Wendy's Stories

"I've been a fan of TYR from the very beginning. It had everything that a favorite show could have in it; cute guys, strong women, complex characters and storylines, action, angst, and an overall family feel to it. My favorite character is Lou. I am a Kidette at heart with strong Jimmyaholic tendencies."

Swing Stations

With only time for a speedy switch of your horse, there’s just time for a short story.
Forgiveness When Hickok is called out, a split second decision nearly costs one of his fellow riders his life...
A Promise Kept Kid makes good on a promise he made to Ike and Noah to honor them.
If You Play With Fire Jesse James learns a valuable lesson about not giving into the pressure of his peers.
Danger Jimmy is shot on a ride back to Sweetwater and Lou is willing to sacrifice her life to keep him safe until help can arrive.
Not a Moment Too Soon Jimmy is about to hang, when help arrives at the last moment.
Misunderstandings Ike misunderstands the reasoning behind some of his PX family members actions on his behalf, and Noah sets him straight.
Broken Promises Lou experiences the hard truths of broken promises at a very young age.
A Letter Home Kid writes a letter home.
I Want You to Live Lou has a conversation with her unborn child.
Love Jimmy is in love.
One Red Rose Lou returns to the station after a long ride to find that Kid left her a surprise.
Sunflowers Kid helps his daughter, Katerina, pick Sunflowers for Lou.
She Don't Know She's Beautiful Kid accompanies Lou to pick out a dress to go visit her siblings in, and is stunned by the vision of loveliness Lou becomes once she's clothed in the feminine attire.
First Kiss Lou thanks Kid for keeping her secret and receives her first kiss
Bear Grease and Horse Troughs Teaspoon enjoys a bath much to the amusement of six young riders
A Tender Moment The Riders react to a tender moment between Ike and Emma
Love at First Sight Kid's first meeting with his horse, Katie
Fool Me Once Jimmy does some pondering about his brief relationship with Sarah Downs, aka Sarah Gentry
Worry Lou worries over Jimmy's absense, and feels guilty for her part in his short lived relationship with Sarah Gentry
Twisted Dreams A nightmare awakens frightening memories for Lou
To Them He Was Only Cody Cody reflects on how lucky he is to be a part of the PX family
Gunfire and Smoke Kid and Jimmy come face to face in the middle of a battlefield and have to decide if they are friends or foes
They Called Him Wild Bill In the wake of Jimmy's death, Cody sets folks right on just what kind of man Hickok really was
The Cantankerous Patient Sam Cain gets wounded in the line of duty and proves to be cantankerous house guest at the PX station while he recovers

Home Stations

Sit back on your bunk and get comfortable, you’ve got time for a long story.
That Summer In the days before he joined the Pony Express, Kid encounters someone who teaches him more than he ever expected.
"That Summer" by Garth Brooks
Choices Lou learns that sometimes the choices that we make in life aren't always the easiest to live with.
Things Aren't Always What They Seem *in progress* A long lost relative and an unknown enemy seeking revenge plot to destroy the happy life that Kid and Lou have worked so long and hard for.


Cross Fire Creek

Crossover TYR/ Mag7
Crossfire Creek AU

Cody's Memoirs

My Debut After receiving a beautiful journal from Kid and Lou for his birthday, Cody decides to write down his memoirs. He begins with his debut into the world.
The Farm Cody recalls the events of his first years on his family's farm, "Napsinekee Place".
The Move When Cody is seven years old, his family sells the farm and moves to Le Clair.
The Horse Cody writes about his earliest encounter with a horse, and how the beast got the best of him.
My Brother The death of his older brother Samuel leaves a lasting mark on Cody's soul.
Kansas Cody tells about the exciting trip his family makes to Kansas.
The Trip to Pa's Camp Cody is excited and proud when his Pa takes him to the camp where he's set up his trading post.
The Kickapoos Cody's first encounter with Native Americans is an event he'll never forget.
The Race Cody records the day his Pa bought a new horse and won a race.
The Kansas Act Cody recalls the time when his Pa takes a stand against prejudice and it almost costs him his life.
The Speech Cody writes about the violence that affects his family after his Pa's unfavorable speech.
The Aftermath During the perilous days and weeks after his Pa's speech, Cody writes about his Ma's courage.
My First Job Cody writes about his first job as an employee for Russell, Majors, & Waddell.
The Bully Cody deals with a school bully.
Pa's Death The death of his Pa has a profound effect on Cody.
Indian Attack Cody experiences his first Indian attack.
Freight Business Cody tells a little of what it is like working in the freighting business.
The Raid Cody witnesses the wagon train being robbed.
Hard Times Because of the raid, Cody and the other men on his wagon train face the perils of starvation.
Wanted Cody signs up to be a Pony Express Rider.
Emma Cody arrives in Sweetwater and makes the acquaintance of Emma Shannon.
First Impressions Cody gives his 'First Impressions' of his fellow PX riders, and recalls the lasting relationships he had with each over the years.
Bumps and Bruises Cody writes a little about the training he learned as a Pony Express rider.


