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Shauna's Stories

"Hi, I'm Shauna. I live in Massachusetts. I started watching TYR right from the first show and I was hooked. My favorite rider is Buck. He just has a quality about him that attracts me to him. The fact that he is smokin' hot doesn't hurt either. You got to love that raised eyebrow and crooked smile not to mention the beautiful eyes and gorgeous hair. His body isn't bad either. Okay now I'm drooling. *Wipes drool off chin* My favorite fanon pairing is Buck and Lou but I also love Buck with a love interest of my own making. I've only been writing about a year and a half so please be kind. I write with a great bunch of women that share my love of Buck who are The Buckettes. These ladies are the ones that got me writing in the first place. Once your first plot bunny hits it's hard to get them to behave. I have a large whip and chair to keep back the ferocious ones for a while at least. So I hope you enjoy my stories and please drop
me a line if you like a particular story. Thanks."

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
It's Not Only a Man's World AU story Seven boys joined the Pony Express that fateful day in April at the Sweetwater station. All of them had things they didn't want known about them. When Buck finds out one of the other riders secrets will he be able to keep that secret and help this rider out of a horrific past into a new life of love and family?
The Visitors Buck and Lou have been married for 10 years and have 5 children. On the eve of a visit from Emma things are seen that should not be there and Lou sets out to rid her family of The Visitors.
Christmas Surprises Buck meets an interesting traveler on his way home to Sweetwater Station on Christmas Eve.

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
To Save a Life Louise comes home to Rock Creek after the death of Kid in the war. She is swept up in a whirlwind romance, but the romance doesn't last long. Can Buck save her in time from a life that has suddenly become a violent nightmare?
Their Setting Sun Buck and Lou have one night of passion that leads to a wonderful gift for Lou. Buck leaves and comes back years later. That's when Buck meets Their Setting Sun.


Things Change With Karen
Kid leaves for the war. Lou and another rider get close and marry. What happens when someone unexpected returns. Let's just say 'Things Change'
Forever Yours Faithfully With Dani, Karen, and Maria
Kid and Lou hire a nanny. Buck and the new nanny spark a connection and what happens after that is a rollercoaser of emotions and feelings. Will it end happily or will Buck be alone again.

Topic 94: Second Thoughts


Has It Been That Long? 2009 It's been 20 years since the end of the Express with everyone going their own way. Two former Express riders meet again when they least expect it, changing their lives forever.



Bulldog's Little Sister Millicent Merryweather comes to Sweetwater and finds friends in the people her brother loved and maybe a love of her own.


Omen Olivia Omens & Superstitions
Buck and Louise adopt a sad little girl with an inpediment that leaves her with lack of human contact. Can they love her enough to make her believe she is not a bad omen?



My Beautiful Bouquet
9th: Cathouse
Buck finds love in a brothel, but he's met her before. Will Buck find out the truth of who she is and finally find happiness?

Omen Olivia in Omen Olivia