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Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
Lemony Snicket A wager allows Cody to explore his more 'feminine' side.

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
Mares' Tails and Mackerel Skies A few months after Jimmy leaves Rock Creek, he and Rosemary end things and Jimmy ends up working on a ranch where he meets Tess Holden, a girl who knows the meaning of a bad reputation. But together Jimmy and Tess manage to make things work until circumstances tear them apart. When Jimmy runs into Tess four years later, he is surprised to discover the secret Tess has been hiding. Will that secret pull them together or break them up, permanently?
Not the Glory but the Deed Teaspoon has another one of his bright ideas, the Olympics. While listening to his description, Buck flashes back to his own Olympic experience at the orphanage.
Obsession Jimmy finds himself at loose ends after he ends things with Rosemary. He choses to remain in Rock Creek in an effort to help solve a string of murder mysteries and ends up being drawn to one of the potential victims.
He Who Hesitates Is a Damned Fool This story takes place sometime after Sarah Downs betrays Jimmy. He finds himself interested in another girl. But instead of taking things slowly the relationship begins with a bang . In spite of warnings from Emma and Teaspoon, Jimmy continues on this path. Can two people who have been hurt in the past build a lasting relationship?
Sins of the Father *in progress* Teaspoon’s niece receives an inheritance and Teaspoon senses all is not right. After all, who gives money away to a complete stranger? An aging old fool or a criminal with something to hide. Something he wants to pin on someone else.


Love and Memories

Love and Memories
Written for 8th Anniversary Contest
Love and Memories, Part III
This story is a follow up to Love and Memories, which was written for the Writer’s Ranch Anniversary Contest. This is the 3rd in the series and is a follow-up to Jimmy’s relationship with Shelby, a very contrary young lady.


Deceptions Part 1 starts the Legacy series when Jimmy ‘accidentally’ gets married. Part 2 continues the saga with the story of Buck and Jennifer Tompkins.
Legacy of Fear How the Hickok's youngest child joined the clan.
Legacy of Love Introduces two new characters to the TYR scene, childhood sweethearts, Jasper, who is Jimmy’s son and Sally, who is Buck’s daughter.
A Legacy Remembered Buck finds love the second time around. How will his daughter handle it and how does it effect her upcoming wedding?
A Legacy of Pride Kid’s daughter, Kitty, is engaged to be married, but she drawn to someone other than her fiancee. His name is Lucas Henry, whose very existence has a large impact on the Hickok family.


Fortune's Daughter Miss Saigon goes TYR. Buck makes a series of decisions after Red Bear's death that change his life forever.
Native Son Native Son is a sequel to Fortune's Daughter. The story begins with Jaycee and Ben, who are Jensen and Buck reincarnated or are their descendants, whichever you happen to believe in. The story then jumps to 1871, five years after Jensen's death. Buck has adopted a son and meets an immigrant girl. Will he finally find happiness this time around?
Thursday's Child It is October 1876 and Jimmy is still alive. How and why he doesn't know, so he returns home to Rock Creek, where his family finds him to be very much changed from the Express Rider they once knew. Will he find his way back to them?
The Prodigal Son Jimmy's adopted daughter has grown up and when her life long crush, Noah McCloud, returns to town, she starts a relationship she is not ready for. This relationship has serious consequences for both the the Hickok and McCloud families.
Sweet Child O' Mine Noah and Claudia lose their child and Buck's son, Red Bear comes to Rock Creek in an attempt to find himself. What he finds shocks him most of all.


Haunting Winds With The Round Robin Writers
A mysterious storm threatens the peace in Sweetwater.

Topic 3: The Jail
Topic 3: The Visit
Topic 7: Freaky Friday
Topic 9: First Impressions
Topic 10: First Kiss
Topic 11: Changing Winds
Topic 16: The Cold
Topic 17: Humble Pie
Topic 18: Thunder Mug
Topic 19: The Cold Finger of Fear
Topic 25: It's for the Best
Topic 29: A Friend in Need
Topic 30: A Friend in Need II
Topic 31: A Friend in Need III
Topic 32: A Friend in Need IV


A Courting We Will Go
2002 What if Rachel and Tompkins went on a date?



Love and Memories
8th: Cameo
Jimmy meets a girl who is a contradiction in terms. Do her actions speak louder than her words?


Sugar & Spice
Legal Eagles
Legends and Reality Fractured Fan Fic Xovers: with Karen
Teaspoon and fellow immortal, Duncan MacLeod, come face to face with a different type of immortal.
Highlander and Angel Xover
This Train Don't Stop
Lyrical "This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore" music by Elton John, lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Duncan runs into Teaspoon after his wife has been killed.
Highlander Xover
What's in a Name?
Piece of Pie
It is about Teaspoon’s first wife and their short time together.
Appearances Can Be Deceiving
Cody tells the story of how he got his belt to prove he is not Wild Bill Hickok.
Fractured Fairytales
Story Before Bed
It is two stories in one, Kid and Lou’s respective versions of Snow White and Cinderella.
The Raider
10 Cent Hero
Starring William Tompkins as the Raider.
A Man I'll Never Be
Wilds of Winter
Jimmy finds a stray dog and wants to keep it as his own, in spite of his father’s objections.

Native Son

Fortune's Daughter

Mares' Tails and Mackerel Skies

The Legacy Series