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Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
The Library A walk on the wild side? Not so much. The riders discover that there's more to life than horses, sarsaparilla and women.
Life Happens At a pivotal point in his life, Jimmy makes a decision and attempts to alter his destiny.
Jimmy's Got a Girlfriend There ain't no hiding it when the love-bug strikes!
"Jimmy's Got a Girlfriend" written by Anthony Smith, Ron Harbin, and Richie McDonald; recorded by The Wilkinsons
Lifeline After Ike's death, Buck reflects on his life and their past.
Haunted Jimmy prepares to leave the Express.
Zardoc and the Evil from the 8th Dimension Rayguns, silver jumpsuits, evil dictators... it's just another day at the waystation...
A Thousand Different Ways Buck wonders what he could have done to save Ike.
Solitaire Summary

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
A Time to Heal Buck must come to terms with his past if he is ever to embrace a future with newcomer Claire, who may be hiding secrets of her own.
A Place in the Sun There are many paths that Jimmy can take after leaving the Express... but which one leads to happiness?
Kindred Spirits When Buck is stricken with a unfathomable illness, does Lou hold the secret to his salvation?
Kiss Me Deadly A chance encounter on a lonely road leads to radical transformations and shifting alliances for the riders.
Written for the Ponxyexpressen "Cowboys and Kisses Contest."



To Belong A rewrite of the episode "Pride and Prejudice".
Originally written for The Buck Stop "What If" Contest.
All I Ever Wanted Coauthored with Karen
Buck is reunited with a lost love, but will the couple be able to overcome the past?


Haunting Winds With The Round Robin Writers
A mysterious storm threatens the peace in Sweetwater.

Topic 1: The Perils of Peaches
Topic 3: Something Wonderful
Topic 8: Wonderland
Topic 10: Where There's a Will, There's a Way
Topic 11: Hold Back the Rain
Topic 21: The Reward for Valour
Topic 30: Live and Let Live


Soul Dance
2001 Reflections and memories at the spring dance.
Episode reference: "The Keepsake"
Express Mail
2002 Inside the mind of a rider on a run.
Promises of Silver
2002 Trapped together, Buck and Tompkins strive to come to an understanding.
Walk On
2003 Sometimes in order to hold on to what's important... you have to walk away.



The Sun and the Rainfall
Lyrical "The Sun and the Rainfall" written by Martin Gore; performed by Depeche Mode
Spike the Magic Dragon
A Story Before Bed
Faced with the challenge of putting Emma's two young children to bed, Cody weaves a magical story to lull them to sleep.
Bold Savage
10 Cent Hero
True Tales of the West: Bold Savage
Parting Gifts
A young Running Buck leaves Red Bear and the Kiowa.
First, Last, and Always
Piece of Pie
When Lou presents him with a problem in her marriage, Teaspoon is drawn into sharing memories of his own first love.

First, Last, and Always

Bold Savage


Kindred Spirits

Claire in A Time to Heal


Promises of Silver

A Time to Heal

Jimmy in Jimmy's Got a Girlfriend

First, Last, and Always

Jimmy's Got a Girlfriend

Jimmy's Got a Girlfriend

Zardoc and the Evil from the 8th Dimension