Expanded from a drabble on topic #19- We just left it alone

We left it alone, we left it unsaid,
all those feelings we had, all the love we shared
in hearts as calloused and work scarred
as the hands we clasped for a moment.
For a moment in time we were there,
then never again to know that passion.
It was only one kiss, and yet so much more.
It told me you loved me, and it told you the same.
It told me you wanted me, and thatís all I need.
But there you ride, saying it was a mistake;
saying it wonít, canít, happen again.
Must you crush my hope in the one thing
that I truly believe in?
Your love could not be cured any more
than the love I bear for you
in the recesses of a heart bound
by the unwavering strength
of a friendship forged from hardship
and a romance from affection won
by the arduous passage of time
in the company of friends made
that way by the necessity of a life
lived on the edge of destruction.
This love is not to be thrown so
carelessly to the wayside.
This love is not to be ignored.
It eats away at you just as it does me,
and I cannot allow it to consume our
lives to leave nothing but hollow
casings as we each try to survive alone.
Rather we must join forces to allay
the struggles that seek to bind us
to a cold night amongst unknown dangers
to hearts unguarded by the vigil
of those that will shield it from
the encroachment of solitude.
You left it alone, you left it unsaid
but I refuse to allow your fear
to constrain my life as if there were
no cure. There is. Itís me,
just as you are the cure for the fear
that grips my heart with a strength
unknown by any emotion, save love
by which all others are cowed.
If we are, then, to live in this world
amid all manner of fearsome consequences
for something as simple as affection,
let us live it conjoined by the bonds
of a love which cannot be overcome.
I will not give up on you. Will you persist in leaving,
and so, give up on me?

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