Tracy's Stories

"I only discovered fanifc at Christmas 2002 and was immediately drawn into the TYR world. I loved the show when it was on, but I haven't seen an episode for over eight years! I enjoy the challenge of being of an Australian writing dialogue for American characters."

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
In Temptation's Arms Jimmy ruminates over his feelings... temptations abound.
A Careful Education Is pejudice something each of us must be taught?
"You've Got to be Carefully Taught" from South Pacific by Rodgers and Hammerstein
Sam & the Brotherhood Sam heads out to catch some rabbits so he can have rabbit pie for his birthday. Sounds simple, but sometimes we have to be careful about what we want.
The Venus Touch Kid dabbles where he shouldn't and pays for it. Can Lou forgive him in time?

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
The Simplest Tale Cody meets a truly individual horse that shows him a thing or too about respect and gives Buck the strength to carry on in the wake of Ike's loss.
It was inspired by the 'thundermug' prompt, but it's length and time to write it, make it anything but 'quick'.



Halo: Evolution Jimmy, Buck, Ike and Cody all on a mysterious 'wanted' poster? How did that happen? Buck must rely on someone he doesn't trust so he can attempt to save Jimmy, Emma and Sam from a fiery end. But first he has to get out of jail! It's all thanks to a brilliant but emotionally barren, Australian scientist who brings nothing but trouble, and a whole mess of danger to all the Station residents.
Halo: Reclamation In the middle of theft, murder, kidnapping and devastating loss, Buck and Jimmy learn that, regardless of what they think is in the cards for them, life always has the final say and more than a few surprises up her sleeve.


Haunting Winds With The Round Robin Writers
A mysterious storm threatens the peace in Sweetwater.

Topic 1: Trapped by the Melody
Topic 5: The Surprising Joys of Summer
Topic 8: Kismet Wheel
Topic 16: Lament
Topic 29: Between Pride and a Sandwich
Topic 38: The Call Home
Topic 53: A Man with All the Answers
Topic 58: The Value of $25 in Gold


The Trouble with Jimmy
2004 Jimmy Hickok loves women... really! Well then, why does he feel the way he feels? Hmmm?
At His Side
2005 What happened to the dog that stole Cody's sandwich?
Based on QF#31 Picture B Prompt, a sequel to QF#29 Between Pride and a Sandwich
A Lady of Quality
2007 One person's idea of a perfect life can be another's hell.
Note: this is not a story for fans of the marriage of Kid and Lou.
The Three Gifts of Guadalupe


Teaspoon is...

The Blank Page ...Contemplative

Throw Down

The Unempty Glass
Head2Head Song Fic from Lisa "Nobody Drinks Alone" by Keith Urban
Teaspoon is having trouble dealing with having killed Eberly and the burden of being the last survivor of the Alamo.
Lifting the Shadows
From Nina
Buck is given some much needed perspective on how to deal with Ike's death from a chance encounter.


7 Deadly Sins: Sloth
The Sweetwater townsfolk learn a harsh lesson about prejudice. Unfortunately, they drag the Express station residents down with them!



A Chest Full of Dreams
4th: True Women *late entry*
Taking the long way home, Buck meets a woman who has led an extraordinary life.
Written for the 'Women of the West' competition last year. One day I WILL meet a writing deadline (honest!)


Home for the Holidays
Give a Little Respect - Ike/Noah
Noah is home for Christmas but would anyone really be happy to have him there?

New Author

Trenna in Halo: Evolution

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

A Lady of Quality

Thundermug in The Simplest Tale

Halo: Evolution and Halo: Reclamation

Barrabas in Between Pride and a Sandwich and At His Side

The Venus Touch

The Venus Touch

Teaspoon in The Blank Page