A collection of Christmas vignettes
Christmas in Sweetwater Kid and Lou and their children anxiously await the arrival of their PX family members home for Christmas, but will a blizzard keep the celebration from happening?
Snowbound On their way to Sweetwater to spend Christmas with the rest of the PX family, Jimmy and Amanda and their children take refuge with an elderly couple during a blizzard.
Blizzard Express Summary
Kiowa Christmas Buck and Cherokee and their children take shelter in a cave to wait out a blizzard so that they can join the rest of the PX family for Christmas in Sweetwater.
Holiday Hotel Teaspoon, Rachel, and their young daughter Sariah hole up at the hotel in Sweetwater until a blizzard passes and they can join the rest of their PX family on the K&L ranch for Christmas.
Winter Wonderland Cody and his wife Louisa meet up with some familiar faces when they take shelter at the Sweetwater Hotel, to wait out a blizzard, so that they can join the rest of their PX family out at the K&L ranch for Christmas.
The Best Christmas Ever Christmas on the K&L ranch becomes even more festive with the arrival of their PX family members to join them, who Kid and Lou feared would be kept away by the blizzard that had swept through the area.


Sweetwater Tales "A new au created by Catsimmie and me. Stories will be written individually or co-written by the both of us, and other authors who are invited to write in the au with us."

Topic 59: Lover's Spat
Topic 95: A Mother's Touch
Topic 96: Nest Egg

Lost Quick Fics

Topic 2: A Day at the Station With Teaspoon Cooking Is Always Perilous...
Goodbye is Never Easy
Quote: Lou says goodbye to Teaspoon and Rachel
Steamy Dreams of You
Word: Lou dreams of Kid



Letting Go 2006: "Letting Go" by George Cannon
Learning to forgive himself for the things that he has done, has never been an easy thing for James Butler Hickok to do, as well as things that he wasn't able to prevent from happening, like his mother's death.
Love Can Build a Bridge 2009: "Love Can Build a Bridge" by The Judds
On his way back to Rock Creek, Jimmy Hickok is wounded by a foe, and it takes his willpower, and a little prodding from Lou to get him home where he belongs.
If I Die... 2010: "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry
After a devastation storm whips through Rock Creek, Louise McCloud lays near death, and Jimmy Hickok wonders if the PX family will lose her too.


This Left Feels Right by Bon Jovi
Stories written using songs from the CD.

Tent City

A New Beginning in Rock Creek


Letting Go Head2Head Song Fic...song: "Letting Go" by George Cannon
Learning to forgive himself for the things that he has done, has never been an easy thing for James Butler Hickok to do, as well as things that he wasn't able to prevent from happening, like his mother's death.
11 Part Harmony: Set I Board challenge by Cathy
11 stories, one for each character listed in the challenge from 33 song titles by The Statler Brothers.



The Good, the Old & the Dandy
7th: Luck of the Draw
On his way home to Sweetwater, Marshal Teaspoon Hunter comes to the rescue of a wounded old man who tells him a tale about an outlaw, a stolen map, and a dandy.

My First Job

Cody's Memoirs

Cody in Cody's Memoirs

A Day at the Station With Teaspoon Cooking Is Always Perilous...

Christmas Series - a collection of Christmas vignettes

She Don't Know She's Beautiful