Mollie's Stories

"I have been a fan of the Young Riders since I was twelve-ish. I've managed to cycle through just about all the riders as my favorite at one time or another, but right now I've got a soft spot for Jimmy with very fond yet distant memories of Noah."

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
A Heart Divided Longley and Emma's backstory that was hinted at in "The Gunfighter."
Dream of Spring On a cold night a coyote and a lost soul take refuge in the abandoned station.
Refuge from the Storm Jimmy feels trapped by his life and responsibilities until a stranger appears in town.
Broken Wings A stranger arrives in town with ties to Kid's past.
Feels Like Kid faces the demons of his life with Lou
Liabilities An enemy from the past targets the riders' children


Back Again

Just Talkin' QF# 97: Picture Prompt (broken barbwire fence) Summary
The Wounded Jimmy finally comes home.
Mending Jimmy is given a second chance with the family he abandoned years ago.

Lost and Found

Looking: September 1881 Jimmy's daughter meets a handsome stranger, and finds more than the romance she expected.
Looking: January 1866 Jimmy retrieves a special package from St. Joe.
Looking: May 1872 Jimmy returns to Rock Creek in search of an old friend.
Looking: July 1875 As his wedding gets closer, Jimmy wonders what might have been.
Looking: August 1876 It's about Rose running away to Deadwood after Jimmy is killed.
Looking: July 1878 Rose Hickok thinks she's solved the mystery of her mother.
Finding: November 1881 Jesse's in trouble, Buck's stuck between a rock and a hard place, and David decides to play hero.
Finding: June 1868 Buck gets a sudden attack of cold feet.
Finding: September 1870 When Buck returns to Sweetwater he is forced to decide where his home really is.
Finding: October 1874 When Buck is about to lose his ranch he gets some help from a surprising source.
Finding: August 1876 Buck realizes how much Joss means to him.
Finding: May 1878 In a moment of crisis, will Joss let Buck in or shut him out?
Keeping: March 1881 Rose finds anwers and Buck learns where his heart truly lies.

The Widow

Rebel's Widow Lou struggles to move on without Kid.
Widow's Goodbye Lou learns to say goodbye to Kid.

Known Strangers

A Year of Forgetting Jimmy finds a new life and leaves Wild Bill behind.
The Stranger's Wife A stranger with unexpected ties to the past arrives at Lou's ranch.
Kitty Buck and Lou's son brings home a surprise.
Time May Change Me Lou imparts some hard won wisdom to her troubled grandson. Inspired by David Bowie's "Changes"


Reservations With Ellie
A modern day AU, this story takes Federal agents Hickok and McCloud to the Kiowa reservation to solve a murder mystery with the help of tribal police officer Buck Cross.

Topic 97: Just Talkin'
Topic 99: A Nighttime Conversation
Beneath the Surface
Picture: Cody realizes what he's sacrificed by playing the fool for too long.
Take a Chance on Me
Word: Buck's son can't find a date for an upcoming dance.
The Prodigal
Pic: After years of wandering, Jimmy finds himself back home
Man's Greatest Fear
Word: Buck counsels a friend through a difficult time
End of the Day
Picture: After the express, Lou finds herself in some harsh surroundings


Title Challenge

Something So Simple Lou recalls the simple things that made her fall in love


Fancy 2009: "Fancy" by Reba McEntire
Teaspoon remembers his sister.
Made to Love 2010: "Don't Ask Me About a Woman" by Easton Corbin
Sam Cross takes Teaspoon's advice about women to heart.

Teaspoon is...

Better to Have Loved ...a Lover
Teaspoon says goodbye to the one that got away.


As You Are Get Me to the Church
Lou is furious when her daughter is left at the altar by Buck's son.



Something Like a Brother
7th: Luck of the Draw
On an errand for Teaspoon and Sam, Buck finds an unlikely friend.
The Lucky Charm
8th: Cameo
Jimmy's last connection to his past is the lucky charm in his pocket.

John Longley in A Heart Divided

Jimmy in Refuge from the Storm

Ambrose *by sister Beth* in Refuge from the Storm

Rebel's Widow

Reservations coauthored with Ellie


Joss in "Lost and Found" Series


Beneath the Surface

Widow's Goodbye

Beneath the Surface

As You Are

Broken Wings

Made to Love