Leah's Stories

"I have been a fan of The Young Riders since I first found it in High School and in many ways it saved my life. I am a Buckette with Ike being a close second. I love to write stories about the twists and turns life might have thrown at the boys. I also enjoy working with other authors. I find that I spend more time betaing than writing but I keep trying to finish the odd bunnies hopping through my head. Hope you enjoy!"


All in the Family

Buck's Wife Lou's cousin comes to Sweetwater and ends up binding the boys together in some unexpected ways.
The Eyes of Truth Marty and Buck's relationship takes a new turn.

Buck and Jane

A Hard Telling Reunion 2007
Three Weddings Reunion 2008


Coauthored with Nina
A Waterlogged Friend While on the way back from a run, Ike meets Marty, who has a secret and is looking for Lou.


We Are Gathered Together With Karen
Everyone is gathering in Rock Creek to witness the marriage of Teaspoon and Rachel. See what has happened to all the riders, and what is in store for them as they gather together.

Topic 39: Healing
Topic 46: Saga of a Soldier
Topic 47: Pain and Suffering
Topic 55: A Soft Day's Lesson
Topic 65: That
Topic 98: The Scavenger Hunt
Topic 99: Enough!
Topic 100: A Chance to Dance


A Hard Telling 2007 Picks up the story where "The Exchange" left off. Following the tentative early courtship of Buck and Jane and Jane's big family secret.
Three Weddings 2008 Buck and Jane are getting married but want to honor all the traditions of their families and so they have 3 ceremonies: Christian, Jewish, and Kiowa.