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"A fan since TYR first aired on ABC in the late 80's, I found myself drawn into the fantasy and history of the men of the Pony Express. Initially drawn
to watch for Josh Brolin, I was instantly smitten in the pilot by a certain half-blooded Kiowa by the name of Buck Cross. It wasn't until almost ten
years later that I rediscovered the show and its online fandom and first dabbled in Fan Fiction. Coining the phrase Buckette, I was one of the
original founders of the group that has grown through the years and although I'm no longer a participant, I still hold the Kiowa dear to
my heart always writing his happily ever after with Jimmy not too far behind."

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
And Baby Makes Three When Buck is mistakenly identified as the father of a young woman’s unborn child, he has no choice but to take her in. Little did he know that he would find love. Can he convince her that he’s Mr Right and not just Mr. Right now?
New Beginning A young woman is forced to run away from the man she just married and can’t go back to the family she left behind. Can she convince Buck to let her stay, even when he thinks she’s crazy?
If the Horseshoe Fits Buck can’t seem to catch a break, Cody and Jimmy keep handing their chores to him while Teaspoon won’t lighten the load. He thinks his life is turning into all work and no play when he suddenly meets a young woman he thinks he can spend a lifetime with. Cinderella with a twist.
An Enchanted Affection When a young woman puts a spell on a badge, she gets her deepest wish fulfilled. But now that she has Buck, how can she know if he really loves her or if it’s the spell?
A Journey Into Destiny It’s a case of 21st century woman VS 19th century man. Can Buck figure out the mystery of her appearance and can he possibly keep her?
Return to Sender After listening to Teaspoon and sending out for a mail order bride Buck gets more than he bargained for, she hates Indians. The only problem is, he wants to keep her.
Blind Trust A young woman tends to Buck when he is injured and loses his sight after testifying in a small mining town. Can he return the favor while convincing her that his feelings for her aren’t motivated by gratitude?
Charmed by Sin Sinclaire Garrett is accused of a crime she says she didn’t commit, can Buck get to the bottom of it before she’s lynched?
Callie’s Haunting There’s some strange things going on. Can Jimmy, Kid, Lou and Cody figure out what before they’re the next victims?
A Grand Adventure A young woman’s good intentions lead her to Rock Creek but when she’s discovered it’s back to her homeland of England with Buck and Jimmy as escorts. Can a real “Lady” find love with Buck?
Betrayal of Trust A young soldier is murdered, his fiancé is out for revenge and the trail leads to Kid. Can Buck help clear his friend’s name while keeping his heart guarded from the single minded Pinkerton?
The Ultimate Appeal Can Buck fulfill a young woman’s dying wish and still remain impassive?
The Luck of the Draw A search for his father leads Buck to a woman who steals his heart, but not all is as it seems. When the two trails merge Buck is forced to face his past in order to help another come to grips with hers.


The Search for...

A Search for Vengence When a bounty hunter becomes the hunted can Buck save her life while still keeping a hold of his heart?
A Search for Love Years have passed since Lea left Buck and their daughter, can she regain his heart and reunite their family?
A Search for Liberation It’s Men VS Women when Lea gets nominated to be the town’s new sheriff. Can the Cross family survive a bid for liberation?

The Roses of the West

Promises to Keep Ten years ago, Buck lost his family now he’s going to visit Cody’s Wild West Show to catch up with his friends. Once there he meets an amazing younger woman. Can he keep the promises he made to his family or will he give in to the feelings the Spanish Rose is stirring in him?
A Friend in Need When Buck gets a message to help Jimmy, it’s off to his friend’s side reuniting the Roses of the West in a bid to save Jimmy’s life.
All for One When Buck decides to quit his job to start a ranch, he takes his family to England to see Cody for a quick vacation. He never counted on being called on for help. The Roses of the West reunite in Cody’s Wild West Show once more to get Cody out of a bind.

The Roses of the West - Part II

Roses Bloom Buck's and Jimmy's children are growing up and with adulthood comes heartache. Can Buck handle the one thing he's never had any experience with? The female heart?
Seeds of Promise Life is never easy, but when your best friend's child is responsible for changing your daughter's life, life becomes even more complicated. What will Buck and Jimmy do when their children begin having children?
Now and Forever Letting go is one of the hardest things to do, so what will Buck do when his youngest daughter returns from France a married woman?
A Heart in Disguise *in progress* Love is never easy, and when you are a member of the Cross family it seems destined to take you on a crazy ride. Diego's time has come and the youngest Cross member has a multitude of obstacles to face, family commitments, a stranger with a familiar name and everyone believes the woman he loves is a man. The final story of the Roses of the West series ...

Here's Where...

Continuing the Roses Saga; not necessary to read the previous series
Here's Where I Fall Now that Buck's girls are all grown up it's Jimmy's turn. Emma Hickok is tired of being the dependable twin so when a bit of adventure falls into her lap how can she resist? She learns a few things about herself and her sister on her journey and finds out that falling isn't as easy or scary as she once believed.
Here's Where I Stand
Christina Hickok is tired of being in her sister's shadow. Resigned to her life and the choices she's made she decides to make a go of it on her own, but things in Christina's life are seldom easy and the choices she makes often come back to haunt her. Can she stand on her own and somehow make all of her dreams come true? Or will she lose everything she's ever held dear?


A Melody for the Heart When Jessie comes to Rock Creek no one is more surprised than Buck, he has a lot to make up for, but Jessie has a few secrets of her own.
Family Traditions Buck’s knife is missing, as he tries to find out who took it, he explains how he came to get his blade and its
importance to him.
A Refrain from the Past Young Running Buck Cross leaves the Kiowa to explore his white heritage and finds a best friend and a first love.
Prequel to "A Melody for the Heart"

Touch of/Faith

A Touch of Adventure A young woman uses her “gift” to help solve a crime. Can Buck save her when she needs it most?
A Touch of Mystery Faith finds herself pulled in different directions. Will she give into her heart or push away the very man who can get past her barriers?

Topic 9: Tall Tales


A Touch of Adventure 2001 Touch of/Faith Series: Story I



Family Traditions
Heartstrings Series: Story II

Return to Sender

Remy Roussard in A Melody for the Heart

JD Hickok in The Roses of the West Series

Marisa Cross in Seeds of Promise

Mitch Rios in Seeds of Promise

Here's Where I Stand

Jack and Emma in Here's Where I Fall

The Luck of the Draw

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