Paola's Stories

"Hello! I'm Paola, alias DD (DayDreamer) and I'm from Rome. In Italy this show isn't very popular but I loved it from the first time I saw it, almost fifteen years ago! I'm a huge fan of Kid and Lou, I love them as a couple and I like to read and to write romantic stories about them."

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
Requiem for a Hero Lou's thoughts during her first time with the Kid.
Just Like Old Times How Kid and Lou return together after Doritha's death.
Episode reference: "Just Like Old Times"
Good Night, Sweet Charlotte Lou reveals to Kid her past in St.Joe. How will it affect their renewed relationship? (Kid and Lou's POV)
Hopeless Kid's deathfic inspired by Lisa's story "Left at the Altar"
I Want You to Live My version of "Blood Money" through Lou's and Kid's eyes.
All What Remains During the war, Cody assists Kid while he is dying and this makes him reflect about how their Express family has changed.
Wolf Child The encounter with a little Indian girl turns Ike and Buck's run in something completely unexpected.
Angel Jimmy's thoughts while he is holding his baby daughter.
Wedding Jitters Kid and Lou talk about her fears and doubts.
Episode Reference: "The Debt"
Aftereffects Inspired by Ellie's "The Turning"
During her trip to Willow Springs with Jimmy, Lou does something she regrets and now she wonders about the consequencies of her actions.
Episode Reference: "Color Blind"
What Shippers Want How do the fan interfere with our riders' lives.
Reflection & Regrets

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
A Knot to Untie The newly weds Kid and Lou have to face one last difficulty before they could live finally happily.
The Only Thing Both Kid and Louise work at the Wick's brothel before the Express. Will Kid be able to save Lou from that man? And how will change their relationship?



A Different Choice What will happen if Lou chose Jimmy after the trip with Elias Mills?
Episode Reference: "Blood of Others"
Choices of the Heart Written for the August Song fic Volley Challenge


Crossroads: Italy With Ellie - sequel to Ellie's Crossroads and Crossroads: Spain
Lou and Kid in the Eternal City at Carnevale time.

Topic 57: Kitchen Disaster
Topic 65: Man's Tears
Filling the Silence
Quote: Lou risks not to be able to make up for some hurtful words she said to Kid.
Choices of the Heart
Song: After Kid's leaving Jimmy and Lou adjust to live their new love story, although it's not simple as they thought.
Word: Returning from the war, Kid has some emotional and phisical wounds he's not able to share with Lou, until she takes the matter in her hands.
Quote: Once the ice is broken, Kid is finally able to open up to the woman he loves.
Hold On
Pic: A wounded Kid try to find the force to survive
Word: Thanks to Lou, Kid found his serenity again, but a nagging fear keeps tormenting him.


Title Challenge

Carry Me Home A tragedy in the past changed Lou foreve and now she has only one purpouse: revenge.


Like a Woman 2010: "Like a Woman" by Jamie O'Neil
Lou and Kid struggle to find a moment for themselves in their busy married life.

Five Senses

Valentine's Attack Touch: Buck and Ike experience their first love problems at the orphanage.
Pickin' Berries Taste: Jimmy begins to feel something more than a brotherly friendship for the little sister of a friend.
Decisions Sight: After the marriage Lou worries about her husband decision about their future.


To the Altar Get Me to the Church
Kid, Jimmy and Rosemary are attacked during their trip back to Rock Creek, and Jimmy is forced to leave his friend behind.
Episode Reference: "'Till Death Do Us Part: Part One"
Bitter Return War Is Hell...
What remains to Kid whose only hope is destroyed by the last person he expected to?
Old Enough to Know Better Sticks 'n' Stones
After their breakup Kid reflects on his relationship with Lou in the light of his past experience with Doritha.



That's What Friends Are For
7th: Luck of the Draw
When the past come to haunt you, what you need are friends.

The Only Thing

Wedding Jitters


Filling the Silence

Bitter Return