Lori's Stories

“Growing up in Arizona and a visitor to Old Tucson, I became a fan of the show when it originally aired because of the home state connection. Fast forward to when I became a stay-at-home mom looking for something beyond Children’s Programming, I found the fandom online and the rest is history.”

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
Can't Be Really Gone Memories flow as Lou's husband remembers their life together.
Helplessly, Hopelessly Lou discovers the freedom and strength of love.
Past Mistakes There's a danger following Jimmy around. Will he figure out who it is in time?
Written for Sweetwater Station's "The Return of..." Contest.
No More "I'm Sorry"s Jimmy deals with the aftermaths of Bulldog's death.
Painless Jimmy's got a gnawing problem, but will the solution really be painless?
A Grand Faire While on a run Cody and Jimmy rescue a stranger and get more than they ever bargained for.
Written for Sweetwater Station's "Bits 'n' Pieces" Contest
Emma's Back Emma's been away for a bit and being subjected to the cooking talents of Teaspoon is enough to make anyone really happy to have Emma back.
Can't Fence Time Jimmy and Buck return in Kid and Lou's time of need, and they all learn that you can't stop the forward march of time.
Wolves As Buck faces the first winter after the Express ends, he searches for guidance, and finds it in an unlikely source.
In a Muddle Jimmy faces a sleepless night trying to make sense of a confusing dilema.
Something in the Air Nature proves it's a force to be reckoned with.
Your Worst Nightmare While on a special run, three riders are forced to take shelter from a storm. While there, they encounter fears they never knew they had.
The Best Little Horror House in Sweetwater A bad cold leads Kid into all sorts of confusion.
The Chicken Dance Cody goes to any lengths to get more eggs.
The Rocking Horse Jimmy’s daughter learns a life lesson from a special gift he makes her.
Alias 'The Kid' When a posse shows up in Sweetwater, the other riders discover why Kid never told them his name.
Love's Painful Kiss While out getting a special gift for Lou, Kid encounters some trouble.
He Stopped Loving Her Today Buck is with Jimmy when he finally lets go of his true love.
The Little Things Jimmy and his wife learn to focus on what truly matters in life.
The Lesson When Jimmy keeps disappearing from the station, Cody and Buck follow him to find out what’s going on. They don’t expect what they discover.
Sweet Tart Teaspoon’s in the Army and takes a bride. They both experience growing pains.
Mr. Smooth When a new theatre troupe comes to town, Cody once again steps into the limelight. The results are not what he expected.

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
A Promise Fulfilled Cocky Cody makes a brash declaration, and Jimmy's there when his friend reneges.
Didn't Have to Be In a new town, Jimmy finds himself in a role he never thought he'd be. And finds joy in the unexpected.
Old Scars A childhood friend of Jimmy's finds him at the station. What is her secret, and how will Emma help her heal?
When You Were Mine Jimmy sets out on his own after the Express Ends. Will he be able to heal his heart, and who will capture it in the end?



Dead Men Tell No Tales A friend of Teaspoon's is on the run. Will he and the riders be able to save her life? My very first story written
Haunted Dreams Can Jimmy and Alexis find their way back to each other, or will forces beyond their control keep them apart?
Three Windows Jimmy reflects on his life, and the events that lead him to his new home.


Night Watch Jimmy takes a late night walk, and ponders the new course of his life.
He Told a Good Story Teaspoon recounts to Travis growing up in Texas and an event that changed his life.
A Love Without End Jimmy learns the true meaning of what being a father is all about. And passes it along.
Forever and Ever, Amen Love survives through life...and beyond.

Foolish Love

Foolish Pride Everyone does foolish things in the name of not being hurt by love. Will Jimmy be able to overcome his mistakes?
Think About Rain Elizabeth and Jimmy's thoughts as they prepare for their life together.

Teaspoon's Almanac

The Cure for What Ails Ya' March - Teaspoon's got a cure bound to get the riders feeling better...if it doesn't kill them first.
We Have Lift Off April - The riders grumble when Teaspoon comes up with an idea for a spring festival, but eventually find some fun in the competition.
A Tisket, a Tasket May - A spring tradition flatters some riders, and causes a few others to see green. Teaspoon's left trying to smooth ruffled feathers.
Goin' to the Chapel June - Teaspoon has a grand idea for a special occasion, but not everybody is enthusiastic about it as he is.
A Sweetwater Fourth July - Celebrate our nation's idenpendence - Teaspoon Style.
Give Til It Hurts August - Thanks to Teaspoon's celebrations, he and the riders are now feeling the bite of Emma's displeasure and paying it off in sweat equity.
The Battle September - Teaspoon finally ends the riders' penance with Emma, and decides the town needs to have a little fun. After all, Teaspoon can't resist a good time.
Hunter's Delight October - A little time alone to think about things, and hunt down some treasures - Teaspoon style.
Let Us All Give Thanks November - he Express Family gathers together for Thanksgiving...and reminisce.
Presents for All December - Christmas Time...and everyone gets in the spirit of giving gifts.
Nice Cold Fun January - Winter chores...and winter fun.
Half Gone, All Gone February - The Almanac year comes to a close...and Teaspoon takes stock and prepares for the next year.


