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Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
The Treasure The riders come together again to rescue one of their own and to solve a mystery that drove them apart years before.



Sticking Together A killer is loose and the riders, ripped apart by jealousy and divided loyalties, are ensnared in his web of betrayal and murder.
Broken Promises A package arrives at the station for one of the riders with far reaching consequences.
Prodigal Sons Two riders take great risks to bring the family back together again but the problems that drove them apart in the first place still have to be dealt with if they are going to be able to stay that way.
Happily Ever After The only thing holding Buck and Jane together is gone and the family is thrown into turmoil as they try to cope with the tragedy, testing once again the ties that bind them together.



Priceless Lessons
Tompkins reveals a secret from his past that has a huge impact on one rider’s life.

Priceless Lessons