Author's Note: Companion piece to my Story Unexpected Return.

It's been three years since I returned to Rock Creek in search of Lou. When I first came back it was to discover that I was believed to be dead and Lou had married Buck. I had never thought things would have turned out like they did.

After a very rocky start, I managed to salvage a friendship with Lou. I realized that Lou and Buck were soul mates and I had to let her go. After I made my decision to free Lou, I found out that I didn't have to free her, by law she was already free.

Buck remarried Lou in not only a traditional ceremony but a Kiowa one as well. He hunted down his brother Red Bear and brought him back to perform the ceremony. After Red Bear left I went to talk to them to tell them they were free to legally marry. Lou went into labor just after that. A month later I walked her down the aisle and gave her away to Buck.

At the time, I never thought I would love another but I decided to stay on at Buck and Lou's ranch anyway. I had missed working with my family. I had missed being with family. Now after three years it's my turn to remarry. I still can't believe I found love again.

Buck is acting as my best man. Three years ago I never would have thought we would be friends again let alone best friends. Lou is the beautiful maid of honor, by the way she is pregnant again she swears this is the last one, lord I hope it's not twins again for their sake.

I can't believe how nervous I am as the music changes to the wedding march and my bride comes down the aisle. I swear I've gone back thirteen years. The woman heading my way looks just like Lou did on our wedding day.

I know it's not, the resemblance is uncanny but that is where the similarities end. Lou was independent, outdoorsy, and stubborn as a mule. My bride is the exact opposite. She rather be indoors cooking, cleaning, or working on some sort of needle craft. She is the type of woman I am used to dealing with. The kind of woman I need, Someone who would let me take care of them.

But still when I first met Sarah I had to ask Lou if she was sure she didn't have another sister they looked so much alike, but there is no relation. The one major difference in their appearance is that Sarah has blue eyes not brown like Lou's.

Sarah has reached me now; she smiles softly at me as we turn to Teaspoon. Teaspoon performs the ceremony without a hitch; I actually remember which pocket I put the ring in this time. And when Teaspoon said I could kiss my bride I didn't have to be told twice.

Turning Teaspoon presented us to the crowd and we made our way down the aisle. Stopping on the porch we thanked all of our guests for coming. After the reception, I took my bride home to the small house that Buck, Jimmy, and Cody helped me build not far from their own houses.

Buck and Lou were the most generous people I know, Buck paid us well and he gave us land to live on. Thinking back if the situation had been reversed I don't think I would be as nice as Buck has been about it all. But I guess that just means Buck is the bigger man, and the better man for a woman like Lou. And Sarah is the better woman for a man like me.

Three years ago, I didn't think I would find happiness again, now I know differently. I'm where I belong, with my new wife and my family. I will never make the mistake of walking away from them again.

The End

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