Mercy's Stories

"Hi, I'm Mercy and I come from a town in the south of Spain. I lived in England for the last three years, but I'm now back in Spain again, hopefully
for good. I fell in love with the show many years ago when I happened to watch a first episode one very boring evening.
My favourite riders are Kid and Lou, and my stories are mainly centred around their special relationship."

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
False Impressions The riders are granted the opportunity to have a relaxing evening, but one of them is not very happy.
The Craving It's near Christmas, and a very pregnant Lou can't sleep.

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
Forget Me Not Two years after the war has finished, Lou is still waiting for her husband to return. Will he ever come back?
A Barren Future After the war, will Lou finally have some happiness?
When I Saw You Under the Rain Years after the Pony Express ended, on a thunderous night a former rider stumbles on the person he thought he would never see again.
Mad About You Teaspoon and the riders attend Rachel's wedding. Everybody is delighted and happy for the station mistress. But what secrets is Rachel's new husband hiding?
Different Trails
What would have happened if certain characters had submitted to the destiny life had for them?
When Life Begins *in progress* This is a modern AU in which our riders are all employees in a women's clinic.
Graphic by Ellie


Our Dear Children

The Truth About Birds and Bees Eight-year-old Matt McCloud and Ike Cross get curious about the facts of life.
An Ideal Father Ike Cross thinks there should be some changes in his family.
When Flowers Bloom Jane, Lou and Kid's fourteen-year-old daughter, starts to find new interests in life.
My Little Big Boy
Mattie, Lou and Kid's second child, overhears something that is not intended for his young ears.
Tangled Roots
Mattie, Lou and Kid's second child, once again overhears something that will cause big trouble to the whole family.


Unchain My Soul
Years after the Pony Express finished, Louise McCloud finds herself under hard circumstances. What made her reach this situation?
Graphic by Ellie
Unbury My Spirit
After the flood, Kid and Lou decide to leave Richmond and move to Rock Creek but their problems are not over.
Graphic by Ellie


Dead to the World
With Ellie/graphic by Ellie
One night Lou receives the visit of a stranger. What consequences will this visit bring about?
Crossroads: Spain With Ellie - sequel to Ellie's Crossroads/graphic by Ellie
After traveling around for a while, Kid and Lou find themselves in the south of Spain and in the middle of a complicated situation.

A Barren Future

Dead to the World coauthored with Ellie

Different Trails

Dead to the World coauthored with Ellie