Jimmy sat rocking her. Six months had past and he still couldn't believe he had helped to create something so perfect and precious. His baby daughter had her mother's delicate features, but his brown hair and eyes. Those eyes were now staring at him in awe, the last tears of the cry he had soothed away, still glistening on her eyelashes.

"Hush, little angel, hush." He murmured softly to calm her, "We don't want to wake up mom, do we?"

With his big fingers, he traced delicately the soft cheeks of his baby until a smile spread on her little face and she grabbed one finger, putting it in her mouth. Jimmy felt the love burst in his chest every time he saw his daughter's face light up like this.

He never imagined that one day he would have a daughter to hold in his arms, nor that he would love a woman so much to find the strength to fight the doomed destiny his life seemed to hold. Most people knew him as Wild Bill, the gunfighter, after the end of the Pony Express. He had grown tired of defending his reputation, and he began to live as the man the people thought he was: a man who lived for his gun, a sort of hero, an outlaw for someone else.

He had to say that once he got used to his new life, he started to enjoy it. It was free and wild, and he always craved adventures and danger. As much as he sometimes envied the quiet and simple life his friends led, he believed that it wouldn't suit him in the long run. This had been true until he met her.

She hadn't been his first love; he had fallen in love in the past more times than he liked to admit, but it had been always for women who weren't meant to be his. Women who weren't worthy of his feelings, that used him or simply never understood the real him, or women that couldn't love him back. Jimmy had suffered for each one of his lost loves more than anyone could imagine, and in the end he had come to the conclusion that he just wasn't destined to be with someone for the rest of his life. He had flirted with several women, but he never got too close to anyone, nor he permitted the others to see the real him.

With her, it was different, though.

He kept his distance at first, she was too young and too innocent for someone like him, but little by little she had settled into his heart until she got under his skin and he found himself needing her more than anyone else, and this scared the hell out of him. He had treated her bad then, pushing her away, because he was frightened to love someone so much after all the disappointments he suffered in his past; he said to himself that he didn't want to risk her life because of his reputation but, deep down, he was scared she would have left him one day. Instead, she never gave up the love she felt for him, and Jimmy finally couldn't deny what he felt for her anymore.

Now they were man and wife and she had given him the most precious gift ever. They risked losing their child, and again she demonstrated to be the strongest of them, never losing hope, nor permitting him to do that. She was his angel. They both were his angels, Jimmy thought looking at the baby asleep in his arms.

Sometimes he still felt the pull for his old life, but he knew that nor adventure, nor all the money in the world were worth of a simple life with his angels to love.

Thank you to Wendy who beta-read also this story for me!"

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