Just Desserts With Raye
After the riders 'help' Sam and Emma, she finds a proper way to show her thanks.
Written for the Rival Riders' Team Writing Contest
Born to the Stage With Raye
The riders are needed to help with the Christmas Pagent. Will the town and the holidays survive the experience?

Topic 1: Add This to the Bill
Topic 2: Just Follow the Directions
Topic 3: What Love Built
Topic 4: Never Again
Topic 5: You Give Me Fever
Topic 6: Sunrise Thoughts
Topic 7: The Ninny and the Worry-Wart
Topic 7: A Cool Wind from the North
Topic 8: Shelter from the Cold
Topic 9: Mistaken Identity
Topic 9: This Ol' Cold Shoulder
Topic 10: Salvation
Topic 10: Starlight Celebration
Topic 11: Untangling My Mind
Topic 12: One Day at a Time
Topic 13: The Past Comes Back
Topic 14: Whetting the Appetite
Topic 14: The Moment Has Come
Topic 16: In from the Cold
Topic 16: The Cowboy in Me
Topic 17: Telluride
Topic 18: You Get Used to Somebody
Topic 19: Unbroken
Topic 20: Things Change
Topic 21: Angel Boy
Topic 22: Forget About Us
Topic 23: Take Me Away from Here
Topic 24: Smilin'
Topic 25: Set This Circus Down
Topic 26: Angry All the Time
Topic 27: Let Me Love You
Topic 28: Grown Men Don't Cry
Topic 29: Why We Said Goodbye
Topic 30: Dinner for One
Topic 31: Willing to Try
Topic 31: Memorial
Topic 32: Resolve
Topic 33: Dreams Interrupted
Topic 35: Up to the Task
Topic 36: The Plan
Topic 37: A Foggy Conversation
Topic 38: Heartbeat
Topic 38: Puppy Love
Topic 39: The Invitation
Topic 40: The List
Topic 41: Biding Their Time
Topic 42: A Choice
Topic 43: Tis the Season
Topic 44: The Long Night
Topic 50: Lead Me On
Topic 51: Snap
Topic 53: In the Middle of the Night
Topic 53: Why Did the Rider Cross the River?
Topic 54: A Woman's Wrath
Topic 55: Livelihood
Topic 56: Double Dog Dare
Topic 57: Just Add Water
Topic 58: A Solemn Vow
Topic 58: Waiting on the Stage
Topic 59: The Trouble With Women
Topic 59: He Wants Something with a Ring to It
Topic 59: The Wascally Wabbit
Topic 59: The Pursuit of Happiness
Topic 59: Up in Lights
Topic 60: The Bet
Topic 61: Nappy Time
Topic 62: The War at Home
Topic 63: A Piece of Friendly Advice
Topic 64: Tempting the Fates
Topic 65: Cold Comfort
Topic 67: A Sticky Situation
Topic 69: Smoothing the Way
Topic 70: Off Its Axis
Topic 71: The Best Laid Plans
Topic 72: Someone to Watch Over Me
Topic 72: Welcome to the Hotel California
Topic 73: And Two Shall Become One
Topic 73: Impressions
Topic 73: Ponder
Topic 74: Shock and Awe
Topic 75: Finding Peace
Topic 76: That's Rabbit Food
Topic 76: Buck's Folly
Topic 77: Shave and a Haircut
Topic 78: Happy to Help
Topic 78: The Best Remedy
Topic 80: Bath Time
Topic 81: Campfire Ruminations
Topic 83: Atonement
Topic 84: Over My Dead Body
Topic 85: Silent Serenity
Topic 88: A Gentle Touch
Topic 90: The Kissin' Booth
Topic 91: Writing Woes
Topic 91: Bunny Tales
Topic 93: Lost and Found
Topic 94: Jimmy Trap
Topic 95: Healing Touch
Topic 96: Unexpected
Topic 97: Can't Fence Him In
Topic 98: An Illuminating Conversation
Topic 99: A Short Stick and a Short Fuse
Topic 100: The Talk
Topic 102: You Don't Wanna Do That


Never Would Have Worked Out Anyway
2004 Jimmy's sweet on the new school teacher in town, and goes to some drastic measures to get her to notice him. Problem is: she notices him alright, just not how he would hope.
2005 Jimmy's daughter sets out to revenge his death while his friends try to keep her alive.
An expansion of QF#31 Memorial.
An Innocent Man
2008 A serial killer is on the loose, and someone at the Express Station is falsely accused of the crimes.



Single White Female by Chely Wright Chely Wright's album inspires stories of women remembering their encounters with Jimmy.


Before the Fall
7 Deadly Sins: Pride
Jimmy learns there's more to life than what money can buy.
Entreat Me Not
Lighting the Trail Before Us
Sam's worried Emma won't want to leave Sweetwater. In the end he learns it wasn't a hard decision for her to make.



Our Miss Brooks
7th: Luck of the Draw
While out tracking a bounty, Jimmy encounters a nemesis from the past.


Three Windows
Wilds of Winter
Part III in the Alexis Series
Delicious to the Core
Piece of Pie
A look back on Teaspoon's sweetest wife, and a spark for the future.

Just Desserts

Alexis in Dead Men Tell No Tales

Haunted Dreams

Foolish Pride

Add This to the Bill

Chance in Didn't Have to Be

Sarah Chandler in A Promise Fulfilled


Jimmy and Alexis in the Alexis Series

Rubbin' It In from Chely Wright's Single White Female