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"I've been a fan of the show The Young Riders since it debuted in 1989 and have remained a fan through the years. I love almost everything western (horses, cowboys, wide open spaces, rodeos & music, etc.). My favorite character's are Lou and Jimmy and of course love any of the episodes or stories that have to deal with them. And for all of those wonderful authors out there in the TYR world, keep up the GREAT work!!"

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
Better Days Jimmy and Lou find that a day spent together can go from good to bad in a blink of an eye. Will they be able to get through their latest adventure? Will their friendship take a turn for the better? You'll just have to see if "Better Days" will prevail for the two.
Love and Heroes There's a new gang hittin' the Territory and a certain dress and female rider is needed to help get some informaton to Teaspoon, Cody, Jimmy and Buck to help catch them. With nothin' much to go on, the group is ridin' blind and in the middle of a whole bunch of trouble. Can they catch them in time before they hit Rock Creek?
Second Thoughts Kid and Lou have gone on their run to Redfern, but Noah's discovered something about how Jimmy feels about a certain lady rider amongst them. Has the ride to Redfern done what Kid and Lou hoped it would and does Jimmy get to keep his secret about Lou to himself.



Combustible QF#73
Fanning the Fire A day full of accidental explosions, broken bones and captured outlaws, Jimmy and Louise finally ignite a spark that leads to a long awaited talk.

Topic 27: Long Needed Confessionsw
Topic 29: Walkin' Away to Live and Let Live
Topic 30: The Day's Little Occurances
Topic 31: The Unexpected
Topic 32: He Who Hesitates
Topic 72: Help Is on the Way
Topic 73: Combustible
Topic 74: Lucky Day
Topic 75: Guilty Thoughts
Topic 76: Silent Observances


To Trust, to Honor, and to Love
2000 Lou is bound and determined to not let Kid's issues over her working get in the way of her doing her job. Unfortunately, the McAllister Gang may have something to do with her being able to prove that she really is capable at taking care of herself out on the job.
Consequences of Love
2001 Lou and the boys are sent to catch a new group of hoodlums and Lou is the bait. Will she and the rest of them survive this new venture? And will Jimmy and Lou finally realize their feelings for each other?


Fic Fest

TYR Fic Fest on Live Journal
Louise has left the orphanange and is facing the dilemmas of being out on her own in a hard world of the West and with promises to keep.



Special Thank You
8th: Cameo
Jimmy wants to say thank you to someone special and realizes something during the process.