Keri's Stories

"I am a daydreamer most times and a romantic in between; a die hard Buck and Ike fan with a bit of Jimmy on the side. I live in Ohio, far from the old west, but with my computer and imagination, I get there as often as I can. Enjoy my stories, (or not) and let me know what you think."


After the Express

A Kiowa's Past Will Buck be able to face the enemies of his past and have a future with Lou?
A Kiowa's Past: Not So Long Ago Can Buck save the people he loves?
A Kiowa's Past: Return to the Start Will Stands-Alone settle his long held grudge with Buck?
Love and Gunfighters Jimmy is trying to find a future with an Indian maiden and the ranch that he and the other riders are trying to build.

Topic 101: A Sense of Balance


The Cabin in the Woods
Picture: Will the riders find shelter in time before they are all lost in a late season blizzard?



As I Stumble Along Pick Six
Cody's feeling neglected.



With Love, From All of Us 8th: Cameo
The riders are planning a surprise birthday for Emma. But the riders get a surprise of their own.

With Love, From All of Us

The Cabin in the Woods