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What the Heart Knows This story was done as a "What if" story. It's about Buck and Jane and if they had fallen in love.
Episode Reference: "The Exchange"
Cupid Strikes Again It's the 14th of February 1860 and Buck is fed up with all the talk about love and the way Kid & Lou are making "goo-goo" eyes at each other so he goes to town to see if Teaspoon needs any help, but gets a dose of Cupid's potion himself when he meets a Comanche beauty by the name of Erika...therefore, Cupid Strikes Again.
A Love Fortold He’d met her once as a child, but now she was a grown woman. What was she doing in Sweetwater and why did he feel like claiming her for his own?
A Love Thru Time The woman seeking sanctuary was one in the same Andrew had dreamed of, but before they could share this life …they would have to right the wrong done in their distant past.
Unspoken Dreams The young Shoshone woman started a fire deep in Buck’s belly, but he has yet to figure out why.
A Rose for Buck *in progress* As he casually leaned against the doorframe, waiting for Miss Rachel to finish her shopping, his gaze became ensnared on the beauty that had been talking with another of the Pony Express riders. He straightened his posture, his eyes never leaving hers and felt the slight tug of an unknown, unwanted power...of her stubbornness, of the wisp of a rosy scent emanating from her direction.
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Sisters by Default Summary
Sisters Forever Sisters reunited…find love and a family grows


Visions in the Mist At a young age Buck knew there were going to be several different women in his life, but there was one that he kept seeing in the misty haze that had been with him since childhood.
Visions of the Heart His visions of the woman in the mists had come to pass. Now that she was in his life, when was he to make her his?


Echoes of the Soul 2001 Amber is Rachel's second cousin, her mother being Rachel's cousin. She is the echo that calls out to Buck's soul and he is the echo of hers. Though they don't fully realize it till they understood what her village shaman had said to them in seperate conversations.
Spirit of the Eagle 2001 Her parents finally gave their permission for her to stay with her Uncle during the summer of ‘61. When she arrives at the nearby town of where he lived, she finds out from the townspeople that all had been killed except her cousin Ike. He had been sent to an orphanage just a few days after his family’s funeral. She then traveled to the orphanage only to find out that Ike had left a few years before to look for work. Her search leads her to the small town of Rock Creek, Nebraska Territory.
Annie 2002 This is a 'what if' story about Ike, Annie and the day they met...16 years after they'd last seen each other.