Louise stood flanked by her son Michael and her daughter Hope. Kid named Hope because of her gentleness and happiness even after she was born. He left soon after her birth for Virginia.

The reverend cleared his throat. “We are gathered to honor a great and noble man today. An American whose life was cut short by lance wielded by a fellow American. Let his life be a light to us and let his memory give us hope in these dark and troubling times. Let his words fall on our hearts like soft rain in a desert. These words were written by our dear friend as he lay in a prison cell somewhere in Manassas it is a poem that tells the story of his strength and courage as he lived his final days there.”

When I lay me down
There will be no more pain
No darkness
No sorrow
I will not have to worry about tomorrow
When I lay me down
No guards
No guns
No fear of the dark
Nor fear of the light
When I lay me down
All men of all colors
Living in peace
There will be no tears
No sadness
When I lay me down
The cries of anguish
Cries of pain
Cries of the dying
I will not hear them
When I lay me down
Mothers will not bury sons
Nor children their fathers
Nor wives their husbands
When I lay me down
There will be no more hunger
Nor sadness nor tears
I will sit in the sweetness of spring
Beside a creek of sweet water
When I lay me down
My spirit shall rise
To meet my maker
To go into heaven
In peace forever
When I lay me down

My friends,
If you are hearing this poem then I must be gone. But I’m going someplace better. So please do not mourn me. This war has taken a toll on this country and brought us full circle to this place. ‘Brother against brother’ the headlines say. You don’t know how true they are. It has split my family apart. You all have to remember to take care of each other now. Hope, Michael, take care of your mother and abide by her guiding hand she is a strong woman and pray that other men may come home to their families. I will watch over you as you live your life. I will be there though you may not see me. I think a little bit of Buck is rubbing off on me. Buck you have always been a man of honor to me you were a brother and never a half-breed as so many called you. Be proud of who you are the Kiowa are a brave and noble people and you are a great credit to them. Jimmy, remember all that I have taught you about turning away from the gun. You are a great and wise man use this gift to help people as you are so good at. I have always seen in you a strength that will see us through the dark and terrible times ahead. I will always be proud of you. Cody, you made me laugh. Don’t forget your dreams. You always had a way of getting to people but leaving them with a smile. Rachael, the woman I love, my soul mate, my dear wife. Just because I am gone it doesn’t mean I am not with you. You will hear me in your heart whispering sweet words to you that you so enjoyed. Your love for life inspired me and brought me hope. Louise, never give up your hope for Kid, he’ll come back I promise you even if I have to bring him back myself. I admired your courage from the moment you joined the express. I have to admit my surprise when I found out you were a girl. But I knew from the first. Keep your faith Lou as you so often helped me to keep mine. I love you all. You will always be my sons and daughters.
Take care of each other and ride safe.
Your friend

“With these words we commit the body of Teaspoon Hunter a great man, loving husband and devoted friend to the ground from whence we came. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”

A clear voice came from those gathered at the graveside. Louise looked into the sky and began singing.

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord
He has trampled down the vineyards where the grapes of wrath are stored
He has loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword
His truth is marching on.
Other voices joined hers in the hymn
Glory glory hallelujah!
Glory glory hallelujah!
Glory glory hallelujah!
His truth is marching on,

From behind her a familiar baritone voice joined in with the others. She turned around and couldn’t believe her eyes. Kid was standing at the entrance to the small cemetery. Singing with tears in his eyes. She rushed over to him and threw her arms around him. “I can’t believe you’re really here.” She whispered. He pulled away from her and looked into her face with his crystal blue eyes. “I’m home, thank god I’m home. Teaspoon took the bullet that was meant for me” His eyes filled with tears and he wept openly into Lou’s long brown hair. Lou looked into the sky and whispered. “Thank you Teaspoon for bringing Kid home” She could have sworn she saw a glow fill the sky as the chorus rose to fill the open prairie.

Glory glory hallelujah!
Glory glory hallelujah!
Glory glory hallelujah!
His truth is marching on!

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