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Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
Going Home Cody deals with the death of Noah in this short story.
A Cody Carol On Christmas Eve, Cody leaves on a run feeling unappreciated and like no one cares about him. When he wakes up from an accident a mysterious guide shows him that he is indeed appreciated and loved after all.

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
Whe It Rains, It Pours Lou comes down with a cold that turns more serious as a tornado approaches Sweetwater.



Courage of the West The adventures of Louise McCloud as she goes from enduring a terrible experience at a brothel to becoming a Pony Express rider. The journey we never saw on the show!
A Courage Sustained The continuing saga of Lou McCloud as she grows closer to her Pony Express family. Has she finally found a man who will accept her as she is?
The Courage to Love Has Lou finally found true love?
The Courage to Heal After an accident causes Lou to be dependent on others, she starts retreating into her shell again. Will one of the riders be able to help give her "The Courage to Heal"?
An Enduring Courage *in progress* Summary


Cody With Sunny
A young Will Cody learns a lesson in accepting one too many dares.

Topic 1: You Are What You Eat
Topic 2: That's the Way the Brownie Crumbles
Topic 7: Topsy Turvy
Topic 19: The Footsteps



Through Rose Colored Glasses
A story of how a young Louise McCloud and how she acquired her glasses.
O Little Town of Sweetwater
Wilds of Winter
It's a week before Christmas and the riders are feeling more like Scrooge then like Santa. Two of the riders attitudes change when Teaspoon "volunteers" them for an errand on Christmas Eve.

Oh Little Town of Sweetwater

Going Home