Author's Note: This started out as a Quick Fic but then took on a life of it's own. It is loosely based on my dog LibbyLouise.

It was hot and muggy in this part of the country. I missed the city, cool floors, and the small pond in the back of the house in the garden. We pulled into a small dirt town called Sweetwater for a few hours. I jumped down to answer the call of nature, when I got back the wagons were gone. I didn't think that I was gone that long, ok so I stopped to talk to some locals on the way back and got carried away listening to stories of the west. No this could not be happening to me! I ran from one end of town to the other screaming at the top of my lungs for help. The people laughed at me and were no help at all. I found a man with a silver star on his shirt and ran up to him and asked, begged even pleaded with him for help.

"Well what have we here? You look like a dog but no dog is this small," he said bending down to look at me. "I do know who might know just what you are." And with that he picked me up; got on his horse and off we rode. After two hours we stopped at a nice looking place with a house, barn and smaller house on the other side of the yard. A woman and six men came up to the man and me.

"Well howdy Sam, What ya got there" The woman asked eyeing me cautiously.

"Not sure yet," he said getting down off his horse and putting me on the ground. "I was hoping that you could help me with that Buck," he said to the dark haired man next to him who bent down to pet me. It felt good to have a gentle touch.

"I ain't never seen nothing like this in my life, no dog is this small, no cat this fluffy," he said. I growled at him and everyone laughed at me. I meant business though. I would bite him and right in the business end of things.

"I tell you what ya got Sam," a man with yellow fur on his head said coming over to me, "It looks like the cross between a cat and a mop that swallowed a dog and a mouse." He said with a cocky smile. He shrugged "Emma I say we have it for dinner, I'm hungry."

'Dinner!' I gulped down my fear and tried to be strong.

"Well I say whatever it is we feed it to the barn cats, they need a good meal." The one called Jimmy said and I knew I was a goner for sure and dinner for someone. But before I could take off a man picked me up and held on with a death grip. I looked up at him and saw to my surprise that he had no hair on his head. He talked with his hands (well one right now).

"No Ike we are not going to eat it, we just want to know what it is." Emma said.

"Ike said that it is a dog, a lap dog. Ladies keep them for company in the city. His Aunt had one she brought with her before she passed on." Buck told them as a round of laughter burst out of all of them.

"Well what do we do with it now?" A small one called Lou asked. The furless man handed me over to the Lou person and went over to Emma. There was a lot of hand movement but I got the drift. He wanted me to stay.

"Alright it can stay, but keep it out of Mr. Spoon's way," she warned. When Lou put me down I ran over to Emma to say thank you but that just started a round of "how sweets" and "how cutes".

Later that night as I lay at the top of Ike's bed, curled around his head. I thought about the new changes in my life now. These people seemed nice and I could get used to this. That is until the next morning. A man that smelled like bear grease and onion walked in, I jumped down and said good morning to him.

"Boys! What the hell is this?"

I put my head down and my tail between my legs.

'Not again.' I said to myself and went back to bed.

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