Shannon's Stories

"I've been a fan since TYR originally aired on ABC. The first episode I stumbled across was Lady for a Night and I've been a AbsoLoutely FabouLOUs fan ever since. A devout Kid and Lou shipper, I was one of the founders of Lovers' Lane, which is now archived, but I am working on reviving the site with the help of some friends. Although I've toyed with writing fan fiction for years, I've only recently had the nerve to start sharing it."

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
Look Away A songfic portraying Lou's thoughts on Kid courting Samantha.
Episode reference: "Color Blind"
What Kind of Man Would I Be? On his wedding night, Kid reflects on his relationship with Lou.


Blinded by the Guilt Within QF#75: with catsimmie
After the events in "Color Blind," Kid, Lou and Jimmy face their respective feelings of guilt over what happened, and how it affects the others.
Vanished...Without a Trace With catsimmie - Without a Trace Xover
FBI Tech Agent Tag Kiddings is assigned to help NYPD Officer Louise McCloud with a special case. But the secrets she's keeping from him as well as his own broken marriage may prevent them from keeping focused on the case.

Topic 56: An Anniversary Surprise
Topic 73: Not What He'd Expected
Topic 73: Not What He'd Expected Part II
Topic 73: Not What They'd Expected
Topic 73: Sooner Than Expected
Topic 73: More Than She'd Ever Expected
Topic 75: Blinded by the Guilt Within
Topic 75: Still the One
Topic 78: A Love to Never Die
Topic 78: Misunderstandings of the Heart
Topic 99: Unexpected Birthday Surprises


Five Senses

Coauthored with Ellie
These are a continuation of Ellie's 11 Part Harmony: Set I and 11 Part Harmony: Set II. You don't have to read those prior, just know that Kid was blinded in the Civil War the day after he was reunited with Lou.
Healing Hands
Touch: While adjusting to Kid's blindness, Kid and Lou struggle to rebuild their marriage after years apart.
The Music of Life
Sound: Kid awakes in the middle of the night to realize a very pregnant Lou is missing.
The Scent of Home
Scent: Kid and Lou face unusual challenges raising their children.
My Father's Eyes
Sight: Noah McCloud's growing understanding and admiration for his father.
Comfort Food
Taste: Five year-old Mary Louise McCloud is in the kitchen trying to make a surprise for her parents.


11 Part Harmony: Set I *in progress
Board challenge by Cathy
11 stories, one for each character listed in the challenge from 33 song titles by The Statler Brothers.

Tag Kiddings in Vanished...Without a Trace