us near as long as ‘Miah and Teresa will. With in two or three years she’ll have a husband of her own.”

Kid’s eyes grew wide. He hadn’t really thought about that much. Even though he just met her a month ago he wasn’t about to let her go off and marry just anybody, and certainly not Jesse! Oh well, he decided. That was a thought for another time, not his wedding night.


The next few weeks brought with it a lot of change. The express closed down a few weeks after Kid and Lou married. Cody left with the army. Jimmy headed back to Seneca with Rosemary. Noah was killed in a fight against some southern renegades. But, most paining to Caroline was that Jesse rode away with his brother back to Missouri to fight for the cause.

Since Jesse’s departure Caroline had been withdrawn and quiet all the time. She spent all day working with Mrs. Garland, came home, did her chores, silently ate supper, then retired to her room. Everyone had tried to get the girl to open up, but finally they decided she just needed time for her heart to heal.

One morning Louise sat in her bedroom staring at the picture Ike drew of the group of riders shortly before he died. Tears welled in her eyes as she thought about all the bad things happening in her life. She just wanted something good to happen, anything, but she really didn’t expect it to.

She heard the door open and Kid crossed came in and set down beside her. “Hey” he whispered.

“Hey.” She said turning her face from him so that she couldn’t see the tears falling from her eyes.

Kid had been trying to figure out what to do about the war, who he was going to fight for, or if he even would fight at all. Louise didn’t want him to worry about her too, so she tried not to show too much emotion.

“Lou, turn around here.” He placed his finger on the side of her chin and turned her face to him. “Louise, what’s wrong? You’ve been so…distant lately.”

Lou wiped her eyes. “I’m sorry Kid. It’s just that with everything happening around here these past few weeks, it’s all kind of hard to get used to.” Kid silently pulled her to him and she cried on his shoulder.

After a little while Kid broke the silence. “Lou, I’ve decided what I’m going to do, about the war.”

Lou sat up and looked at him with fear in her eyes. “All right.” was all she could manage to get out. Kid stood and began to pace the floor. “Louise, I’m not sure that this is the right decision for me to be making, but well… it makes the most sense to me.”

Louise held her breath. She wasn’t really sure what she wanted or expected him to say, she just wished he’d hurry up and get it over with.

Finally he stopped pacing and squatted down in front of his wife, taking both her hands in his. “I’m going to stay here.”

Louise screamed with joy and threw her arms around his neck. Finally, she’d had something good happen in her life! Kid laughed and returned the embrace. Louise pulled him back on the bed with her and covered his face in kisses.

Kid pulled himself away from her and propped up on one arm and Lou did likewise. “Kid, why did you change your mind?” She asked.

Kid didn’t waste any time answering her question showing her that he’d probably been thinking about this longer than she knew. “Well, we just got married and I don’t want to leave you and the kids here. That wouldn’t be fair to leave you here raising three kids alone. Besides, the South is my home, but if I fought for them I’d be fighting against Cody, Jimmy, and the memory of Noah. That’s something that I couldn’t bring myself to do. And I just wouldn’t be able to fight for the Union, not when we’d be attacking my homeland. So, staying here with you sounded like the best solution to me. You know, if I could I would fight for both sides.”

Lou pursed her lips together. “I know.”

Kid turned over on his back to stare at the ceiling. “But, I can’t, and I won’t fight for one side over the other.”

The couple sat in silence for a few moments until they heard the front door open followed by the patter of feet.

Lou sighed. “Kid, I think it’s time we got a house of our own. Rachel’s going to kick us out before long. Jeremiah can’t live in the bunkhouse with Buck forever and us and the two girls can’t be Rachel’s permanent house guests. What about the McMillan place? We’ve discussed buying it, and now that you know you’re staying, why shouldn’t we buy it?”

Kid smiled and squeezed his wife’s hand. “I was hopping you’d say that. I talked to Mr. White at the bank and to Mr. McMillan’s son. If we want the place we can sign the papers next week.”

Chapter 6

Three months later the Dalton family was moved in and settled in their new home. They regularly received letters from Cody and Jimmy, and Caroline even got an occasional letter from Jesse. Although it wasn’t the way Lou wished it could have been, their lives had finally found a steady stream of regularity to it.
One morning Lou woke up nauseous and raced outside as fast as she possibly could, making it just in time for her to be sick. With the kids already at school, Caroline at the dress shop and Kid out in the barn, she was alone, and glad to be. She knew that the kids would just be in her way trying to care for her and Kid would be convinced that she was dying, which she knew was not the case. Unfortunately for Louise Dalton part of her new ‘steady stream of regularity’ was waking up sick. She sat down on the porch tried to relax as Kid came around the corner of their home. He took one look at her and then at the ground beside her and instantly became worried.

“Lou, honey, you all right?” Kid raced to her side as she slowly stood up.

“I’m fine Kid.” She said trying to sound as normal as she possibly could. “Just help me inside please.”

Kid did as she asked and helped her sit down on the couch. “You just rest now Lou. I’ll go for Doc Taylor and have him come take a look at you.”

Shaking her head Lou reached for her husband’s hand. “No. There’s no reason to do that. I know what’s wrong with me Kid.”

“Well, what is it?” 

“We danced.”

Kid squinted his eyes confused. “What do you mean ‘We danced’?”

Lou rolled her eyes. “We rode double.”

Kid’s eyes grew wide and a smile crept to his face. He sat beside her like an excited child. “Lou? Are you trying to tell me that you…that we’re…” He placed one hand on her stomach. “We’re gonna be parents?”

Lou began laughing and nodding. “Now I think you’re catching on! I still have to go see the doctor, but I’ve had the morning sickness for the past few weeks and mother nature hasn’t made her monthly visit in three months. Kid, you’re going to be a Pa!”

The couple laughed and cried together, joyful that even though they’d both endured so many hardships through out their lives, they were finally able to begin the life they’d dreamed of, a home, a family of their own, and the love of one another. So much had happened to them in the past six months, but now they were sure they had been on the right path the entire time. Although they’d had many changes in their lives, it was those changes that had brought them to the place they were now, and it was the changes that would lead them where they were headed.

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