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"Howdy All!! I have been a fan of The Young Riders for a long time and was lucky to have found the Writer's Ranch when I did a search on the Internet. I love to read the stories but thought that writing would help me widen my horizons and let me be a bit creative in the process. I have met awesome writers
and fantastic people along the way. The Ranch has a great staff as well as writers who have been very friendly and welcoming to all who
visit or participate. Recently I have been writing stories with Nina and enjoy it immensely. I am also starting to write with some other friends
I have met through this site. I am looking forward to going to the reunion and putting a face to the name I see associated to specific stories
and learn from each of your individual writing styles."

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Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
Who's Yer Daddy? *in progress* continuation of QF#45 Who's Yer Daddy?


Buck and Dorrie

Coauthored with Nina
Fate or Foolery QF#48 - This is the first story of the Buck/Dorrie series that continue with the following stories written with Nina.
A story that is about the reference to relationships that begin by a simple chance meeting. In this story, Cody wrangles out of a chore by passing it to Buck. The Kiowa though tired from a run meets a pretty Irish healer in town due to Fate's intervention.
A Fool's Game Havoc begins when Buck and Cody fall for the same girl...
Fool's Gold Buck and Dorrie are finally together and things couldn't be grander, that is until Kathleen Devlin shows up with some disturbing news.
Four Ponies and a Kilted Wedding Buck and Dorrie are back together after we left them in "Fool's Gold", but everything that can go wrong will go wrong as the wedding day approaches.
Father & Son Buck and Dorrie are happy but someone from Buck's past shows up, and isn't exactly welcome. Dorrie is unsure what to do because Buck won't listen to her.
Love's Greatest Creation Buck and Dorrie learn what it means to be parents, and everyone at the station spoils the little one. Yet, can Buck and Dorrie lead a life that is not filled with prejudice...?
Ultimate Sacrifice Happy with their new life together with their son Tsen T'ainte, Buck and Dorrie now battle one of their greatest of demons: prejudice. As the incidence of Indian skirmishes continue to rise, so do the repercussions on all Indians throughout the west. After a few serious life-threatening encounters due to this hatred, Buck pulls away from his family in the belief that he is somehow saving them from harm but what will come about do to his Ultimate Sacrifice?
Love Reclaimed At the end of our last Chapter, Buck had distanced himself from Dorrie believing it was best that he keep his distance from her and his son Tsen T'ainte in order to keep them safe. Hurt and thinking that Buck no longer loves her, Dorrie chooses to go to the Lakota camp where she went previously to learn the Indian traditions for her wedding. The Scottish healer wants to keep her son and future child safe and hopes that they will learn to be proud of their Indian blood instead of ashamed and fearful of others bigotry. Now separated, will the two move on to other lives..and loves or will they reclaim the love that fate brought about?
Long Road Home At our last story's end Buck is watching the flames surging upward as he follows Kiowa tradition and burns his father's body on a wooden pyre. He soon realizes through his loss that he doesn't want to be like Shane and lose his family. He decides that he is willing to take whatever measures needed to find them and bring them home. Meanwhile Dorrie, believing that Buck no longer wants her, has been living with the Lakota Sioux. Her friendship with Eagle Wing grows stronger with each day that passes while she and Tsen live within the protection of the warrior's teepee. Will Buck reunite his family once more or loose them to the his Sioux brothers? Only time will tell ..but it will definitely be a Long Road Home.

Topic 45: Who's Yer Daddy?
Topic 48: Fate or Foolery



Childhood Lost
A story about a young woman who rides into the station dressed as a boy on the run from an abusive guardian. Jimmy and the boys of course step in to try and help her out. This story touches on the rights of women during this period of time, which I think is sometimes overlooked.