Ty's Stories

"It was kind of bizarre the first time I went to send a message to someone on The Young Riders Board. I suddenly realized how odd it was going to be for the person receiving the message to get one from "Ty Miller". I just wanted to start yelling "No! No! I'm a girl, I'm a girl. I'm not pretending to be THAT Ty Miller. We just have the same name, it's a coincidence." It was a very strange moment. I was having an Identity Crisis while sitting at a computer!!!!! Weird!!!! But then that word describes me pretty well! "

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
Campfire Confessions Lou and Buck share a campfire, what else do they share?
Distaster Averted, Barely! Ike writes in his journal "Last night Teaspoon almost found out about Lou! I can laugh about it now but at the time, I was in a total panic."
When Family Finally Meet The riders help a Kiowa Warrior who was almost beaten to death.
The Cross-Draw Jimmy and Lou spend an evening discussing the benefits of the Cross-Draw.
Twas the Night Before Christmas - Revised The Christmas Poem By Clement Clarke Moore, with a Pony Express twist.
Ain't Quite Plumb Teaspoon has a strange feeling that things at the station aren't quite right.
Trouble at the Wild Horse The boy's rescue Angel from the Badman, an incident referred to in the episode "Bad Company."
A Day of Balance Buck's morning of prayer for balance is disturbed by a winged creature.
Over Beans and Bacon Sam and Lou hit the trail together and learn a little about each other.


The S&T Ranch

S&T Ranch: Family Jimmy returns to Sweetwater after five years. Things have changed, but family is family.
S&T Ranch: Friends Jimmy makes a new friend, and plays cupid for an old one.

Predators & Prey

The Predator and the Prey This story is actually in two sections; each section shows one side of the same event. How the predator sees it and how the prey sees it. This is a story of Sexual Harassment, Pony Express Style.
Same Predator, Different Prey This story is a follow up to The Predator & The Prey and like that story it is in two sections. Guess who Lou is harassing this time.


The Laramie Lights With Lisa L
Noah and Cody are out on a run together when they see lights in the sky. What are they? How did they get there? Who should they tell about them when they return home? Read inside what happens to them.

Topic 41: Cackleberry Sandwiches
Topic 42: Listening to the Spirits
Topic 43: Blicksnert
Topic 44: Taking the Horses
Topic 45: Her Daddy
Topic 45: Noah
Topic 46: Whatever Happened to Captain Fancypants
Topic 52: A Bruised Rump
Topic 54: Going Back for
Topic 55: The First Lesson
Topic 56: Our Good Deed
Topic 62: The Game of War


The Apology
2005 Teaspoon tells the guys "That girl, .that rider deserves a real good apology from you boys:" Just how do the boys apologize to Lou?


Throw Down

The Truth
From Debbie
What happens when Teaspoon finds out the ‘Truth’ about Kid and Lou kissing in the pond.
Why Had He Done It?
From Nina
Lou’s wondering: Why had he done it? Why was one of the men she loved most in this world dead? And another in jail for his murder?


Spark of the Fire
Lou's Loves
Buck looked towards where he and Lou had embraced so passionately. "It may not be love, but she definitely doesn't feel brotherly towards me either." Buck told Teaspoon.



A Special Dinner
5th: Anniversary
Teaspoon’s special dinner for Polly goes so very wrong.
Move, Don't Move
6th: Move
Ike now understands why other people get so frustrated with his inability to talk.