Liz M's Stories

"I started watching the series from the very beginning. When it refused to get out of my head for over 20 years, I figured it was finally time to start writing about it. Favourite characters? Jimmy and Lou, without a doubt. Oh, and I’m Canadian, so I will stubbornly insist on spelling ‘favourite’ that way. But I'll apologize afterwards, if that helps. :-)"

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
Change of Seasons Sometimes big changes happen in quiet moments.



Deception Written for October Picture Volley Challenge
Diversions A mischievous visitor decides to point two of the riders in the right direction... and to have some fun while he’s at it.
Detention On an important occasion, Jimmy finds himself unavoidably detained.
Dentition Teaspoon tackles teething troubles.
Distraction A lazy summer afternoon provides an opportunity for Lou and Jimmy to explore the art of distraction.
Determination Lou in a temper makes for an eventful evening at the Hickok house.
Distinctions Written for October Pick Six Challenge
Destinations: Full Circle Lou is reminded that the more things change...


Deception Picture: Lou’s sending a pretty clear message, but things aren’t always as they seem.
Gap-filler for "Decoy"



Corner of My Heart: Jimmy 2010: "Corner of My Heart" by Blackhawk
A chance meeting brings up memories for Jimmy.
Corner of My Heart: Lou 2010: "Corner of My Heart" by Blackhawk
A lost friend is found again.


Pick Six
Seems there’s more than one way to say ‘welcome home’.

The "D" Series

Corner of My Heart: Jimmy

Marshal 'Mike' Michaels in Diversions